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Lily Pond Lane

Might it be so that this is where Bob and Jacques Levy holed up and wrote some of the songs on "Desire"? Robin has a theory and may secure us some pictures from the area.
In or near Woodstock, NY
Dennis Katsanis (

In regards to the 'Lily Pond Lane' entry, the unauthorized DVD about The Rolling Thunder and Gospel Years 
features an interview with Jacques Levy's wife (her name escapes me at the moment). 
She recalls Jacques and Bob escaping from the distracting noise of New York city 
to the Hamptons in order to write some of the songs for Desire.ĘShe said that Dylan had a house -
the Lily Pond Lane House is how she refers to it - and a picture of a lovely country cottage 
is flashed across the screen.
Jenny Rapuzzi 2007

Expecting Rain