Loud Thoughts On Bob Dylan
By CG Morgan

I've heard all the words by the legends of prose. And I've listened intently till a simple line grows. And I've analysed writings till my head's in a spin. And I've struggled so hard till my mind's wearing thin. I can't understand why so many are hailed. As 'A Genius', 'A Poet'. While some great men have failed. But you stand alone like a beacon at night. When you coin a phrase. You can tell it's all right. The Tambourine Man was a star over night. And when you saw yourself bleed you said it's all right. The wind that was blowing caused a stir in the street. But your stone kept on rolling with the world at it's feet. Copyright - Stray Threads Poetry - 2001 CG Morgan cgmorgan@onetel.net.uk

Reproduced with permission.


Expecting Rain