4/25/96  Bob, Dylan, a member of the Rolling Stones (Keith Richards or      
         Mick Jagger) and I are sitting on a bench near a shopping center.  
         Bob Dylan has a pile of tapes of one of his mid-80s albums         
         (Empipre Burlesque?), and we decide to see who can throw a copy   
         the farthest.  Bob Dylan throws first.  It's a little short, I     
         think.  I go next, but don't throw it as far as him.  The Rolling  
         Stone goes last, and throws the farthest.  We're trying to get them
         all the way to a building.  I say the building is farther away     
         than it looks because the area is flat.                            

From an ongoing series of journals based on his Dylan Dreams,
David Reisman.

Reproduced with permission.


Expecting Rain