Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 03:39:54 -0500
From: "Daroczi, Doru" 
Subject: dylan covers album in Romania
To: "''" 


A Dylan covers album was released in 1999 in Romania.
Sung by Alexandru Andries the songs are translated (adapted) in Romanian. 
Very good album.

The album name is 'negru - alb' (Black - White)

There are 17 songs as follows:

1. Tot ce vreau, de fapt... (All I really want to do)
2. Corina, Corina (Corrina, Corrina)
3. La noi (Oxford Town)
4. Femei pentru zilele ploioase (Rainy Day woman 12&35)
5. Clipa Mea (Simple twist of fate)
6. E-atit de greu sa rizi, e-asa usor sa plingi (It takes a lot to laugh, it
takes a train to cry)
7. Cunosc o fata (New pony)
8. Poate miine (One too many mornings)
9. Te vreau (I want you)
10. E bine, mama, doar ca pierd singe (It's alright ma', I'm only bleeding)
11. Vorbesc de cel orbit de zi (I pitty the poor imigrant)
12. E bine, nu te razgindi (Don't think twice, it's alright)
13. Stapinii razboiului (Masters of war)
14. Ma lasi prea singur daca vei pleca (You're gonna make me lonesome when
you go)
15. Jos, in viltoare (Down in the flood)]
16. Nu te cred (I don't believe you)
17. Cind am sa-mi pictez capodopera (When I paint my masterpiece)

1999, Alexandru Andries/Black Crow Productions

For the moment this CD cannot be ordered on-line (as far as I know) but
anybody who is interested can send me an email and I will buy it and mail
it. I don't take money for this, I just ask for some Dylan stuff in return.

Daroczi, Doru