Bob Dylan

There are more than 40 official Bob Dylan albums. His first came in 1962. Nearly all are available on CD.

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Bob Dylan is a heavily bootlegged artist. The number of unofficial Dylan CDs exceeds 600, and every month sees new releases. If you want to find bootleg dealers, searching a place like Google should give you plenty of leads.

I cannot help you find bootlegs, but I have collected information about them, It's a fascinating study. The T-list gives you the titles of all 600+ CDs. Some of these are linked to pictures, and even more have been reviewed in the series Deep Beneath The Waves.
There is also Galileo's Math Book. Ask Crazy Joe for more info on that.

If you want to read about the history of bootlegs, there is a book by Clinton Heylin called "The Great White Wonders. A History of Rock Bootlegs". ISBN 0-14-023285-0 or 0670857777

Out of print, according to, but they can do a search and send you an offer if they find it.