Database over H61 CD-ROM Content

Date:    Fri, 21 Apr 1995 14:55:55 GMT
From:    Sven Erick Alm (sea@BELLATRIX.TDB.UU.SE)
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Database over H61 CD-ROM Content

Highway 61 Interactive CD ROM Database.
I have made a database of the MOV files (files with audio and/or
video content) on the CD ROM (release 1.2.1).

In order not to spoil the fun for those who prefer to investigate the
CD ROM by themself, I do not want to post the information on!

The database is described below.

If anyone is interested, the information is  available at 
CD-ROM Guide.

Please let me know ( if you are interested, and what
information you would want from the database! (All information on a
record does not fit on a line, not even on two !)

In a separate post, I have described some bugs/errors/peculiarities
that I have found in my version (1.2.1) of the program.
If you have a version where these peculiarities do not occur, or if
you think that I am in error on some of these points, please let me
know, so that my database can be updated!

Sven Erick Alm

For each of the 263 MOV files, the database contains the following

Filename, File size, File date
Playing time (for files with multiple content, also individual times)
Indicators for: Video, Audio, Dylan content
Category:  (s(ong), i(nterview), t(alk), e(ffect), a(bout),
                p(icture), c(ombination))
        Files with Category=c have multiple content, and each part is a
        separate entry in the database, giving a total of 278 entries.
Song (title), Interview(er), Artist
Description, Misc
For Dylan songs: Released (on), Complete, RecDate
Where (found): up to three entries.

BABYTN  1258599 94-11-30
V:-, A:+, D:+
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, -, Bob Dylan
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, -
JWH, -, 67-11-29
 V(illage): Country Radio:1
DB (Lyrics Database)

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