"I wouldn't know how to use it if I had to"    


                          Sven Erick Alm


          1. Introduction

          2. About the CD-ROM
            2.1 Files on H61I
            2.2 Statistics

          3. About the Database
            3.1 Records
            3.2 Fields
            3.3 Notation and Maps
            3.4 Reference numbers for albums and videos. 

          4. Database reports
            4.1 In what file do I find it?
            4.2 What's in the files?
            4.3 Where do I find it?
            4.4 All songs with artists
            4.5 Dylan recordings
              a) All recordings
              b) Interviews
              c) Unreleased recordings
              d) Complete recordings
              e) Videos
            4.6 Unsolved mysteries

1. Introduction


When first examining the CD-ROM "Highway 61 Interactive", I noticed that I 
repeatedly asked myself "Where did I find that?", or "How did I get 
there?". Continuing the exploration, I noticed that the CD-ROM contained 
stuff that did not seem to be accessible from the CD-ROM program.
  In order to keep track of my discoveries, I decided to create a database 
of all audio and video content on the CD-ROM.

  As there seems to be a general interest in the content of this database, 
I have used it to make this guide. The purpose of the guide is to be an aid 
to those that have examined the CD-ROM and want to 
- know if they have missed something,
- get help to remember where they did find something,
- get more information on the Dylan recordings, like
  + has this been released, and if so, on what album?
  + when was it recorded?
  + Krogsgaard numbers, etc.

  The guide is NOT meant to be used while exploring the CD-ROM, as that 
would spoil a lot of the fun of it!!!

  There may well be some errors in my database. There are still some of the 
files on the CD-ROM that I have not been able to access directly from the 
CD-ROM program. They may however be accessible in some intricate way that I 
have not found out yet. As an example, I thought that Blind Willie McTell's 
Broke Down Engine was inaccessible until it was pointed out to me by Thies 
Meyer how to find it (clicking on the east side of the sign post "Main 
Squeeze", not on the poster "Blind Willie McTell's Broke Down Engine", 
which gives Dylan's version!), which was less than obvious! There may be 
similar tricks involved with the other files that I have not been able to 
access. If you notice any errors, please let me know!

I would like to thank:
- Olof Bjorner, for helping me identify the recordings and for proof-
  reading the guide.
- Thies Meyer, for helping me find Broke Down Engine.
- Graphix Zone for producing the CD-ROM, which, although certainly not a  
  flawless product, has given me hours and hours of fun.
- Bob Dylan himself, without whom many of us would probably not have had, 
  or even have used, a multimedia computer!

2. About the CD-ROM


The CD-ROM "Highway 61 Interactive" (H61I for short) was produced by 
Graphix Zone Inc. and Sony Music Entertainment, 1995. It contains one song, 
"House of the Rising Sun", that is playable on an ordinary CD player and 
1879 files totalling 612,781,934 bytes for use on a multimedia computer. 
The same CD-ROM works both on a PC (with MS-Windows) and on a Macintosh 
  There are at least two official releases of the CD-ROM plus a promo 
release.  The latter is rumoured to contain some early material (1958), 
which was excluded on the official releases. The main difference between 
the different official releases seems to be that some bugs in the earlier 
release(s) have been fixed, e.g. that the program hanged when you tried to 
save your progress. To my knowledge, there has not been any changes in the 
contents of the CD-ROM. 
  What is described in this guide is Release 1.2.1, which I have used on a 
PC. Most of what follows should apply to other releases and to Macintosh 
computers as well.

2.1 Files on H61I


H61I contains a total of 1879 files occupying 612,781,934 bytes on the 
CD-ROM. The files are organized into the following file structure, which 
is accessible e.g. from the File Manager.

  \--          30 installation files
    |- BIN     33 program files
    |- MEDIA
         |-    263 .MOV files
         |-    459 .PIC files
         |- DATABASE  (files used in the Lyrics Database, LDB)
               |- ALBUMPIC   45 .PIC files of album covers
               |- ALBUMS     92 text files with contents and liner notes
               |- DSGRAPH    60 internal .PIC files for LDB
               |- LYRICS    888(!) text files containing mainly
                            covers (442 .cov) and lyrics (441 .lyr)
                            to most Dylan songs!

There are, in principal, four different file categories on the CD-ROM:
1. Executable (program) files.
   Among these are  QuickTime Movie Player (player.exe) and QuickTime 
   Picture Viewer (viewer.exe), which are used to play .MOV files and view 
   .PIC files.
2. Movie files (.MOV).
   Contain all audio and video on the CD-ROM. The files are associated with
   QuickTime Movie Player and can thus be played from the File 
   Manager (by doubleclicking the file name, or selecting the file and 
   pressing Enter).
3. Pictures (.PIC).
   The files are associated with QuickTime Picture Viewer and can thus 
   be viewed from the File Manager.
4. Text files (e.g. .COV, .LYR).
   Contain album information (track lists and liner notes) and song 
   information (covers and lyrics).

  The object of this guide is to describe the content of the 263 MOV files 
on the CD-ROM. These files contain all audio and video selections on H61I. 
It could of course also be interesting to make a similar description of the 
PIC files, but I will leave that project to someone else.

  An index of the songs that have lyrics (.LYR) and cover information 
(.COV) and their corresponding file names have been posted to 
rec.music.dylan by Mitch Gart (mg@ASP.CAMB.INMET.COM).
  The text files can be printed from an ordinary word processor (e.g. MS-
Word) if they are imported as "text with format" and "Saved to" another 
file name to make the CD-ROM files writable. The beginning of the file 
contains some "garbage" that you may want to erase, and the word processor 
may have missed a line break or two, but otherwise I have not encountered 
any problems. 

2.2 Statistics


The MOV files on the CD have audio and/or video content. To save disk space 
all audio is in mono. The sampling used is 16 bits at 11.025 or 22.050 KHz. 
Most files use the lower sampling frequency. As a comparison, an audio CD 
uses 41 KHz sampling frequency.

  Both video and pictures use the resolution 72 dpi.

  Detailed information on each MOV file can be obtained from the Movie 
Player (QuickTime Movie Player, which among other things gives 
the playing times in hundreds of seconds!

  The total playing time for the 263 MOV files on H61I is 9738.66 seconds,
or 2 hours 42 minutes and 18.66 seconds. This is quite amazing as all this 
fits on a single CD, and considering that almost one third of the playing 
time includes video! To be more precise, there is 3197.68 seconds (53 
minutes, 17.68 seconds) of video on the CD-ROM!

A bit more detailed statistics is given below.

Playing times (in seconds):

Type            video      no video |   Total
All             3197.68    6540.98  |  9738.66
Audio           3052.67    6540.98  |  9593.65
Songs           1700.05    4926.70  |  6626.75
Dylan           1609.89    4974.73  |  6584.62
Dylan singing   1560.38    4591.56  |  6151.94

3. About the Database


3.1 Records


My database contains one record for every MOV file on the CD-ROM. Some of 
the MOV files, e.g. antiluv.mov, contain  separate items that have been 
given their own records in the database, so that the number of records is 
278 although there are only 263 MOV files.

3.2 Fields


Each record contains a number of fields.

File information fields: FileName, FileSize, FileTime, PlayTime.
   Normally, FileTime=PlayTime, but a file with multiple content has 
   PlayTime=0 and the different parts have FileTime=0 and PlayTimes that 
   add up to the correct FileTime.

General: Description.
   40 character description of the content.

Localisation fields: W1, Where1, W2, Where2.
   These come in pairs, so that e.g. W1 gives a general and Where1 a more 
   detailed description of where to find an object.
   The abbreviations used are described in 3.3.

Category information fields: Audio, Video, Dylan, Access, Category.
   The first four only take the values + or -. 
   Category can be: 
      a   about (somehow related)
      c   composite (multiple content)
      e   effect
      i   interview (with Dylan)
      p   picture or painting
      s   song
      t   talk (Dylan related)

Song information: LyricsDB, Complete, Title, Artist.
   The first two are +/- fields.

Dylan recording information: Released, RecDate, Krogsgaard, Interview, 
   Released=the number, see 3.4, of the album on which the recording
   was first released, or u if previously unreleased.
   Krogsgaard numbers refer to Krogsgaard, M.: Positively Bob Dylan, 1991,
   which covers recordings up to #1229: February 22, 1992. Later recordings 
   are given approximate Krogsgaard numbers, e.g. 1400+ (to be interpreted
   as: at least 1400, but probably less than 1500). A number like 0017+ 
   indicates an older recording that is not listed by Krogsgaard, with a 
   number "between" 0017 and 0018.

3.3 Notation and Maps


The following abbreviations are used in the fields W1 and W2:

 V	Greenwich Village
BK	Madison Square Garden (BobFest)
C6	Coffee House '61
C7	Coffee House '75
CS	Columbia Studio
MC	Main Collage
SC	Supper Club

To simplify the description in fields Where1 and Where2, we give 
schematic maps over the Coffee-houses, the Village, and Madison Square 

a) Coffee-house Map
	Both 1961 (C6) and 1975 (C7).

Downstairs:                                        Upstairs:

 -------------------------------------------        -----------------
|       Jukebox                             |      |                |
|                                           |      |                |
|                           |     -----------      |                |
|         Table 1           |       Booth 3 |      |     Office     |
|                           |               |      |                |
|             Table 2       |     -----------      |                |
|                           |       Booth 2 |      |                |
|Stage                      |               |      |                |
|                           |     -----------      |---------    ----
|             Table 3       |       Booth 1 |      |                |
|                           |               |      |                |
|         Table 4           |     -----------      |                |
|                                                          Hall     |
|                                            Stairs                 |
|                                                                   |
|        Bar                                        ------ Exit -----

b) Map of The Village (V)

          Subway  |         | Closed
        Entrance  |         | Subway
                  |         | Entrance
  Books           |         |
                  |        V|         Alley
                  |        W|
                  |         |
  "Nashville"     |         |
  (Country)       |         |     The Onion
                  |T        |
                  |A        |
                  |X        |
  Records         |I        |
                  |         | Gospel Church
                  |         |
                  |         |
                  |         |
  Main Squeeze    |         |
  (Blues)         |         | Rubinstein's
                  |         |         Deli
                  |VW      T|
  Clown           |B       A|
                  |u       X|
                  |s       I|          Art
                  |         |   Exhibition
                  |         |
  Wine & Beer     |         |
                  |         |
                  |         |   News Stand
                  |         |
                  |         |
                  |  Entry  |

c) Map of Madison Square Garden, BobFest (BK)


                     Microphone          Monitor
Stage exit ----------------------------------------

Backstage (Dressing rooms):
           | 1L           1R | 2L             2R |
           | The       Eddie | Roger        Eric |
           | Band     Vedder | McGuinn   Clapton |
           --------   ----------------   ----------
    Stage                                     TV1  |
 Entrance   TV2                                    |
           --------   ----------------   ----------
           | 3R            3L | 4R            4L |
           | Ritchie  Rosanne | Lou       Clancy |
           | Havens      Cash | Reed       Bros. |

3.4 Reference numbers for albums and videos.


On the CD-ROM, the following numbering is used for Dylan's albums. The same 
numbering is also used in the database to describe on which album a song 
was first released. For convenience, a few extra numbers are added (C1, V1, 

 1	Bob Dylan                       
 2	The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan      
 3	The Times They Are A-Changin'   
 4	Another Side of Bob Dylan       
 5	Bringing it All Back Home       
 6	Highway 61 Revisited            
 7	Blonde on Blonde                
 8	Greatest Hits                   
 9	John Wesley Harding             
10	Nashville Skyline               
11	Self-Portrait                   
12	New Morning                     
13	Greatest Hits, Vol. 2           
14	Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid     
15	Dylan                           
16	Planet Waves                    
17	Before the Flood                
18	Blood on the Tracks             
19	The Basement Tapes              
20	Desire                          
21	Hard Rain                       
22	Street Legal                    
23	At Budokan                      
24	Slow Train Coming               
25	Saved                           
26	Shot of Love                    
27	Infidels                        
28	Real Live                       
29	Empire Burlesque                
30	Biograph                        
31	Knocked Out Loaded              
32	Dylan and the Dead              
33	Down in the Groove              
34	Oh Mercy                        
35	Under the Red Sky               
36	Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3        
37	Good As I Been to You           
38	30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
39	World Gone Wrong                
40	Greatest Hits III
41	Highway 61 Interactive
42 	Unplugged
C1	Broadside reunion
V1	Don't Look Back
V2	Festival