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A list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs
July 30, 2001  update (Slight revision Nov 11.2001)

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The Rules:
1) No songs written by Bob Dylan.
2) Only officially released songs.
3) No spoken introduction that mention Bob Dylan (or Bob, or Mister D., or 
Zimmerman, etc.) on live recordings.
4) If the Bob Dylan (or Bob, etc.) mention appears more than once in a song's 
lyric, only the first line with this name mention is cited.

The Categories: 
a) Songs that mention Bob Dylan (or Bob, or Mister D., or
Zimmerman, or Dylan etc. - they have to be the Bob Dylan) in their title.
b) Songs that mention Bob Dylan (or Bob..., see above) in their title and their lyrics.
c) Songs that mention Bob Dylan (or Bob..., see above) in their lyrics.
d) Songs about Bob Dylan that do not specifically mention his name.
e) Comedies & Parodies
f) Tough Cookies
g) Near Misses

a) "You may call me Bobby, you may call me Zimmy ..."
- songs that mention Dylan (or Bob..., etc.) in their title:

== Babsztyl, Dla B.D., from "Szykuk Sic Bracie", album, Poland ca. 1979 == Bongos Bass & Bob, Temporarily Like Bob Dylan, from "Bongos Bass & Bob", album, USA 1988 == Charlie Chesterman, Wants To Be Bob Dylan Singing Electric Guitar Blues, from "Dynamite Music Machine", album, USA 1997 cdnow == Four One And Only's, Dylan Ain't Dead, from "Fairy Tale", album, Holland 1991 == Gilles, Vigneault Chanson Pour Bob Dylan, from "Les Gents De Mon Pays", album, Canada/France 1971 == Peter Buckley Hill, Joke Stolen, From The Back Of A Bob Dylan Album, from "Tubular Brains", album, England 1983 == Kaitz, Emily, "Bob Dylan's 300 Game", from "Terminally Trendy", album, USA 1998 == Krogtoft, Asa, "Bobby, You Are Not Allowed To Die", from "Mosaikk", album, Norway 1971 (includes references to a number of Dylan songs) == Frankie Montebello, Salut Bob Dylan (Instrumental), from "Musique Tranquille", album, France 1975 == Bubbi Morthens, Mr. Dylan from "Isbjarnarblus", album, Iceland 1980 == Poison Ivy, Bobby, from "Decadence", album, Holland 1981 == Anders F. Ronnblom, I Jakten På Victori (Balladen Om Dom Svenska Dylankopiern), from "Rapport Från Et Kallt Fosterland", album, Sweden 1980 == Uchida, Yuya & 1815 Super Rock'n'Roll Band, What's Happening Mr. Dylan?, single, Japan 1978 == Harry Wilcox Jr., Children Of Bob Dylan (...) from "Children Of Bob Dylan", single, USA ...

b) "I always hear my name"
- songs that mention Dylan (or Bob..., etc.) in their title and their lyrics:

### == Christine Authier, Salut Dylan ("You've told me to listen to the wind, I haven't heard anything, Salut Dylan/You've told me time wouldchange, nothing has changed, Salut Dylan"), from "Salut Dylan", album, France 1993 == Joan Baez, To Bobby ("Do you hear the voices in the night, Bobby?"), from "Come From The Shadows", album, USA 1972 ### == Syd Barrett, Bob Dylan's Blues ("I've got the Bob Dylan Blues/I've got the Bob Blues/ My hair and my hat's in a mess/But I don't give a damn about that!"), from "Wouldn't You Miss Me - Best Of Syd Barrett", album, England 2001 == Alain Bashung, C'est La Faute A Dylan ("C'est la faute ą Dylan ..."), from "Roulette Russe", album, France 1977 cdnow == Belle and Sebastian, Like Dylan In The Movies ra, mp2 ("Don't look back like Dylan in the movies"), from "If You're Feeling Sinister", album, England 1996 cdnow == Richard Belzer, The Ballad Of Bob Dylan (...) from "Another Lone Nut", ra, mp2 album USA 1997 cdnow == Dan Bern, Talkin' Woody, Bob, Bruce, Dan Blues ("Well, when Woodie Guthrie was sick and dying/Bob Dylan visited him as he was lying/In a hospital bed Bob sang him songs/Woody smiled and siad I'm glad you come/You belong here/ Go forth and be the voice of your generation:) from "Smartie Mine", album USA 1999 cdnow == Frank Boeijen Groep, Robert Zimmerman ("Weet jij wat het is? Robert Zimmerman? Zimmerman waar ben je nou"), /translated "Do you know what it is? Robert Zimmerman? Zimmerman, where are you now?"), from "Een Zomer Aan Het Eind Van De Twintigste Eeuw", album, Holland/Germany 1989 (a different - live - version appears on "Hier Komt De Storm", album, Holland 1990) == Eric Bogle, Do You Know Any Bob Dylan? ("My girlfriend came in and she said 'Can you sing any Dylan?'"), from "Songbook Vol. 2", album, USA 1991 cdnow (see also Bogle in the c-section) == David Bowie, Song For Bob Dylan ("Hear this Robert Zimmerman, I wrote a song for you"), from "Hunky Dory", album, England 1971 cdnow == Chris Bradley, Dylan '65 Revisited ("Oh Bobby, can this really be the end"), from "Mosaic", album, USA 1983 == Chuck Brodsky, Killin' The Dylan In Me ( ), from "Live From Spam City", album, USA 1991 (cassette only) == The Crocodiles, If Dylan Were God ("If Dylan were God, I'd like to be with you/ If Dylan were God I'd be on top of the world with you"), from "Bitter Island", album, Spain 1995 == East Of Eden, Hey Zimmerman ("... ooh, ooh, ooh/I listen to Bob Dylan/When I got nothin' else to do/But most of the times I'm not in the city/Oh what a pity he ain't there with me"), == Everything But The Girl, Me And Bobby D. ("Me and Bobby D. don't get along that easily"), ra from "The Language Of Life", album, England 1990 cdnow == The 5 Gentlemen, Dis-Nous Dylan ("Dis-nous, dis-nous Dylan ... si le soldat de l'ONU ne se bat pas pour une cause déjà perdue"), from "Dis-Nous Dylan", single, France 1966 == Fleischlego, Bob Dylan - Arbeitergitarren Töten Dich ("Da kommt er (...) der junge Bob Dylan"/translated: "There he comes (...) the young BobDylan"), from "Bob Dylan -Arbeitergitarren Töten Dich", single, Germany 1992 == Rex Foster, Thinking About Bob Dylan ("... and I'm thinkin' about Bob Dylan"), from "Artist", album, USA 1991 == Jack Friedman, Dylan For Dollars ("They traded Dylan for dollars ... and color tv's ..."), from "International Bob Dylan Mail-Art Exhibition 1983", album, USA 1983 (cassette only) (see also Pinkard & Bowden entry in this section, - it's the same song == The GP's, Zimmerman Blues ("All you get is the Zimmerman blues"), from "Saturday Rolling Around", album, England 1991 (see also the Ralph McTell entry in this section, - this is a cover version) == Giant Sand, Patsy Does Dylan ("Bob Dylan"), from "Long Stem Rant", album, USA 1989 cdnow (this is actually not a real "song", but Howe Gelb's little daughter Patsy trying to speak the name "Bob Dylan") == Gilberto Gil, De Bob Dylan A Bob Marley (Um Samba Provocaćão) ("Quando Bob Dylan se tornou cristão"), from "O Eterno Deus Mu Dança", album, Brazil 1989 == Steve Goodman, Bobby Don't Stop ("Bobby knows how great those old songs are"), from "Hot Spot", album, USA 1980 == John Wesley Harding, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Steve Goodman, David Blue & Me ("Bob was there last week as well..."), from "It Happened One Night", album, England 1988 == Improved Sound Limited, Doctor Bob Dylan ("Yes, they've got the same kind of problem, Jane and Peter, Denny Hopper, Doctor Bob ..."), from "Improved Sound Limited", album, Germany 1971 == Ja König Ja, Bob Dylan ("Mama hatte ... eine Affäre mit Bob Dylan"/ translated: "Mama had an affair with Bob Dylan"), from "Tiefsee", album, Germany 1999 == Joint Venture, Requiem für Bob Dylan ("Ich hab den guten stets als großen Dichterfürst verehrt/Er hätte mich fast zum Christentum bekehrt/ Jetzt stirbt er, mein Bob Dylan/Bestimmt stirbt er auf Pillen/ Die Kids werden in die Läden laufen/Und sich Dylanplatten kaufen/ Dylan ist jetzt hin/Dylan ist jetzt in" / translated: "I have always worshipped him as the great poet laureate/ he almost made me become converted christianity/ now he's dying, my Bob Dylan/he's certainly dying from pills/ the kids will run into the shops/ and will buy Dylan records/ Dylan is gone now/Dylan is in now"), from "Ich Brauch Personal", album, Germany 1998 ### == Ian James Kain, Bob Dylan's Dead ( ), from "Bob Dylan's Dead", single, Australia 1987 == Steven Keene, Talkin' Bob Dylan Imitators Contest Massacre Disaster Paranoid Blues ("I'd seen it advertised one day that the Bob Dylan imitators contest was coming my way..."), from "Keene On Dylan", album, USA 1990 (cassette only) == Poul Krebs, Morrison, Dylan og Elvis ("Morrison, Dylan og Elvis synger Always on my mind") from "Smaa Sensationer", album, Denmark 1996 == Tuli Kupferberg, My Name Is Bob Dylan ("My name is Bob Dylan, from Woodstock"), from "Tuli & Friends", album, USA 1989 == Gérard Lenorman, Réconciliation De Bob Dylan Et De Rockefeller ("Toute est possible en Amérique: pourquoi pas la réconciliation de Bob Dylan et de Rockefeller"/translated: "Everything is possible in America: why not the reconciliation between Bob Dylan and Rockefeller"), from "Seize Chansons, Seize Succès", album, France ca. 1974/75 == David McNeil, Bye, Bye Dylan ("Bye bye, Bob Dylan, tant pis si tu crois qu'on peut changer son ame en changeant d'étoile ou de croix ..."), from "Rucksack-Alpenstock", album, France 1980 == Ralph McTell, The Zimmerman Blues ("All you get is the Zimmerman blues"), from "Not Till Tomorrow", album, England 1972 cdnow (see also the GP's entry in this section) ### == - Megahip, Pop Dylan ("Hi Suzy! Hey George - you know this guy? Which guy? The folksinger Dylan. You mean Bob Dylan - are you kiddin'? No, he's hip, he's megahipOh, c'mon!") (this is actually followed by a quite bizarre late-80s-style disco version of "Blowin' In The Wind", which makes it the premiere Barflist/Dylan-covers-on-7"-list) from "Pop Dylan", single (b-side), Germany 1988 == The Minutemen, Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs ("Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs"), from "What Makes A Man Start Fires?", album, USA 1982 cdnow == Nine Days, Bob Dylan ("Bobby's in the basement making his movie/ He paints a little picture but not to be cheesy/He wants this little girl to believe in him easy/Bristles to the canvas imagining he feels high"), from "Madding Crowd", album, USA 2000 == The Original Caste, A Picture Of Bob Dylan ("You can't live your life behind a picture of Bob Dylan on the wall"), from "One Tin Soldier", album, Canada ca. mid-70's == John Oszajca, Where's Bob Dylan When You Need Him ("Where's Bob Dylan when you need him"), from "From There To Here", album, USA 2000 == Peacock Palace, True Story Of Isis (And Robert Z.) ("I remember Robert on that 5th day of May"), from "Paraphernalia", album, Germany 1993 == David Peel & The Lower East Side, The Ballad Of Bob Dylan ("Bob Dylan, Robert Zimmerman ..."), from "The Pope Smokes Dope", album, USA 1970 == Pinkard & Bowden, Dylan For Dollars ("We traded Dylan for dollars, two story homes, all that we protest are high interest loans"), from "PG-13", album, USA ... (see also Jack Friedman entry in this section, - it's the same song) == Wally Pleasant, Song For Bob Dylan ("Bob Dylan was the first Bob Dylan, who was billed as the next Woody Guthrie"), from "House Of The Holy Moly", album, USA 1994 == Prima Vera, (H)ode Til Bob ("... så gøy å værra Bob Dylan"), from "Prima Vera Den 5te", album, Norway 1981 == Will Rigby, Leanin' On Bob (the r.m.d. song) ("Leanin' On Bob is such a crutch/I swear I wish I didn't listen to him so much/ I know I shouldn't follow him around/But I gotta make it to the next town/ I gotta see him do one more show/I haven't heard him sing Desolation Row/ I guess I better get a job/So I won't have to be leanin' on Bob"), from "Hit The Hay Vol. 4", album, Sweden 2000 (the song's lyrics are worth checking out in total, it deals with rec.music.dylan - go to Sound Asleep Records and you'll see) == Mats Ronander, Låt det rulla, Bob ("Låt det rulla, Bob"), from "Hård Kärlek", album, Sweden 1981 (an instrumental track which according to Göran Holmquist's book about Dylan should be an "answer song" to Dylan's question to Bob Johnston in the beginning of "To Be Alone With You") == Søren Thorsøe og Hans Venner, Dylan ("Dylan, Dylan, Dylan/Åh, hvor kú du dog spille mand"), from "Kærnefamiliesange", album, Denmark 1979 == The Sandals, Tell Us Bob Dylan ("Tell us Dylan, tell us Donovan"), from "The Sandals", album, USA ca. 1966 == Michel Sardou, Exit Dylan ("Exit Dylan, j'ai dans la voix une dernière chanson qui proteste"), from "Sardou", album, France 1985 == Sinn Fenn, Fotboll, Dylan Och Meditation ("Fotball, Dylan och Meditation") from ""Usling", album, Sweden 1996 == Sir Douglas Quintet, Dylan Come Lately ("Call 'em Dylan come lately"), from "Day Dreaming At Midnight", album, USA 1994 cdnow == Loudon Wainwright III, Talkin' New Bob Dylan ("Hey, Bob Dylan, I wrote you a song"), from "History", album, USA 1992 cdnow

c) "They give them all another name"
- songs that mention Dylan (or Bob..., etc.) in their lyrics:

== Daevid Allen, Death Of Rock ("And goodnight Bob Dylan Number 1, Bob Dylan Number 2, Bob Dylan Number 3"), from "The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances", album, England 1982 == The Animals, The Story Of Bo Diddley ("So he pulled his hat down over his eyes, and headed out for those western skies, I think Bob Dylan said that"), from "The Animals", album, England 1964 == - Fred Ape/Peter Brinkmann, Sonne Wie Ein Clown ("Eine Sonne, die unter die Haut geht wie die Stimme von Bob Dylan..."/translated: "A sun that goes under the skin like the voice of Bob Dylan"), from "Wilde Motive", album, Germany 1986 (see also Pannach und Kunert's entry in this section) == Pete Atkin, Uncle Sea-Bird ("When a snot-nosed little kid called Zimmerman was looking for a new surname that would scan Uncle Sea-Bird filled his lungs with hash, and Weberman he muttered in a flash"), from "Live Libel", album, England 1975 == The Auteurs, Chinese Bakery ("Just seen Bob Dylan on a motorbike"), from "Now I'm A Cowboy", album, USA 1994 == Joan Baez, Time Rag ("Suddenly he stopped and started to lobby/saying 'Tell me some inside stuff about Bobby'"...), from "Blowin' Away", album, USA 1977 cdnow == Joan Baez, Children Of The 80's ("We don't care if Dylan's gone to Jesus"), from "Live In Europe '83", album, Germany 1983 cdnow == Beastie Boys, 3-Minute-Rule ("I'm just chillin' like Bob Dylan"), from "Paul's Boutique", album, USA 1989 cdnow == Beatles, Yer Blues ("I feel so suicidal, just like Dylan's Mr. Jones"), from "The Beatles", album, England 1968 cdnow, cdnow == Blessed Union Of Soul, Scenes From A Coffee House (You'll Always Be Mine) ("There's a guy who thinks he's Dylan/he plays guitar with the band/and he dedicates a song he thinks belongs to you and me"), from "Blessid Union Of Soul", album, USA 1997 cdnow == Eric Bogle, The Traditional Folk Singer's Lament ("My girlfriend came in and she said 'Can you sing any Dylan?'"), from "Live In Person Vol. 1", album, Germany 1977 (see also Bogle in the b-section, - this is a live version of the same song, but with a different title) == Bernhard Brink, Music Star ("Und du glaubst mit Deinen Locken im Haar, daß du wie Bob Dylan aussiehst"/translated: "And you think that with your curly hair you look like Bob Dylan"), from "Music Star", single, Germany ca. 1976 (see also Christoffer entry in this section) == Eric Burdon & The Animals, New York 1963 - America 1968 ("Smiling face of unknown Bob Dylan"), from "Every One Of Us", album, USA 1968 == Eric Burdon & The Animals, Winds Of Change ("Bobby Dylan sang about the winds of change ... blowin /It's all blowin' in the wind"), from "Winds Of Change", album, England 1967 cdnow == Bustamante, Hablando De Van Morrison ("Hey, Van Morrison, Bobby Dylan, Camaron-que-te-vi ... me recuerdan la libertad total, la libertad sexual, la libertad - libertad"/translated: "Hey, Van Morrison, Bobby Dylan, Cameron-that-I-saw ... they remember me of total freedom, sexual freedom, the freedom-freedom")from "Sinfonia De Las Horas", album, Spain 1996 == Andrès Calamaro, Elvis Está Vivo ("Bob Dylan también lo sabe, pero Bob es muy discreto y no dice nada"/ "Bob Dylan knows it too, but Bob is very discreet and says nothing"), from "Alta Suciedad", album, Spain 1997 cdnow == Harry Chapin, There Only Was One Choice ("Now there's Dylan dripping from his mouth ..."), from "Dance Band On The Titanic", album, USA 1977 cdnow == Christoffer, Music Star ("Und du glaubst mit deinen Locken im Haar, daß du wie Bob Dylan aussiehst"), from "Music Star", single, Germany, ca. 1976 (see also Berhard Brink entry in this section) == Chumbawamba, Give The Anarchist A Cigarette ("Albert, Bobby, for God's sake burn it down"), from "Anarchy", album, England 1994 cdnow == Cindy & Bert, Wenn Du Mich Hören Solltest ("Denk' an den Song, den Bob Dylan damals sang, 'The Answer Is Blowin' In The Wind'"/translated: "Remember the song that Bob Dylan sang way back when, 'The Answer Is Blowin' In The Wind'"), from "Gib Mir Zeit", album, Germany 1996 == David Allen Coe, Castles In The Sand (sings the song to "Bobby, cause you're the best there is"), from "Castles In The Sand", album, USA 1983 cdnow (the album is also dedicated to B.D.) == David Allen Coe, Willie, Waylon And Me ("... and Dylan would write poetry"), from "David Allen Coe Rides Again", album, USA 1977 cdnow == Counting Crows, Mr. Jones ("I wanna be Bob Dylan"), ra, mp2 from "August And Everything After", album, USA 1993 cdnow, gold disc (a different - live - version appears on the CD-single of "Mr. Jones", USA 1994) == Rodney Crowell, Let Freedom Ring ("We headed up to New York City to hear Bob Dylan sing"), from "Street Language", album, USA 1986 == Cub, New York City ("The Empire State, the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, and where Dylan lived"), from "Come Out, Come Out", album, USA 1995 cdnow (see also They Might Be Giants entry in this section) == Daan, 50% ("Give them all of your clothes/And give them all Dylan's poems /hey that's smart but where's the antidote/I think I gave it away /Along with fifty percent/Of what Bob himself couldn't understand"), from "Profools", album, Belgium 1999 == Boudewijn De Groot, Picknick ("Gekleed in vijgeblad van schuim vliegt Dylan door het hemelruim"), from "Picknick", album, Holland 1968 == Pierre Delorme, Ma PremiŹre Guitar ("Le spleen, ća me prenait/au son de l'harmonica/de Mister Bob Dylan/mon idole en ce temps"), from "Ballades Du Centre Ville À La Banlieue Des Choses", album, France 1981 == Michel Delpech, Wight Is Wight ("Wight is Wight, Dylan is Dylan"), from "Wight Is Wight", single, France 1969 cdnow == Ina Deter, Jahre Schon Her ("Ich verkehrte im Café Americain, und mir vis-a-vis saß Bob Dylan"), translated "I frequented the Café Americain, and Bob Dylan was sitting opposite of me"), from "Ich Will Die Hälfte Der Welt", album, Germany 1987 cdnow == Dr. Hook, Everybody's Making It Big But Me ("Dylan sings for millions, I just sing for free, how come everybody's making it big but me?"), from "Bankrupt", album, USA 1975 cdnow == Bob Doldrum, I Am The Way ("I changed my name to Zimmerman just to fool the cops"), from "I Am The Way", single, England 1979 == Donovan, The Trip ("Bob Dylan he sat as a mad hatter, broken hourglass in his hand"), from "Sunshine Superman", album, England 1966 cdnow == Door Mekaar, Electroshockrock (:Eddy maakt nu meer geld dan Bob Dylan doet"/ translated: "Eddy now makes more money than Bob Dylan does"), from "De Rest", album, Holland 1979 == Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Bleeker Street Blues ("Bob, I'm up early praying for you/I'd give my Martin for you to play on"), from "Friends Of Mine", album, USA 1998 cdnow == Emsland Hillbillies, Country Freak ("N' bißchen Bob Dylan, viel Willie Nelson"), translated: "A little bit of Bob Dylan, a lot of Willie Nelson"), from "Endlich", album, Germany 1977 cdnow ### == Fisherman's Stew, Fine ("... laughin' and singin' like Bobby Dylan/ Swingin' like a kid on a swing"), from "Letter To Norway", album, Germany 1996 == Fairport Convention, Million Dollar Bash ("Got a note from Bob Dylan, he said to say hi, he hopes someday maybe soon he'll come by, he told me to lay off his Million Dollar Bash" - note: this is not a spoken introduction, but part of the song, a re-working of Dylan's original),from "25th Anniversary Concert", album, England 1992 (the song is also to be found on the "Cropredy Box" from 1998) cdnow == G. Love & Special Sauce, Blues Music ("Cisco and Sonny and Leadbelly too /Peoples that rode with Woody and you Bob Dylan /A million Sears Silvertone guitars /Heard the licks no need to take them nowhere/Blues Music") ra, mp2 from "G. Love & Special Sauce", album USA 1994 cdnow, == Lennie Gallant, Down On The Promenade ("Nine-o-clock on a cold November night/ Busking at a downtown stop/Stompin' my feet to a Dylan beat"), from "Breakwater", album, Canada 1988 == Lennie Gallant, Which Way Does The River Run ("She said she liked the Dylan song/The one about movin' on"), from "The Open Window", album, USA 1994 == Giant Sand, Elevator Music ("We got Dylan in the elevator"), from "Purge & Slouch", album, USA 1993 cdnow == Giant Sand, Desperate Man ("I got Dylan filling in spaces of my stereo"), from "Ballad Of A Thin Line Man", album, USA 1986 cdnow == Gnags, En Tiger Fra Zoo ("for vi ku' begge to li' Dylan, det han sang og så'n var lige noget or os, I wanna be your lover, babe, I don't wanna be your boss"/ translated: "cause we both liked Dylan, what he sang and that was just for us, I wanna be your lover, babe, I don't wanna be your boss"), from "Burhons", album, Denmark 1979 == Green On Red, Broken Radio ("Singer sound like Dylan"), from "Here Come The Snakes", album, USA 1989 == La Gran Esperanza Blanca, Columbia, 20 De Julio ("Mientras sigo corriendo por la húmeda autopista para encontrar a Bob"/ "While I keep running on the wet highway to find Bob"), from "Rarezas 1986-1991", album, Spain 1992 (only released in cassette format) == Arlo Guthrie, Oh Mom (refers to his daughter's mom "freaking out on acid and what Bob Dylan says/I think she's tryin to turn me into Joan Baez"), from "Someday", album, USA 1980 (cassette only) == John Wesley Harding, Bastard Son ("Bob Dylan is my father, Joan Baez is my mother, and I'm their bastard son"), from "It Happened One Night", album, England 1988 == Hardinger, "Moonlight Serenade" ("Hun ku li Bob Dylan, og han far vild med Brøndby"/translated: "She liked Bob Dylan and he was crazy about Brøndby" [Danish football team/HPB]), from "Nede Med Øl", album, Denmark 1998 == Harpo, Motorcycle Mama ("Do you remember about Fritz the Cat and Dylan's Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat?"), from "Motorcycle Mama", single, Benelux/Germany 1975 cdnow == Hector, Timannti Ja Ruoste (Diamonds And Rust) (translation from Finnish: "I want to sing like the famous Zimmerman, I still love those songs..."), from ... == André Heller, Royal Manhattan Hotel Bluesy-Woogy ("Du Bruchband Bob Dylans, erhöre uns"), from "Das War André Heller", album, Austria 1971 == Staffan Hallstrand, Lågorna ("Vi var unga, bara fjorton år/ Alla sånger vi sjöng var vita/Jag var Dylan, du var Lovely Lovely Rita"/ translated: "We were young, only fourteen years/All the songs we sang were white/ I was Dylan, you were Lovely Rita"),from "Eld", album, Sweden 1992 == Henning, Ingenting ("Jag tänker inget bra nu, sa jag lägger på någon sympatiserar" translated: "I can't think too good now, so I'll put on a Dylan record to make somebody sympathize.") from "Äntlingen 22" album, Sweden 1996 == Highwaymen, Songs That Make A Difference ("Shel and Kris and Dylan and the couple from the street"), from "Highwaymen 2", album, USA 1990 cdnow == Kjell Höglund, Skräckhus I Sussex ("Då mindes ja en natt för länge sen/ När ja satt i ett skräckus i Sussex/Och spelade Dylan på grammofon/ Och tänkte på flickan som dött"/translated: "Then I remembered a night a long time ago/Sitting in a haunted house in Sussex/ Playing Dylan on the grammophone/Thinking about the girl who died"), from "Häxprocess", album, Sweden 1973 == The Holy Ranger (Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum ), Get Ready Ricky ("When Bob Dylan wanted all that folk rock/Word has it he looked for your old band"), from "No Freedom Honey", album, USA 2000 == Hoola Bandoola Band, Vem Kan Man Lita På (Who Can You Trust) ("...och Robert Zimmerman har flytt landet med miljonerna" translated: "and Robert Zimmerman has fled out into the country with his millions") from "Vem Kan Man Lita På" album Sweden 1972 == Hootie & The Blowfish, Only Wanna Be With You (uses an entire line from 'Idiot Wind' followed by "Ain't Bobby so cool?"), ra, mp2 from "Cracked Rear View", album, USA 1995 cdnow == Manuel Illán, El Hombre Del '68 En El '93 ("... como una marioneta, con un puño cerrado en l corazón y un compact-disc de Bob Dylan"/ "... like a toy, with a closed fist in the heart and a Bob Dylan CD"), from "Resistiré", album, Spain 1993 == Incredible String Band, Way Back In The 1960's ("His name was Bob Dylan"), ra, mp2 from "The 5000 Spirits Of The Layers Of The Onion", album, England 1967 cdnow == Alan Jackson, Gone Country ("Some of that stuff don't sound much different than Dylan"), ra, mp2 from "Who I Am", album, USA 1994 cdnow == Jan and Dean, Folk City ("We're gonna sing all the words that Bob Dylan wrote"), from "Folk'n'Roll", album, USA 1966 == Wyclef Jean, Gone Till November ("Gotta do some knocking on heaven's door like Bob Dylan"), from "Gone Till November", single, USA 1998 cdnow, QuickTime video (the album version of this song, on the album "Carnival", USA 1997, does not include the Dylan mention.) == The Jesus And Mary Chain, Fizzy ("Elvis lives and Bob Dylan is dead, OJ's wife is crawling back from the dead"), ra, mp2 from "Munki", album, England 1998 cdnow == Jesus Jones, Right Here, Right Now ("A woman on the radio talked about revolution when it's already passed by her. Bob Dylan didn't have this to sing about you, you know it feels good to be alive"), ra, mp2 from "Doubt", album, USA 1991 cdnow == Billy Joel, We Didn't Start The Fire ("61 Hemingway, Eichmann, Stranger In A Strange Land, Dylan, Berlin, Bay Of Pigs Invasion"), ra, mp2 from "Storm Front", album, USA 1989 cdnow == Jr. Gone Wild, The Guy Who Came In From The Cold ("If Bob Dylan taught me how to think, then Pete Townshend taught me how to drink"), from "Pull The Goalie", album, Canada 1993 ==Jr. Gone Wild, Try Again ("Well I'm not Dylan and I'm not Shakespeare, you're not Ann Margaret you're not Joan of Arc/Just nameless heroes in some old car looking for a place where we can park "), from "Pull The Goalie", album Canada 1992. == Kevn Kinney, MacDougal Blues ("I thought I'd see a million Dylans"), ra, mp2 from "MacDougal Blues", album, USA 1990 cdnow == Kris Kristofferson, If You Don't Like Hank Williams You Can Kiss My Ass ("I like Bobby Dylan"), from "Surreal Thing", album, USA 1976 cdnow == Kris Kristofferson, New Mister Me ("He (...) had a face like Bobby Dylan's, only worse"), from "A Moment Of Forever", album, USA 1995 cdnow == Peter LaFarge, Move Over, Grab A Holt (sic) ("With Bobby and Joanie singin' so bright/ Who needs a compass with all that light"), from "On The Warpath", album, USA 1965 == Jimmy LaFave, When I See You Again ("A child's innocence/Great big thunderclouds/Bob Dylan records/The carnival crowd"), from "Highway Trance", album, USA 1994 cdnow == Lagartija Nick, Universal ("El eterno adolescente in Detroit entre Dylan y Dorian Gray"/ "The eternal teenager in Detroit between Dylan and Dorian Gray"), from "Inercia", album, Spain 1992 == Tracy Lawrence, Time Marches On ("Dylan singing 'Like A Rolling Stone'") ra from "Time Marches On" album, USA 1996 cdnow == John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, God ("I don't believe in Zimmerman"), from "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band", album, England 1970 cdnow == John Lennon, Give Peace A Chance ("Everybody's talking about John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary, Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan ..."), from "The John Lennon Collection", album, England 1989 == Rich Lerner, Talkin' Solo Acoustic Coffee House Massacre Blues ("We sang a song very thrilling written by a young Bob Dylan"), from "Trails And Bridges", album, USA 1995 == Little River Band, Won't Somebody Love Me? ("Back in '65, we were on our way, we were listening to Dylan and working off the things he would say") from "Time Exposure", album, USA 1981 == Nils Lofgren, I Came To Dance ("I'm not Bob Dylan, but I never miss a beat"), cdnow from "I Came To Dance", album, USA 1977 == Mary Lou Lord, His Indie World ("Just give me my Joni, my Nick, Neil, and Bob/You can keep your Tsunami, your Slant 6 and Smog"), from "Mary Lou Lord", EP, USA 1995 cdnow == Ola Magnell, Min Häst Har Blivit Sjuk ("Bob Dylan ar pa bettet"), from "Nya Perspectiv", album, Sweden 1975 ### == Stephen Malkmus, Jo Jo's Jacket ("Bob Dylan sang in 'It's Alright Ma I'm Only Bleeding', Everything from toy guns that spark to flesh colored Christs that glow in the dark/ It's easy to see we got in too far and not much is really sacred."), from "Stephen Malkmus", album, England 2001 == The Marshwiggles, Song For Melinda ("I sing this song for Bobby Dylan, strung out on the road, carrying such a heavy load, what will you bring him"), from "Stone Soup", album, USA 1997 == Roger McGuinn, I'm So Restless ("Hey Mr. D. do you me want be to be a farmer, a cowhand, an old countryboy"), from "Roger McGuinn", album, USA 1973 == Bette Midler, Samedi Et Vendredi ("Samedi et vendredi et lundi et dimanche/Larry, Curly et Moe/Dylan et de Niro/Debonair Marcello, La la la"), from "Bette Midler Sings Songs For The New Depression", album, USA 1976 cdnow == The Minutemen, History Lesson (Pt. II) ("Mr. Narrator! - This is Bob Dylan to me"), from "Double Nickels On The Dime", album, USA 1984 cdnow == Hisashi Miura, A Big Yellow Moon Above Mt. Ohjo (translated lyrics: "Life is full of sorrows and hardships/But I will try again/As long as Bobby is singing"). From "Message", album, Japan 1997 == Momus, Who Is Mr. Jones ? ("Bob Dylan at the height of his fame/ Was asked the same question again and again ..."), ra, mp2 from "The Little Red Songbook", album, England 1998 cdnow == David Munyon, N.Y.C. ("I knew the echo of the subway sang with the voices on the corner felt like Bob Dylan as I posed beside the Hudson River"), from "Slim Possibilities", album, Germany 1996 == Rick Nelson, Garden Party ("Over in the corner, much to my surprise, Mr. Hughes hid in Dylan's shoes, wearing his disguise"), ra, mp2 from "Garden Party", album, USA 1972 cdnow == Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, Feeling Existential ("I could have been Bob Dylan"), from "Frenzy", album, USA 1986 == Nordfolk, Hvis Man Er Til Det ("Han tog en enkelt med Dylan mens fuldmånen viste ham vej"/ translated: "He played a single [song] of Dylan while the full moon showed him the way"), from "Hvis Man Er Til Det", album, Denmark 2000 == Larry Norman, Song For A Small Circle Of Friends ("Dear Bobby, watch your fears all hide and disappear while love inside starts growing"), from "In Another Land", album, USA 1991 (note: there is a live version of this song of this song on the album "Roll Away The Stone (And Listen To The Rock)") where Larry sings "Dear Dylan" instead of "Dear Bobby" and imitates Dylan's voice.) == Our Lady Peace, Supersatellite ("I've read the bible, I've read Dylan, I'm reading people now because it is much more chillin'") from "Naveed", album, Canada 1995 cdnow == Tom Pacheco, The Singer ("So this song is for ya Bobby"), from "Swallowed Up In The Great American Heartland", album, USA 1976 == Tom Pacheco, The Hills Of Woodstock ("Albert Grossman like a feudal lord/ Hated feared respected and adored/ Ran his restaurant with a steady hand/ He who managed Dylan and The Band/ Sometimes in the twilight I would see/ Albert smiling most inscrutably"), ra, mp2 from "Woodstock Winter", album, USA 1997 cdnow == Pannach und Kunert, Eine Sonne Wie Ein Clown ("Eine Sonne, die unter die Haut geht wie die Stimme von Bob Dylan, etwas rauh, eine Sonne, die nur Fröhlichkeit sät wie ein Clown"), translated: "A sun that goes under the skin like the voice of Bob Dylan"), from "Pannach Und Kunert", album, Germany 1978 (see also the Fred Ape/Peter Brinkmann entry in this section) == Tom Paxton, Phil ("They asked about Dylan"), ra from "Heroes", album, USA 1978 cdnow == David Peel & The Lower East Side, A.J. Weberman ("Bob Dylan's not your enemy, he's just your friend"), from "Santa Claus Rooftop Junkie", album, USA 1973 (a different version appears on "Bob Dylan Vs. A.J. Weberman" by David Peel & Group, album, USA 1977) == Mike Peters, Shine On ("He said his name was Bob Dylan"), from "Feel Free", album, USA 1996 == John Phillips, Let It Bleed Genevieve ("Bobby wants a lady from the lowlands"), from "Wolfking Of L.A.", album, USA 1970 == Plastic Ono Band, Give Peace A Chance ("Everybody's talking about ... Bobby Dylan ..."), from "Give Peace A Chance", single, England 1969 cdnow == Phranc, Folk Singer ("They've got a Dylan look-alike holding up a Gibson"), from "I Enjoy Being A Girl", album, USA 1989 == Jon Randall, Breakin' The Rules ("They listened to Dylan and talked about life ..."), from "Willin'", album, USA 1999 == Reckless Kelly, Back Around ("I wish I was Bob Dylan, so I could write a country hit song"), from "Millican", album, USA 1997 cdnow == Rent (Original Broadway Cast), La Vie Boheme ("Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham and Cage ... Lenny Bruce ... Langston Hughes"), from "Rent (Original Cast Recording)", album, USA 1996 cdnow ### == Joaquin Sabina, 1968 ("Jean Paul Sartre y Dylan cantaban a duo"/ translated: "Jean Paul Sartre and Dylan sing together"), from "Inventario", album, Spain 1978 ### == Joaquin Sabina, Incompatibilidad de Caracteres ("Canto algo de Bob Dylan y protesta, maldicion, su rollo es el vals"/ translated: "I'm singing some Bob Dylan tune and she complains/ for God's sake, she's into the waltz"), from "Juez y parte", album, Spain 1986 == Salloom, Sinclair And The Mother Bear, Marie La Peau ("... my Bobby Dylan stage"), from "Salloom, Sinclair And The Mother Bear", album, USA 1968 == Salloom, Sinclair And The Mother Bear, Sitting On A Finger ("Writing songs with Bobby Dylan around is such a drag"), from "Salloom, Sinclair And The Mother Bear", album, USA 1968 == Sanchis y Jocano, Hotel Tristeza ("... mirando el retrovisor todo se apagó y Dylan en el radiocassette"/translated: "... looking to the driving mirror everything went out and Dylan on the radiocassette"), from "Entre Lo Prohibido Y Lo Limitado", album, Spain 1992 == The Saw Doctors, Me Heart Is Livin' In The 60s Still ("Bob Dylan says times are a-changin'/ but I know they never will/oh me heart is livin' in the 60s still"), from "All The Way From Tuam", album, Ireland 1989 cdnow == Sex Pistols, The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle ("I kill ... Bob Dylan, the ... asshole"), from "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle", album, England 1979 cdnow == Gil Scott-Heron, B Movie ("They don't know if they wanna be Matt Dillon or Bob Dylan"), from "Reflections", album, USA 1981 cdnow == Duncan Sheik, That Says It All ("But Mr. Dylan knows that everyone is more or less ... a rolling stone."), ra, mp2 from "Humming", album, USA 1998 cdnow == Simon & Garfunkel, A Simple Desultory Phillipic ("He's so unhip - when you say Dylan, he thinks you talk about Dylan Thomas"), from "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Tyme", album, USA 1966 cdnow == Sir Douglas Quintet, Medley: One Too Many Mornings/Got To Sing A Happy Song ("Oh there was Bobby Dylan preached years ago"), from "Together After Five", album, USA 1970 cdnow == Alain Souchon, C'Etait Menti ("Tout ce que tu m'as dit/Vieux Bob Dylan maudit/Tout ce  que tu m'as dit/C'était menti"/ translated: "All that you told me/Bloody old Bob   Dylan/All that you told me/That was a lie"), from "Au Ras Des Paquerettes", album, France 1999 == Alain Souchon, Les Regrets ("Les chansons de ma jeunesse/et de Robert Zimmerman ... oh des regrets..."/translated: "The songs of my youth/and of Robert Zimmerman ... oh these regrets ..."), from "C'est Deja Ca", album, France 1993 == Steppeulvene, Itsi-Bitsi ("Det flyvende tæppe går klokken otte/Bob Dylan har ringet og sagt vi kan nå det"/ translated: "The magic carpet leaves at eight o’clock/Bob Dylan has phoned and says that we can make it"), from "Hip", album, Denmark 1967 == Dave Stewart, My Place ("... never feeling home was a place you belong so you get lost in the words of a Bob Dylan song "), ra, mp2 from "SlyFi", album, Germany 1998 cdnow == Øystein Sunde, Trendhopper'n ("... en venn av meg har hilst pĆ har har lagt Dylan pĆ hyllen..."), from "Du Må'kke Komme Her Og Komme Her", album, Norway 1994 == T. Rex, Ballrooms Of Mars ("Bob Dylan knows"), from "The Slider", album, England 1972 cdnow == T. Rex, Telegram Sam ("Bobby's all right, Bobby's all right, he's a natural born poet he's just out of sight!"), mp2 from "The Slider", album, England 1972 cdnow == Steve Taylor, Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's) ("Dylan may be fillin' the puddle they designed/Is it gonna take a miracle to make up his mind?") from "Meltdown", album, USA 1984 == Tequila, Me Vuelvo Loco ("Pongo la radio y sale Bob Dylan cantando"/ "I turn the radio on and Bob Dylan is singing"), from "Rock'n'Roll", album, Spain 1992 == Texas Tornados, Four Aces ("Willie sought but he could not find her 'caus' Zimmy was in town"), ra, mp2 from "Four Aces" album, USA 1996 cdnow == They Might Be Giants, New York City ("The Empire State, the Brooklyn bridge, Coney Island, and where Dylan lived"), from "Factory Showroom", album, USA 1997 cdnow == 'Til Tuesday, Coming Up Close ("We sat in the car and listened to a Dylan tape"), ra from "Welcome Home", album, USA 1986 cdnow == Transvision Vamp, I Want Your Love ("I don't want your pictures of Bobby D."), from "Pop Art", album, England 1988 == The Tubes, What Do You Want From Life? ("If you're an American citizen you are entitled to (...) Bob Dylan's new unlisted phone number"), ra, mp2 from "The Tubes", album, USA 1975 cdnow (note: a different version appears on the double live album "What Do You Want From Live" (sic), but that version has a different lyric which does not include Dylan.) == Dave van Ronk, Gaslight Rag, ("...and Dylan played Bach") from "Your Basic Dave van Ronk", album, USA 1981 cdnow == Paul van Vliet, Pappa Is Blijven Hangen (Aan De Sixties) ("De kinderen zijn naar bed. Pappa rookt een stickie en zet een oude plaat op van Bob Dylan"), from "Er Is Nog Zoveel Niet Gezegd", album, Holland 1985 == Kiko Veneno, Superheroes De Barrio ("Joe Jackson, Mozart, Joselito el Gallo, Comandante Ruz, Orson Welles y Rita Hayworth, Bob Dylan y Di Stefano, Fender y Espartaco, Curro Romero, el Gordo y el Flaco"), from "Echate Un Cantecito", album, Spain 1992 cdnow == Eric von Schmidt, Baby, Let Me Lay It On You ("Now Bobby Dylan he put me in a song"), ra from "Baby, Let Me Lay It On You", album, USA 1995 cdnow == Hannes Wader, Langeweile ("Ich träumte, daß ich Bob Dylan fragte, was er von meinen Liedern hält ..."), translated: "I dreamt that I asked Bob Dylan what he thought about my songs ...") from "Sieben Lieder", album, Germany 1972 cdnow == Stefan Waggershausen, Meine Rock'n'Roll-Band Spielt Längst Nicht Mehr ("Sie schrien nur noch Dylan & Co"), translated: "They were only shouting Dylan & Co.") from "Traumhochzeit", album, Germany 1974 == Loudon Wainwright III, How Old Are You ("How come you didn't get big like Bob Dylan, how come you didn't get big like Springsteen?"), from "I'm Alright", album, USA 1985 cdnow == Joe West and the Sinners, Judas Iscariot ("He said that Bobby Dylan was a good good friend, he played New York back in the 60's at the Bitter End"), from "Jamie Was A Boozer", album, USA 1999 == The Who, The Seeker ("I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles"), from "The Seeker", single, England 1970 (Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy cdnow, BBC Sessions: cdnow) == Link Wray, It Was Elvis ("Bob Dylan gave you great songs to sing, but it was Elvis who put the name in rock'n'roll"), from "Indian Child", album, USA 1993 == Zluty Pes, Sametová ("Sousedovic bejby Milena je celá blbá z Boba Dylana"), from "Zlut? Pes", album, Czechia 1994

d) "It ain't no use in calling out my name"
- songs that deal with Bob Dylan that do not specifically mention his name:

== Eric Andersen, The Hustler, ra from "'Bout Changes 'N Things", album, USA 1966 cdnow (a different version appears on "'Bout Changes 'N Things - 2", album, USA 1967) == Joan Baez, Diamonds & Rust, ra, mp2 from "Diamonds & Rust", album, USA 1975 cdnow, gold disc == Joan Baez, The Winds Of The Old Days, from "Diamonds & Rust", album, USA 1975 cdnow, gold disc == Joan Baez, Oh Brother, from "Gulf Winds", album, USA 1976 == Joan Baez, Stephanie's Room, from "Gulf Winds", album, USA 1976 == Joan Baez, Time Is Passing Us By, from "Gulf Winds", album, USA 1976 == Joan Baez, Sweeter For Me, from "Gulf Winds", album, USA 1976 == Joan Baez, Vagabond, from "24 July 1970 All Arena Civica Di Milano", album, Italy 1970 == Más Birras, El Hombre Del Tambor, from "Tierre Quemeda", album, Spain 1992 == Jackson Browne, Looking Into You, from "Saturate Before Using", album, USA 1972 cdnow == Jean-Michel Caradec, Pas En France, from "Caradec", album, France 1974/75 cdnow == Greg Copeland, At The Warfield, from "Revenge Will Come", album, USA 1982 == David Edwards, "Commercial Suicide", > from "David Edwards", album, USA 1981 == Richard & Mimi Fariña, Morgan The Pirate, from "Memories", album, UK/USA 1968 cdnow (see also Ian Matthews' entry in this section) == Steve Gibbons, "Colours To The Mast", from "The Dylan Project", album, England 1998 == Nanci Griffith, Radio Fragile, ra from "Storms", album, USA 1999 cdnow (note: the song is actually about Phil Ochs, but it also mentions "...the midnight boy from Minnesota", who is obviously Bob Dylan) == Arlo Guthrie, My Front Pages, from "Running Down The Road", album, USA 1969 cdnow == George Harrison, Behind That Locked Door, from "All Things Must Pass", album, England 1970 cdnow == - Hayden, The Closer I Get, ra, mp2 from "The Closer I Get", album, Canada 1998 cdnow == Jimmy LaFave, Minstrel Boy Howling At The Moon, from "Highway Trance", album, USA 1994 cdnow == Ian Matthews, Morgan The Pirate, from "If You Saw Through My Eyes", album, UK 1971 (see also Richard & Mimi Fariña's entry in this section, - this is a cover version) == Roger McGuinn, Take Me Away, from "Cardiff Rose", album, USA 1976 == Roger McGuinn, Dreamland, from "Cardiff Rose", album, USA 1976 (see also Joni Mitchell's entry in this section, - this is a cover version) == Don McLean, American Pie, ra, mp2 from "American Pie", album, USA 1971 cdnow == Joni Mitchell, Dreamland, mp2 from "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter", album, USA 1977 cdnow (see also Roger McGuinn's entry in this section) == Van Morrison, A New Kind Of Man, from "A Sense Of Wonder", album, England 1985 cdnow == Van Morrison, Foreign Window, ra from "No Guru, No Method, No Teacher", album, England 1986 cdnow == Bob Neuwirth, Akron, from "Back To The Front", album, USA 1988 cdnow == Tom Petty, Self Made Man, from "Let Me Up", album, USA 1987 cdnow == Mike Silver, Pioneers Return, from "Troubadour", album, USA 1973 == Bruce Springsteen, Blinded By The Light, ra from "Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.", album, USA 1973 cdnow == Al Stewart, Post-World War II Blues, ra from "Past, Present And Future", album, UK 1974 cdnow == Sammy Walker, Ragamuffin Minstrel Boy, from "Song For Patty", album, USA 1975 == Steve Wynn, Younger,from "Kerosene Man", album, USA 1990 cdnow

e) Comedies & Parodies:

== Bob and the Dylantones, White Christmas, single, USA 1984 == Bobby the Poet, White Christmas (3 O'Clock Weather Report), from "White Christmas (3 O'Clock Weather Report)", single, USA 1966 == Eugene Chadbourne, Dear Eugene, What You Did Was Not Very Nice, So I Am Going To Kill Eugene ("Hello, and welcome to the Bob Dylan Horror Show, four hours of horror films with your host, Bob Dylan" followed by excerpts from Dylan songs in imitation), from ... (this is a re-entry of a scrapped item, especially for Hans Bosch who wrote in to say he misses Eugene so much... - now, what are the release details?) == Cheech & Chong, Testimonial By R. Zimmerman ("Hi, this is R. Zimmerman from the American Cancer Society"), from "Wedding Album", album, USA 1974 cdnow == Firesign Theater, Bob At The Met (is this the same song as Nick Danger's "Bob Dylan At The Met", anybody?) == MacLean and MacLean, Bob Dylan Goes Punk,from "Suck Their Way To The Top", album, Canada 1982 == National Lampoon, Positively Wall Street ("You say I owe you something/you ask me for my plan/just who were you expectin'/Jesus Zimmerman?"), from "Lemmings", album, USA 1973 == same, Godspeak Suite: Porkbucket Place/Born Again Bob ("You can call him Zimmy"), from "Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'Roll, And The End Of The World", album, USA == same, Those Fabulous Sixties ("Hi, I'm Bob Dylan"), from "Radio Dinner", album, USA 1972 == The Original Tele-Funnies, Bob Dylan, from "The Original Tele-Funnies Vol. One", cassette, USA 1983 (for telephone answering machines) == same, Down To Jamaica ("..."), from "Goodbye Pop", album, USA 1975 == The Original Tele-Funnies, Bob Dylan, from "The Original Tele-Funnies Vol. One", cassette, USA 1983 (for telephone answering machines) == The Washington Hillbillies, Bobby The Prez (...), from "The Washington Hillbillies", album, USA 1977 == Frank Zappa, Flakes ("Take it away, Bob ..."), from "Sheik Yerbouti", album, USA 1979 cdnow, ra

f) Real tough cookies
(tongue twisters, don't-knows and other assorted white spots):

== Country Joe & The Fish, Hey Bobby ("Hey Bobby, where you been, I missed you out on the streets?" Is this really our Bobby?) cdnow, ra == Janis Ian, New Christ Cardiac Hero (?) cdnow == Don McLean, He Loves You (supposedly about Bob Dylan) == Saw Doctors, Me Heart Is Living In The 60s Still (album?) == Scents, Autumn Waltz ("As the sugar melts on my tongue, something reminds me of a Dylan song"), from "Scents", album, Sweden 1996 == Traffic, Dear Mr. Fantasy (see ISIS # 65, p. 7 for comment) cdnow == Unit 5, New Leather Jacket (supposedly mentions Dylan in lyrics) == (Unknown Artist), ??? ("Ich träumte, daß ich Hannes Wader fragte was er von meinen Liedern hält, doch dann weckte mich Robert Zimmerman") - this sounds like an answer to Hannes Wader's "Langeweile" (see Wader entry in section c) == (Unknown Artist), ??? ("Rang rang Dylan or nothing") (?)

g) Near Misses
(entries that almost made it):

Fairport Convention, Million Dollar Bash ("Got a note from Bob Dylan, he said to say hi, he hopes someday maybe soon he'll come by, he told me to lay off his Million Dollar Bash" - note: this is not a spoken introduction, but part of the song, a re-working of Dylan's original), from "25th Anniversary Concert", album, England 1992 (the song is also to be found on the "Cropredy Box" from 1998) - see rule 1 Very tempting, but not an entry: Singer-songwriter Martin Zellar has a fine album called "Many Moods Of Martin Zellar & Hardways" (Ryko 1996). In one of the songs, he sings: "A Zippo lighter, a good cigar, a six-disc changer in the trunk of the car/With Blood On The Tracks, Let It Be, Nebraska, Raindogs, Oh Mercy, anything by old George Jones, sunglasses and a cellular phone". Quite convincing choice, but not an entry. Unfortunately. The often-mentioned "You Ain't Going Nowhere" from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Will The Circle Be Unbroken Vol. 2" album (USA 1989) does not qualify. See rule 1. Simple, but brutal. - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Subterranean Homesick Blues ("Look out, kid/the good god willin', we'll bebop to Bob Dylan/chillin'em, thrillin'em, and red hot killin'em/killin'em"), from "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan", album, USA 1987 (see rule 1)