Date:    Tue, 11 Jul 1995 11:49:43 +0500
From:    xyx  

    Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be many volumes
of DEEP BENEATH THE WAVES. Let's get right to it:

PICK OF THE DAY: BRIXTON BLUES  2CD (KTS)  3/31 Brixton Academy, London
    Excellent sounding audience recording of the last night of 3 at Brixton.
    Full frontal vocality accompanied by a like amount of full instrumentation
    adds up to a winner in my book. No bonus trax, just the 3/31 show
    complete & including encore on "ISBReleased" with Elvis. BD in great
    form on a varied set list incl/IDBelieve U, Shelter, Hattie, Baby Blue,
    In the Garden, great Joey, beautiful Back Pages. Packaging is so-so
    w/Unplugged shot as cover.  Highly recommended

ROMANTIC FACTS OF MUSKETEERS  2CD  3/31 Brixton Academy + 5 trax 3/29
    Same show as above in considerably lesser quality, vocals farther away
and overall nowhere as sharp. Pass on it unless you're a completist who
wants the 5 trax from 5/29. If not, "Brixton Blues" is the way to go.
Nice package w/some good photos on this one.

SKIPPING REELS OF RHYME  2CD  3/30  Brixton Academy + 7 trax 3/29
     Companion piece to above with bonus trax, which when added to above,
comprise the 3/29 show except MR TMan, Watchtower & LARS. Better sound
than "Romantic Facts", very very good actually and a killer performance
w/If You See her, Jokerman, Grain of Sand, 4th St, Love-0, I Believe in U,
Memphis Blues. Very enjoyable disk, slick photos presumably from the show.
This disk highly recommended.

ONE HAND WAVING FREE  2CD  4/4 Birmingham complete, 3/26 Brighton (6), 
      4/3 Manchester (2)  (Label: Moontunes)
     Another essential set, beautifully packaged w/sensational photos of
Dylan from the show. Sound is very upfront on 4/4 and Dylan & band are in
excellent form (so what else is new?). Another varied show w/rare outings
for Lenny Bruce, To ramona, Tears of rage, What Good Am I, plus great D. Row.
As good as sound is on 4/4, even better on 3/26 trax w/mournful STOF and
IWant U dominating the proceedings and an amazing Mama You Been on My Mind.
If possible, sound is better yet on 4/3 trax (2) where Gates of Eden
takes a bow. All in all, an excellent collection with a lot of bang for
your buck as disks are completely full. Only left to wonder if the amazing
Manchester 4/3 show will ever come out in its entirety. Highly recommended

SONGS OF DARKNESS, SONGS OF LIGHT  2CD (Razor's Edge) Manchester 4/5 complete
     w/7 bonus trax Manchester  4/4
     If you have'nt heard these Manchester shows you are missing 3 of the
best (IMO) performances of the tour. The sound here is again excellent. After
some initial problems during "Down in the Flood"  it sorts out nicely with
the vocals upfront even if a smidgen harsh. The bass on the band is a bit
much but this can be sorted out with a little EQ work. Queen Jane, Knockin'
If Not For You, Hard Rain, She Belongs, Back Pages all included and
superbly done. Just a great performance and very enjoyable set. Quality on
the bonus trax is not quite up to snuff (a shame, really as the tapes are
killer) but decent nonetheless w/a sweet Shooting Star and gorgeous One
Too Many Mornings the highlights. Another biblical type cover from our friends
at Razor's Edge w/a couple of cool shots on the inside. I hate to sound
repetitious, but I highly recommend this disk also.

    Sorry, gotta go. I'll finish it up tomorrow with 3 others. Feedback
welcomed, both good and bad. Happy hunting.
                                                       Ciao - xyx
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