Date:    Wed, 12 Jul 1995 12:06:51 +0500
From:    xyx  

Round 2 of "new" titles for your edification:

1) "BROADSIDE" 1CD (Gunsmoke) Broadside radio show 5/62 (3), Broadside Sessions NYC 11/62 - 3/63, March on DC 8/28/63 I'll defer to Mr. Townsend for this review (w/some paraphrasing) as his feelings echo mine regarding this title: "Excellent assemblage of often overlooked and underrated "Broadside" sessions. Highly commendable collection assembles all Broadside related tracks... culled from variety of sources.. recording quality varies markedly but no tampering with the sound and trax are preserved here as an excellent archival document. One for the purists, perhaps... variations in quality do not lend it to general listening (sound is fine for the period, all line recordings, some a bit thin but it's 1962 & 1963 - ed.) Some fascinating and unique performances unavailable elsewhere." 20 trax in all, incl/Donald White, Playboys & Playgirls, Talkin' Devil, Train A Travelin', Farewell. A nice cross section of early material. Cover shows Bob reading a copy of Broadside magazine and nice details provided as to source/dates of recordings. Recommended to those into this period - fascinating stuff. 2) "OVER THE BROKEN GLASS" 1CD Slane castle 7/8/84, Paris 7/1/84 Soundboard recordings suffering from a compressed feeling and a bit over=recorded. Sound is a bit harsh on the rockin' tunes, better on trax like Hard Rain, It Aint Me Babe, Its Alright Ma. It appears as if these are more "Real Live" outtakes and are better quality than is found on "Real Live Outtakes" on Yellow Cat, though only 2 or 3 songs overlap. The 4 songs from Paris 7/1 are a bit better sound and are perhaps from an audience source, although I'm told that the 2CD set "Les Temps Changent" on Silver rarities (Paris 7/1/84) is better quality than these 4 songs. I have'nt sprung for that one so I can't comment. This disk is somewhat enjoyable though a bit grating to listen to. I would recommend this to: those who really dig the '84 tour or those who have and enjoy "Real Live Outtakes" on Yellow Cat. Otherwise, it's a toss-up. (P.S. Great color cover but the schmucks used a 1974 shot on an '84 piece - I hate that - ed.) 3) "SINGS THE BODY ELECTRIC" 2CD 1966 Manchester, Edinburgh, Royal Albert A 2CD set compiling the acoustic sets from above and taken from acetates. This stuff has been out before on "Before the Flood" and "After the Crash" in the same quality. If you don't own those, or "Manchester Prayer" on Swingin' Pig, it would behoove you to obtain these. Some people consider these the penultimate Dylan performances, often referring to them as "amphetamine-soaked classic performances." Dylan does sound as if he's a bit under the influence of something, I'll leave it to others to speculate what. Personally, I prefer this stuff in small doses. We have long, drowsy (though not tired) versions of DRow, Mr. TMan, 4th Time Around, Visions, Just Like A Woman, plus a couple of electric #'s at the end that have been out before on the classic "A Week in the Life of BD." I love this stuff and highly recommend it if you don't already have the material on the previously mentioned titles. That's it. Hope you enjoyed this installment. Ciao - xyx
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