Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 11:05:27 +0500
From:    xyx 

   Hot on the heels of the last 4 Hall of Famers come 2 more sets worthy of
high praise, one of which would receive serious 1994 MVP consideration, IMO.
Enough with the BS, let's get to it once again:

 "NEW YORK CITY 1994" 2CD (Red Sky) Roseland, NYC 19 Oct 94 plus (6) 20 Oct 94
   I listened to this set three times through over the weekend while painting
a hallway in my house, and each time was more blown away. IMO, Dylan & band
took things to a new level on 19 Oct in a blazing show tempered by a
gorgeous, emotion-wracked acoustic set. From the sound of things, Dylan was
really pumped full of energy during this show (maybe he was showing off for
Sheryl Crow, who opened the gig), you can hear it in that extra bit of kick
he gives to most of the vocals. A nice set list also - Jokerman/If You See Her/
DUUHHHHHH/Big Girl all rock & sound great with distinct, crisp vocals, then
the band kick-starts "Most Likely" into another energy level. What follows is
an amazing acoustic set of "Mama You Bin on My Mind"/"One Too Many Mornings"
and "Baby Blue,", all sung with a passion and world-weariness that is really
heart-wrenching. Some nice JJ leads and loud, clear Bob vocals on "Memphis
Blues" lead into the highlight (IMO) of the show (perhaps the tour?), an
oh so funky, head boppin, finger snappin' & really groovin' version of "Shelter
From the Storm" (turn up the bass to get REEALLLLLL GONE!). BD sings this as
a celebration, with not a hint of remorse or resignation about what might
have been, only grateful for what was (for contrast see Prague 3/11
version). For those familiar with Paul Williams, it would'nt surprise me to
see a whole page on this tune in the next version of Performing Artist
1987-???? (much like the space he gave "Idiot Wind" from "Hard Rain" in Vol
2). "MFarm" follows and then
an obviously excited and adrenaline-stoked BD enthusiastically introduces
the   band, thanks Sheryl Crow, and the proceedings are brought to a close
with a picture perfect "LARS" and "It Ain't Me Babe."  One for the ages,
IMO. Oh yeah,
almost forgot - sound quality is excellent, up front, right there. My
candidate for 1994 show of the year on CD. (Filler trax from the 20th: all
excellent sound and well chosen -Back Pages/Simple Twist/Hattie/Boots/God
Knows & a smokin'gun soundin "Joey," best I've ever heard). Thanks, Red Sky.
P.S. to Roseland attendees: I swear I can hear an organ at times. Am I crazy?

 "DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT"  2CD (White Rabbit) The Point, Dublin 12 Apr 95
    plus filler (4) 5 Feb 93 and (1) 6 Feb 91
      Complete show from Dublin with filler taken from previous Eire visits.
17 track show in very, very good quality (just shy of excellent, but not much-
perhaps a slight bit hollow sounding and outdoorsy, capiche?) but with
vocals clear and true and music all "right there."  Unique track list
includes "Where Teardrops Fall" in #2 slot, "TBlues" in #5 and an always
welcome "Ring Them Bells" #6, appropriate for Dublin (".. for the lines are
long and the fighting
is strong...") with a classic Bob vocal and superb accompaniment. Sounding like
a broken record, but another great acoustic set (are'nt they all) with M.TMan,
Love -0/Boots. Highlights of the last half include In the Garden, Carole
King on piano on "LARS" before she falls in the pit, TIMES and then Van comes
out for a ragged Real Real Gone, a fine I Shall be released and ho-hum 12&35.
Overall, a very fine show.
    Nice sounding filler inc/She Belongs/It Ain't Me babe/JJones/TNight and,
believe it or not, a very enjoyable "Tupelo Honey" with Van M. from '91.
Maybe it's the weather or something like that, but another hearty
recommendation for this one.

   Until the next time (hopefully we'll start to see some West Coast gigs
and Europe summer gigs appearing soon), comments/flames welcome.

                                                Peace - xyx
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