Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 15:37:45 +0500
From:    xyx  

  Hope you enjoyed the lengthy DEEP volume 9 on "1965 Revisited," if not then
suck seaweed. Thanks to all for their comments.
   Shiver me timbers, here we go again.......

"DIGNITY"  1CD compilation (live/studio/rehearsal) Moonlight 9502
  Not really a new one but new to me, so I'll review it anyway. In a
clamshell: very eclectic and high quality compilation which could have been
a lot better if......(see end of review). Moonlight has yet to put out a
"dog," at least a Dylan one, and this is no exception. 18 high quality
tracks from various sources, including 6 (by my count) appearing on CD for
the first time and several others appearing in best quality available on CD.
To wit:
1) A COUPLE MORE YEARS - wonderful acoustic demo from "Hearts of Fire," only
     1:30, but 3 verses and in excellent quality. 1st time on CD, I believe
2) DIGNITY - original mix previously available on "Deeds of.." & others
3) ABANDOVED LOVE - Other End 7/3/75 live appearance, better sound than
     is found on Wanted Man's "Songs for Patty Valentine"
4) COMING FROM THE HEART - 1978 Rundown rehearsals, previously available but
    not on CD, in this quality, to my knowledge. Rumor has it 2 CDs worth of
    these rehearsals coming soon from Razor's Edge
5) CITY OF GOLD - 11/15/80 performance from soundboard at SF Fox Warfield
6) WATERED DOWN LOVE - excellent quality alternate take of a fine tune in
    blow-away quality, clearly superior to one on Sick Cat CD "Odds & Ends"
7) I'LL KEEP IT WITH MINE - the instrumental track from 1/65 in really fine
8) THIEF ON THE CROSS - live unreleased Nov 10.1981, only known performance.
    Excellent sound, also available on KTS "Stadiums of the Damned"
9) ROLLIN IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS - 1987 Dead rehearsals, previously available
10) DIRTY WORLD - fine alternate cut from Wilbury One made all the more finer
     as it is prior to Jeff Lynne getting his hand on it. Excellent sound
11) You Ain't Goin Nowhere - w/Happy Traum from banjo session, take #1 in
     excellent quality.
12) THANK GOD - from 9/14/86 Chabod Telethon (TV), nice transfer from TV
     and interesting to hear. First time on CD
13) LONESOME WHISTLE BLUES - Freewheelin' outtake in stereo. previously
14) AINT GONNA GO TO HELL - from legendary Toronto '80 soundboard - fine fine
15) TROUBLE IN MIND - b-side from "Slow Train Coming"
16) GOT LOVE IF YOU WANT IT - from advance promo tape of "Down in the Groove,"
      excellent sound & originally scheduled for inclusion on LP.
17) SPIRIT OF R&R - Brian Wilson track from "Sweet Insanity" sessions w/
     Bob contributing not only background but his own verses. Nice quality
     but forgettable tune, IMO. Bob seems out of place.
18) MAMA YOU BEEN ON MY MIND - live track from 11/1/92 Wilkes Barre, really
    fine sound and , as usual, Bob nails this one.

Sound quality, as previously stated, appears to be equal to or better than
previously  available. One main drawback : disk clocks in at just under 60
minutes, so where is "Important Words" and a few others that could have fit
right in.
I'm not much for compilations, but this one is better than most. A very
enjoyable disk to listen to, the quality is outstanding overall as are the
majority of the performances, even the curiosity pieces (i.e. Thank God).
"You can't go wrong with a Moontune Dylan," I said that.
                                                           Peace - xyx

P.S. Choose one song??? What is this,"
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