Date:    Wed, 4 Oct 1995 13:18:29 +0500
From:    xyx 

  It's midnight on bay, lights are shining and the sailboats sway
  And that cool ocean breeze, runnin' down through the Keys.....
"Wait a minute, this is the Dylan list, the Neil Young list is over there,

  Sorry, lost my bearings. Ready for another, yes?

"THERE IS A PLACE OF BROKEN DREAMS" 3CD (Flashback) Shoreline Amphitheater,
    Mountain View, CA  05/08/86 (31 songs incl/Petty sets) plus 10 trax
    filler from (3) different 1986 venues
Very nice soundboard recording of complete MtnView show w/23 trax from BD,
eight from TP. As I had heard the quality was suspect on this, I was
pleasantly surprised to find the quality much better than I had anticipated.
Not up to the soundboard standard of Marseilles '93, mind you, but very good
nonetheless. Personally, I favor the acoustic and mid-tempo performances from
this show, the rocking songs Bob speeds thru as if a 33rpm played at 45 (Shake
A Hand, 4th Street, Clean Cut Kid). Mid-tempo tracks featuring some excellent
keyboard work by Benmont Tench are a highlight (Ill remember You, Ballad of a
Thin Man, We had it All), as are the excellent acoustic performances (One
Too Many Mornings, Hard Rain, I Forgot More duet w/Petty, Lonesome Town
w/spoken tribute to Ricky Nelson). As was often the case in '86, BD pulled
out some early rockers- Good Rockin' Mama (w/John Lee Hooker), Uranium Rock.
Let me also add
that I find Mike Campbell to be a very distinctive guitar player and one who
"did right" by the songs with his playing.
Another highlight is Ry Cooder's Across the Borderline. The bonus trax are from
audience sources and include Unchain my Heart, House of the Rising Sun, Union
Sundown, Knockin', Ramona, Real You, Mr. TMan,.... with no duplication from
the Shoreline show. Quality is decent, though by no means great, however IMO
it exceeds the quality of some of the same trax found on another Dylan CD
entitled "Covering Them."
Petty tracks take up close to an hour, meaning the Dylan tracks could have
all fit on a double CD. Program 'em out if you like. This is a nice
companion piece to "Lonesome Town" Vols 1&2 and the various Westwood One
single CDs as a document of the '86 tour. Well worth picking up, IMO.
The packaging, to be blunt, sucks. A trifold cardboard sleeve whose only
redeeming feature is that the trax are all timed. No photos or pics, though,
only a lame guitar design.
                               Until the next time - xyx

P.S. Apologies for the error on authorship of "A Couple More Years"
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