Date:    Tue, 7 Nov 1995 08:38:17 +0500
From:    xyx  

"The crashing waves roll over me, As I stand upon the sand, Wait for you to
come..."  Three weeks since the last DEEP, not much new to report and
several recent ones still escape me, although 2 fine reviews by would-be
DEEPers of
the ever elusive "Phantoms of My Youth" take care of one of them, and Mr.
Medcalf's score of the "is it or isn't it a soundboard" "Let's Figure It
Out" sheds light on the other (can you believe they'd cut "Gates" and "Eileen
Aroon?" - "fools they made a mock of sin, our loyalty they tried to win..."
- cut the crap xyx and get to the reviews......)

"CHARLIE'S CHOICE"  1CD (RR101-no label listed on cvr or disk, Craig) Marriott
   Hotel, Providence, RI 7/10/86 w/Etta James & Her Band in the lounge plus
  (12) trax  Rolling Thunder rehearsals 1976
Previously unavailable on CD but available on tape & vinyl since 1986, the
Marriott Lounge gig is presented here in exceptionally good soundboard quality.
What I expected to be a disappointment turns out to be a very enjoyable 30
minute "mini blues-fest," with BD handling most of the lead vocals and
plaing guitar on all 4 trax. The two highlights are YOU WIN AGAIN and I'M A
KING BEE w/a down and dirty vocal atop some serious playing by Etta James'
blues band of obviously seasoned veterans. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL follows
and also cooks nicely. ANGEL BABY is serious fodder for those friends of yours
who claim Dylan can't sing. It sounds like amateur hour and Bob can't hack it
on this tune, so bad it's actually comical. He abandons the vocal and Etta
finishes it up w/some nice jamming, too. A great chance to hear BD sing the
blues and a fun 30 minutes.
The Rolling Thunder rehearsals have been available before on "Days Before the
Hurricane" and are mislabeled here as April 14,1976 (no Krosgaard activity
on that date). This seems to be a clone of that disk, however, several songs
have been omitted and they are not in the same order. The "Days Before"
CD lists the date as Jan 23, 1976, but no Krosgaard listing for that date
Other than that, the quality here is very good, vocal could be a bit higher
in the mix but the sound is all there. Interesting material, and not a bad
choice for filler as the "DAYS BEFORE THE HURRICANE" CD is tough to get now.

"UNSURPASSED MASTERS" (Traveling Wilbury's) 1CD (Hard Rain-005)
 21 basic/rough trax from the 2 official Wilbury albums, plus the commercial and NewYear
Being at one time unimpressed with earlier Wilbury session CDs (and unloading
them), I harbored little hope for this one. It looked good, though, so I
sprung for it and I'm glad I did. The quality is very good (better than I can
remember) and the disk seems to contain all the rough mixes/basic tracks
before overdubbing that were done (according to Krosgaard). Basic rough/undubbed
versions of DirtyWorld,Congrat's,If You BelongedToMe, 7Deadly Sins,
WhereWereYouLast Nite? are included, plus standout cuts HandleWithCare,
LastNight,EndoftheLine,NewBlueMoon also. 2 unreleased trax also included,
"Maxine" & "Like A Ship" w/Bob doing the vocals on the latter. A nice
collection and a keeper for anyone who finds the Wilbury's an endearing, if
not enduring, motley crew of famous musicians out for a good ole time. Add
J.Cash, I say.

The title is self-explanatory. Both albums in mono, plus "Pos4thSt" and
"Crawl" mono singles. Mastered from very clean mono pressings as surface
noise, pops, etc. barely discernible. Not a new release, but included here
as info only for mono lovers who may be unaware of it. Cheaper than buying
original mono pressings of the albums, I might add.

Passed on this one: "With One Hand Waving Free" Vol. 2. As Vol 1 remains the
only '95 set to reside in the "below average" category, this one stayed in
the bin. It was a 1CD set of 11 trax which, when combined with 4 or so bonus
trax from Vol 1, gives you the whole, uneventful show from           in so-so

Note to Beatles fans: There is a very fine Japanese 2CD set called "The White
Album" in original mono, supposedly mastered off an early 80's virgin vinyl
mono pressing. Sounds great, plus 21 alternate "White Album" bonus trax.
No label but the disk is white. Beware of the Red Robin label clone of this,
I'm told it is lame.
                                                 Love & Mercy - xyx
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