Date:    Tue, 14 Nov 1995 10:51:10 +0500
From:    xyx 

Characters: Flo, CD boot collector
            Eddie, Tape elitist

Flo: Hey Eddie, check out this new boot CD I got called "You Figure It Out"
Eddie: Nah, probably just another one of those bullshit-sounding audience
        analog recordings
Flo: No, no, this is really good, it's from a board tape..on the Hawk label
Eddie: Yeah, right. From when?
Flo: sometime in 1988, a guy on the internet said it was from the first
Jones        Beach show in 1988
Eddie: (Laughs) No way, man, no board tapes exist of that show.
Flo: I don't know, Eddie, this sounds awfully good to me...
Eddie: Listen, Flo, it ain't no board tape. If a board tape was available
        I'd have it, believe me. I am the fuckin' tape master, dude.
Flo: (puts CD in & cues up "Subterranean Homesick Blues") Check this out
      Eddie, you can really understand the words, and listen to how the
      instruments are really clear and bright, just EQ the bass down a
little       and it's really excellent....
Eddie: (In other room) No way, Flo, that's just a copy of Lake Compounce
you've         got in there, quit pullin' my leg, man...
Flo: (cues up "Tom Thumb's) it's not, I swear, this is better than that
      ragged version on Lake Compounce, listen to how much clearer it is,
      how "warmer" and natural sounding it is...
Eddie: Kiss off Flo, I told you if it was a board I'd have it. Boards don't
       just show up on CD without circulating first
Flo: Well, this one did (cues up a killer "I Shall Be Released")
Eddie: (Still from other room) See, that proves it, same trax as Lake
       Compounce. You're full of shit Flo.
Flo: (smiling as he cues up "Lakes of Pontchartrain") Hey Eddie, is this
      gorgeous version of "LOP" on your precious Lake Compounce tape? Man
      this sounds good, listen to that acoustic playing, clear as fine
      crystal, and Bob's vocals are oh so sharp, so detailed he could teach
      a course in vocal expression. Come in and check it out, (snidely)
      tape master (he cues up "Hard Rain..."). I don't believe Zimm did
      this on Lake Compounce, pal. Oooh man, this is right up there with
      that tape from Radio City, but a little less hiss on this one, eh
      Eddie. Better performance, too.
Eddie: (Enters room) Alright, douche-head, lemme see that thing (sits
listening to the 7:59 "Hard Rain", begins to get red-faced, runs
        to his room to get Krosgaard, flips through to '88, gets redder,
        skips to "Boots of Spanish Leather", beauty of it makes him wide-
        eyed and smiling, remembers he's the fuckin' tape master and loses
        the smile. Sits chagrined through rockin' "LARS", elegant "Times"
        and kick-ass "Maggie's." Skips back to "Big Girl" and "Silvio",
        all the while mumbling about how good it sounds, how clear the vocals
        are, how Aaronson's bass is booming, picks up Krosgaard again and
        grits teeth upon realizing they passed over "Gates" and "Eileen
        Aroon." Re-cues "Hard Rain", shoulders slump with resignation, turns
        to Flo and says...)  Hey Flo, can you make me a tape?

                                                    Love & Mercy - xyx
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