Date:    Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:30:40 +0500
From:    xyx  

  Three and a half days submerged in the muck and mire of partisan politics
and we emerge with a paid vacation courtesy of Uncle Sam. Whoda thunk it?
Welcome back, ye non-essentials, there are many here among us who feel that
the gov't is but a joke.
  Before we get to the subject of today's DEEP, did anyone else think that
"Free As A Bird" sounded like a Travelin' Wilbury's outtake? I'm assuming
that most of us watched the "Beatles Anthology" last night, of course. The
tune had Jeff Lynne written all over it with that lame guitar sound he finds
so necessary. My opinion, of course. The show was excellent, no?
   Sorry to digress. And awaaaaaayyyyyyy we goooooooo.......

"MAESTRO" 2CD (QR-1/2) Barcelona 7/24/95 (13 1/2 trax), Montpelier 7/27 (4),
UK Aston Villa 4/2 (1), Brighton 3/26
  The taper got to this show a little late, as the fade in halfway through
"Senor" opens things up on this 2CD set. The quality is OK - nowhere near
the killer levels of "A Million Faces" or the (2) Sterling Sounds offerings
"F*** the Playlist" & "Bob's Full House." Nor does it sink to the level of
"With One Hand Waving Free." Vocals are distinct, though not as upfront as
we'd like, and the band is easily discerned - I actually liked it better after
a few plays. A great set list redeems the few flaws - Shooting Star, Most
Likely, I Shall be Released, Seein' Real You, Times encore - and once again
a fine acoustic set with Tangled, a rare outing for "Hard Rain" and an
always welcome "Baby Blue."  Vocal highlights for me are SStar, HRain, Real
You & Times - are there any superlatives left to adequately address the
emotion and sincerity in Dylan's vocal delivery and phrasing. His passion
for this material is unquestionable - the man keeps on delivering.
Bonus trax are good quality save for the dire sound on the Stones "LARS"
w/Dylan providing backup. Not fit for human ears. Other 3 from Montpelier
are Drifters/Lot to Laugh/Watchtower (lame choices for bonus trax, IMO),
plus What Good Am I/I Want You preiously available on "One Hand Waving" and
"Songs of Darkness..."   Overall, not a bad set when considering the set
list, though more care could have been taken w/the bonus trax and overcoming
the few flaws. Better than nothing,... I'll give it a tepid recommendation.

Rumor mill   - Monterey 95 soundboard on Tuff Bites  2CD
             - The Day I Saved the Planet  1CD  Hard Rock Vegas May 95 best-of
             - Hamburg & Dortmund '95 2CD sets
In the wings - Razor's Edge Philly TLA 2CD  -  Anyone seen it yet?
               Forever Young  1CD    Bob & Bruce at HOF show

                                      Until we meet again - xyx
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