Date:    Mon, 27 Nov 1995 15:25:20 +0500
From:    xyx  

  Greetings from the East, where it is 60 degrees today after the coldest
motherfu**ing November in history. Things have also been a bit chilly on the
CD front, so the arrival of the subject of today's discussion was a welcome
surprise. Before I proceed, a couple of quick questions: 1) Can you believe
the Beatles Anthology sold almost half a million copies in one day???
450,000 to be exact. Record for a week is 900,000 plus, looks like that
will be shattered. 2) Anyone besides me think that the first volume is just
so-so? A few interesting tracks but nowhere near as compelling as the Ultra
Rare or Unsurpassed Masters series. Vol 2 & 3 should be better. (Hey xyx,
this is a Dylan list!)  3) A Dylan 20 CD box like the Frank? Oh my!

"PHANTOMS OF MY YOUTH" 3CD (Capricorn) 1974 Tour compilation of 45 songs
  Billed as a "Complete Audio Document of BDs 1974 Tour With the Band,"
the 45 trax are presented here as they would have appeared during an actual
gig. Supposedly, every track played on this tour is represented and I believe
Rick Sweener provided us with a post awhile back which identified the tunes
played only once or twice. Some rare live stuff here and, as one would expect,
the quality is a little uneven. Well represented are the previously
released 1974 soundboards, "Love Songs For America"** (Boston) and "Before &
After the Flood"** (Garden-NYC). It would take careful sifting to determine
what tracks are from which gig - go for it Craig or find a booklet. The
rest are audience recordings which run the gamut from fair to very good, with
nothing unlistenable and most very enjoyable. As previously stated, some
rare stuff here so I ain't complaining. The infrequently played include:
Hero Blues/Lot to Laugh/Tough mama/As I Went Out.../One Too Many/Song to
Woody/4th Time Around/Visions/Wedding Song/Girl N. Country/She Belongs/Ramona/
Baby Blue/Mama You Bin/DRow/Nobody 'Cept You/Love -0/Something There is About
You. Check "Before the Flood" for most of the rest of the trax. This was
not my favorite tour but it is a real treat to hear the "PWaves" stuff live,
along with "VoJ" "DRow" "4th Time", a lot of which has never been played
since. Mission accomplished, Capricorn, but where is the damn booklet? (Nice
color front and back covers, by the way.)
                                                Love & Mercy - xyx

Note:** These 2 are fairly rare now which would make this set even more

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