Date:    Tue, 26 Dec 1995 17:31:59 -0500
From:    xyx 
Subject: DEEP BENEATH THE WAVES vol 19 (long)

Greetings all! Hope everyone enjoyed their XMAS and stuffed their bellies
full of food and their ears full of Bob (why should XMAS be different than
any other day?).  I trust the paucity of posts is due to vacations, time off,
shopping,  etc. - all those XMASy things that take us away from our PCs.
Some interesting postings recently, though, particularly the one from
(??) Harry&Sally/Mutt&Jeff/Tom&Viv/Benny&Joon(??) whoever - claiming
empathy with Dylan, Parker, Van Gogh, etc. I pictured a drug addicted
intellectual with one ear who can play a little music - how about you?
 Perhaps they meant sympathize with.....
On to the subjects of today's lesson..... 4 jewels in the crown at year's
end, with several more due before the New Year.... it's been a helluva
year beneath the waves, here's hoping the next one is as bountiful.

"HARD TO FIND" 1CD (Effective Mining Records) 21 track compilation of
     (mostly) officially released tracks from soundtracks, compilation
      albums, tributes....with several other heretofore unreleased trax.
An excellent compilation of Dylan songs unavailable on DYLAN albums
spanning '63 (Playboys & Playgirls-Newport) to '95 ("House of Rising
Sun" from HWY61 Interactive).  This one could save you a lot of money
by precluding the need to buy all the official disks these tracks are
taken from (Tribute/Benefit albums: Doc Pomus, Woody Guthrie, Romanian
 Angel Appeal, Walt Disney Children's,  Soundtracks: "Hearts of Fire"-
although it does exclude the other take of "Had A Dream About You Baby,"
"Band of the Hand," "Flashback" - excellent version of "People Get
Ready," "Natural Born Killers." Tracks not mentioned already are: Boogie
Woogie Country Girl, PBoy Floyd, Heartland w/Willie Nelson (studio),
Sign Language w/Clapton, The Usual, Night After Night, Hard Rain (Nara
Festival 5/94), Song to Woody (30th Anniv), This Old Man, You Belong to
Me, Rita May & GJackson acoustic ("Masterpieces"). Curiously lame
choices include "Baby let Me FYD" from "The Last Waltz" and the demo
take of "Caribbean Wind" from '81 (does'nt fit in, despite its greatness).
Of particular interest (and one I've not heard of previously) is an
incredible version of "Ballad of Hollis Brown" listed as from the "3rd
Annual Farewell Reunion" w/Mike Seeger.  Absolutely fabulous version
w/Dylan  accompanied by  banjo and perhaps another guitar -sounds
like its from the 90's based on his voice. Definitive version, IMO.  More
info required on recording date of this, please.  Lastly, another mention
of the killer version of "People Get Ready" is warranted. Truly sublime
stuff w/large chorus - was this really on the "Flashback" soundtrack
(movie w/Kiefer "Almost had Julia" Sutherland" and Dennis Hopper)?
Primo quality all around and with a little more thought could have been
even better. Still, a lot of the material is no longer in print, so here's
your chance to get it on CD. Let's hope there's a Volume 2 in Effective
Mining's plans.

"THE POET & THE PLAYERS"  2CD  w/The Band  1/31/74 afternoon, NYC
A recently uncovered soundboard recording not in wide (if at all) circ-
ulation, this excellent quality recording carries the whole of Dylan's set
(less the opening line of "AATW") with no breaks between tracks,
giving the listener all the pre-song tuning which led into the opening
riff of each song. Well balanced with the vocals upfront and in your
face and each Band member easily heard in "all la glory."  A forceful
performance from Dylan, although while listening I'm reminded how
much more I enjoy these same versions more than 20 years later w/the
current band. As great as the Band was/is, the songs (IMO) are not given
any breathing room. It's as if between Dylan's lines there are 5 soloists
elbowing their way in to play their riffs, and as fine as the riffs are
played a little more subtlety and tenderness would be welcome, IMO.
Still, Robbie's guitar slashes as usual and two better keyboardists
would be hard to find. Tracks are pretty standard although you do get
the following: Tom Thumb, King Harvest, Hollis Brown, Gates - all
of which are not on the official tour document. Quality exceeds the
previous circulated boards, IMO,  and all in all this is one fine set.

"MORE SUNRISES"  1CD (Red Sky)  compilation of Oct-Nov 1990 tracks
Another excellent quality compilation from our friend's at Red Sky with
an interesting track selection, not to mention several compelling
renditions. IMO, standouts include: I'll Remember You - 11/6 DeKalb,
Simple Twist & Desolation  - 11/8 Iowa City (which by the way is an
excellent show in it's entirety, warranting a whole show release, IMO),
and What Good Am I - 11/3 Carbondale, IL.  Interesting arrangements
(like 'em or not) for What Was it You Wanted , Queen Jane and It's Alright
Ma, plus a nice Hard Rain from Charlotte 10/31. Other tracks are: Boots,
Big Girl Now, Girl From NC, Hollis Brown, Long Black Coat - fine fine,
4th Street, Just like a Woman.  And wonder of wonders, it's even got
a decent cover, w/a clear tray and a pic behind the disk. As previously
stated, excellent quality stuff all around. Highly recomended for 1990

Drum roll, pleeeeasee, for a blue ribbon winner of
"GUIDED BY THE ETERNAL LIGHT"  2CD (Tuff Bites) Monterey  5/27/95,
  plus filler San Diego 5/10 (3), Palm Desert 5/15 (1) , Vegas 5/12 (2),
  and Philly TLA 6/21  (4).
Complete soundboard recording of the Monterey show in outstanding
quality. Dylan's vocals are crystal clear, the recording is perfectly
balanced and the performance is exceptional. Several very short tape
"snags" don't mar the proceedings. You can hear every little nuance of
voice and instrument and that's really all you can ask for with a Dylan
show. Getting a board is great but a board with the following on it is
"divine intervention" (sorry, jh): Simple Twist, To Ramona, Seeing The
Real You, EVERY GRAIN OF SAND, and a killer "Knockin'.." Not to mention
a downright blistering lead guitar laden "Watchtower."  "To Ramona" is
awesome, the versatility of this band shines through as Dylan delivers
a great vocal on top of what ends up sounding like a Mexican quartet,
and "Mr.TMan" is otherworldly - if this don't move you check for a pulse.
Another thing that sticks out are the lead guitar lines, so sharp and cutting
 and rising to the fore at the end of one of the best "Knockin's"
these ears have heard ("I need a new light and a new resting place").
And lest I forget, the best "Simple Twist" since the ultimate (IMO)
"can he top this?" version from Feb 8, 1993 in London.  All the tracks
shine, mind you: Lot to Laugh, Silvio, Tombstone, an ominous "Masters,"
epic "Memphis Blues."   Hall of Fame disk, but wait, there's more....
the excellence continues unabated with a wonderful selection of filler
tracks: I Want You (as good as Unplugged), Just Like..,  Shelter, an
amazing "it is about us" "Shooting Star,"  get down bluesy "5 Believers",
heartfelt "Love -0," and 4 gems from Philly TLA: the terrific and epic
rearrangement of "License to Kill" (8 1/2 minutes), emotional "Never
Gonna Be the Same" w/lyric changes and a new arrangement, really nice
"If Not For You" and a rarely played "Unbelievable." All very good to
excellent quality audience recordings with voice & music "ALL THERE!!"
Needless to say, a prime candidate for Disk of the Year. As Bob might
say, if "'re gonna get it, you won't regret it."

'Tis it. Hope you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for "The Year Beneath the
Waves" coming soon to a PC near you.

Peace - "Home" xyx
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