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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 18:02:01 -0500 From: xyx Subject: DEEP BENEATH THE WAVES-1995 YEAR IN REVIEW For quality and quantity, the year of 19Dylan95 will be tough to beat here DEEP BENEATH THE WAVES. We can only hope that 1996 will bring us as many varied treasures. If the unofficial 1st release of 1996 ("Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix") is any indication, this will be another year for the ages. Before we get too far into the new year, however, one look back on the past year is certainly warranted. If you're searching for a gem amongst all the fiberglass, there are many fine jewels to choose from. Here in THE DEEP, I feel these are the ones that truly shone in 1995 (the best of the best). JANUARY T-400 BLUE EYED BOSTON BOY 2CD Boston '94 (Razor's Edge) T-406 OUTSIDE THE EMPIRE 1CD EB outtakes (Wanted Man) FEBRUARY T-409 THE MAN THE MASTER 2CD San Remo, Italy July 1994 MARCH T-417 LOVE MINUS ZERO 2CD Cologne '94 soundboard T-425 DIGNITY 1CD compilation various outs, etc. T-431 THE HIDDEN TV SHOWS 1CD '76 video feeds (hey, I like it!) APRIL T-429 FLAGGIN' DOWN THE DOUBLE E'S 2CD Rolling Thunder MAY /JUNE T-441 BROADSIDE 1CD compilation 62-63 (nice to have on 1 disk) T-449 LIVE AT THE WAREHOUSE 2CD complete '76 New Orleans finally! JULY T-451 A MILLION FACES AT MY FEET 2CD Brussels 3/95 a perfect 10 audience! T-453 HARD TIMES IN MARSEILLE 2CD France 6/93 perfect board (IMO) T-456 ONE HAND WAVING FREE 2CD 4/95 Birmingham + killer filler AUGUST T-460 COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED 2CD (words can't describe) DISK OF THE YEAR T-461 NEW YORK CITY '94 2CD Roseland '94 astounding show T-463 BOB'S FULL HOUSE 2CD Brixton 3/31 + filler 3/29 Oh my!!!!! T-464 F*** THE PLAYLIST 2CD Brixton 3/30 + filler 3/29 Double oh my!!!!!! T-462 THE REAL SOUND 1CD Sept 1993 soundboard Vienna, VA SEPTEMBER T-466 SOUNDS INSIDE MY MIND 1CD Phoenix Festival 7/95 UK a great one! T-482 EMMETT GROGAN ACETATES 1CD Oh, that "MrTMan!!!!!!!!!!" OCTOBER T-475 AVIGNON 2CD entire show France 4/18/81 primo soundboard (or 7/25/81?) T-477 NORTH STAGE 1CD best quality Woodstock 1994 broadcast T-480 1965 REVISITED 14CD set for no other reason than the fact that they did it NOVEMBER T-492 YOU FIGURE IT OUT 1CD '88 NYC soundboard DECEMBER T-483 THE POET & THE PLAYERS 1CD NYC '74 soundboard - after a few more plays this one really shines T-001 GUIDED BY THE ETERNAL LIGHT 2CD Monterey, CA 1995 in glorious quality w/tremendous bonus tracks. A Hall of Famer!!!!!! T-004 HARD TO FIND 1CD excellent compilation of various released trax Honorable mention to all the various compilations on the Red Sky label, and to the T-396, 397, 398 CRITICS CHOICE series 1-6 on Wanted Man. If I've left any obvious ones out, please let everybody know about it. Also note that this list is simply the personal opinion of THE DEEP. There were many other fine ones in 1995 but I feel the above were the best of the best. Thanks for listening and here's to another great year beneath the waves. Peace - xyx

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