SneakDEEP Preview & Glaring Omission

Date:    Fri, 19 Jan 1996 09:01:49 +0500
From:    xyx  
Subject: SneakDEEP Preview & Glaring Omission

  I've been informed by someone from across the lonesome ocean that Razor's
Edge has finally coughed up two much-anticipated pieces: the Philly TLA
"Visions" show from 6/21 (w/filler from 6/22) and the '78 rehearsals. Advance
notices are positively glowing. One noted observer and chronicler of such
things opines (on the Philly release) that he can't imagine Dylan & Band
being better. Different, perhaps, but not better. Quality of the recording and
performance are said to be astounding. (Razor's Edge personnel are apparently
in need of a few English courses, however, as the title of the set reads
"The Pedlar (sic) Now Speaks." This error ranks up there with Wanted Man's
"Answer Me" CD, which identifies Tulsa as being in Texas, though below an
OFFICIAL Japanese release of "Layla, which identifies the artist as "ERIC
CRAPTON." I swear it!!!! :-)  :-)
  As for the '78 rehearsals ("Darkness at the Break of Noon"), quality is
said to be significantly better than previously available and the same
observer notes that the disk is very "addicting."
  Another promising piece is "Rich for Poor," which is the complete circulating
tape of the satellite feed from Buffalo '86 w/TP & HBs.
   All to come shortly in THE DEEP, along with another fine compilation
from Red Sky (20/20 Vision) and a compilation from Vegas May 95.
  Lastly, a glaring omission from the DEEP YEAR IN REVIEW 1995 is:
   PECO'S BLUES 1CD (Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid outtakes) almost perfect
       quality and very enjoyable material

My apologies to those of you who find the above unfruitful, inappropriate
and AGAINST the spirit of what Mr. Bob tries to convey with his music. Those
in this category please use the down arrow let me pass.

Peace - xyx
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