Date:    Tue, 30 Jan 1996 14:48:44 +0500
From:    xyx  

 Fifteen minutes until a meeting on the surface so I'll attempt to
hold out down here in the DEEP and assess another before then.....

"ROSELAND" 2CD (Wanted Man 66/67) Roseland Ballroom, NY City 18 Oct 94
Something about NYCity must bring out the best in Dylan, as the 3-night
stand in October of 1994 attests. Red Sky previously brought us an
excellent show from the 19th w/bonus trax from the 20th, and here the
generally hit-or-miss Dylan label Wanted Man presents the entire show
from the 18th, and what a show it was. Another exceptional performance
from BD & Band w/several rarely played tunes popping up: BeYourBabyTonight,
LongBlackCoat, TearsofRage, BackPages, Knockin' - all of which stand out
for me, especialy the intense TearsofRage and heartfelt BackPages.
Special mention to Bucky for his work on Baby Tonite. A usual acoustic
set of MrTMan, Masters & DontThink2x is, needless to say, impeccably
performed (no other band can sound like this) and Dylan is in fine voice
throughout, investing much in his delivery and phrasing. IfYouSeeHer
also is worthy of special mention. Quality is pretty good but ascends
into the very good level with a little up-treble EQ'ing (I don't
normally like to do this but with some live CDs it is necessary -
particularly with this one. For some reason when this one was EQ'd it
really improved it - much more punch and crispness while still sounding
natural. The sound is there and just needs to be brought out. Maybe my
stereo just sucks and if you have a good one you won't need to). All in
all a good set which could have been better w/ a few bonus trax - after
all, total time runs just over 110, leaving 40 or so wasted minutes.
Where is your head, Wanted Man? I recommend it, though, as the show was
truly exceptional.

Gotta go - xyx
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