Date:    Wed, 31 Jan 1996 15:24:08 +0500
From:    xyx  

 Several more Wanted Men, some you'll want and others that want to be
wanted but may have only limited appeal. These are all from 1988-1992,
the era of the roaring buffalo, where many a-show was hit or miss
and the performances ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. I'll
briefly pick these apart as they all have their flaws but also their

"BEACON BLUES AGAIN" 1CD (Wanted Man) Beacon Theater NYC Oct 10-13, 1989
A 14-track compilation from the 1988 Beacon residency presented in
decent but not excellent quality. A well chosen selection of tracks,
including some rarely played NET tunes: PreciousMemories, DeadMan,Manof
Peace,MostOfTheTime, RealYouatLast. All tracks are of the electric
variety, remainder of which include RememberYou, LotToLaugh, WhatGood
AmI, QueenJane, EvIsBroken, Masters, SimpleTwist, MemphisBlues, LARS.
Some careless editing between tracks destroys any continuity that may
have been had, and there's no way of ID'ing the trax since Wanted Man
has chosen not to list the dates for each. Performances are standard
for electric '89 material, i.e. nothing earth shattering, although
it's interesting to hear PMemories, DeadMan and RealYou. All in all
a rather average set exhibiting an all too common trait of Wanted
Man releases - carelessness and lack of information. At least the disk
is full.

"CRITICS CHOICE VOL 7"  (Wanted Man)  August/Sept 1988 compilation
An eclectic selection of "rare" tracks from the dates above, however,
once again Wanted Man has chosen to provide incomplete info and gives only
the dates but no cities. Check your Krosgaard, folks (Aug 2-8 and Sep 3).
Quality of the 12 tracks (60 minutes - continuing a WM bad habit of not
fillin' em up) is pretty consistent throughout and for the most part
is very good. Some vintage performances are included here, such as
Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and J. Cash "Big River", plus an Alec Wilder
tune "I'llBeAround." Also interesting is a fine Don'tThinkTwice right
into Knockin', rockin "DriftinTooFarFromShore" and another rare but
enjoyable tune entitled "We Three." Remainder of trax inc/SheBelongs,
PillBoxHat, really nice Shelter, TrailofBuffalo, ImInTheMoodForLove and
a hurried "Visions." I'd give this disk high marks for creativity and
track selection but low marks for lack of info and the fact that 15 more
minutes are available. Recommended (and COULDA been a real winner)

Gotta Go (to be continued) - xyx
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