Date:    Thu, 29 Feb 1996 09:10:41 +0500
From:    xyx  

  The rumor mill is cooking with news that Razor's Edge will "soon" be
releasing the Ft. Lauderdale '95 Edge show. Oh, boy! Let's hope the
gestation period for this release is akin to that of a giant African
bullfrog and not an elephant. The pessimist in me would guess the
pachyderm route, as I've heard talk that the (2) tapes they are mastering
from have gone back to be remastered again. Woe woe.......
  Other major news: on the street from Moonlight is the previously
reported "Never Ending Tour Rehearsals" from 1989. Have'nt seen it but
the track listing is intriguing: Not Fade Away & Everyday from Buddy are
2 of the tracks and the recording quality is reportedly outstanding.
No surprise, as Moonlight has never failed to deliver.
  Now for the Ying Yang doodle........

"ALL ALONG THE ROSELAND" 2CD (YingYang) Roseland, NYC 10/20/95 + 3 bonus
  I'll dispense with the superlatives for now and cut to the chase -
this set is a killer. The third and last night of the Roseland triad and,
IMO, the best. Recording quality is outstanding, surpassing even
the phenomenal Red Sky "NY City 1994" from 10/18, and Dylan's performance
runs the gamut from tender caress to gut kick, per usual. "Last night
stands" in the Big Apple are always special, it seems. A rather unusual
set list adds to the enjoyability factor - Jokerman into a beautiful If
YouSeeHer (with some gorgeous pedal steel from Bucky), AATW, classic
SimpleTwist, hohum glad you finally lost this one Tangled, slowed down
yet pointed & precise 4thStreet leads into a great acoustic set - fast
paced MamaYouBin, always welcome Hattie and lovely Boots. The usual 10th
spot of GodKnows kicks into the rarely played Joey and the performance
is fantastic - hard hitting, screaming vocals - the band sizzles on this
one. A "keeping the energy high" Maggie follows and leads into another
phenomenal MostLikely (much different than the one 2 nights earlier and
different still to the one 2 weeks prior in Boston) that the band really
stretches out on. BD softens things up w/his BackPages, providing a
marvelous vocal (later topped at Unplugged) atop a rendition that truly
reveals how versatile (and special) this band is. Neil and Bruce come
out for raucous versions of 12&35 and Hwy61 to close the deal. Clear
and upfront vocals, distinct sound separation, great performance - can't
ask for more than that. Bonus trax also rise above - Tears of Rage (no
date given other than Fall '94) is given perhaps a "best ever" live
treatment and the quality is excellent. LeopardSkin from '93 features
Neil Young and a Senor from fall '94 wraps things up nicely. The liner
notes quote the maker as saying: "This is the last fucking bootleg I
will ever do (hopefully)!"  Hopefully not.

Peace - xyx
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