Date:    Mon, 1 Apr 1996 09:41:11 +0500
From:    xyx  

  Missed 'ya-Been awhile-Glad to be back. We need to play a little
catch up, 'specially with a new tour startin' 'n all. Before we hit it,
I got the perfect opening song for the new tour - "Down Along the Cove."
Of course, "From A Buick Six" would'nt be bad, either. Enough with the
speculating....but before we begin a few points need to be made: 1) I'm
100% behind this list and its "rules" and respect the right of the owners
to run the list as they see fit, 2) the purpose of THE DEEP is to give you
an idea of what's available and how desirable it may be (my opinion) in
terms of sound quality, etc. Hopefully, it will help you in making an
informed decision on what to buy/not to buy. Items reviewed in THE DEEP
*ARE NOT FOR SALE.* This has been a HWY61-L public service announcement
brought to you by xyx  :-)

"CRITICS CHOICE VOL 8" 1CD (Wanted Man)  various locations 9/88-6/89
  12 tracks recorded between the dates identified above presented in
acceptable and occasionally very good quality. A few choice rarities,
highlights of which are an acoustic "I Don't Believe You," "Confidential
to Me," a first ever "Congratulations," "Wagoner's Lad" and "My Dear La
La." In acceptable but not great quality you have "115th Dream" and
"With God On Our Side," "Subterranean HSBlues," Hollis Brown" and "In the
Garden." Last 2 cuts are a very enjoyable "Lonesome Town" and ordinary
"In the Garden." The disk clocks in at only 55 minutes, a continuing
problem for too many Wanted Man disks. Mediocre - a mild recomendation.

"NEVER ENDING TOUR REHEARSALS" 2CD (Moonlight) May 1989 studio rehearsals
(Note: Following review courtesy of The Famous Etiquette Book - PT)
"A previously uncirculated rehearsal tape supposedly from May '89. A curious
beast in that it's not a typical NET rehearsal session. The backing band
has a strong country flavor to it, there's a violin and a harmonica player
in there and the drumming does not sound at all like C.Parker's rock drumming
but has a jauntier, country feel to it. Three of the vocals are taken by a
female vocalist (not Emmylou Harris as credited). It sounds suggestive of an
"Oh Mercy" audition session, although on the other hand there does seem to be
a hard core rockier element to it. "Shelter" sounds very much like the way
BD was performing it in concert, which would suggest the touring band was
present but with some additional "country fills" around the edges (Kenny
Aaronson mentions this session in an interview). It's possible that a
session of tour rehearsals finished off w/an extended jam session w/visiting
musicians but somehow, despite the apparent lack of preparation on BDs
part, the backing band seems reasonably cohesive, suggesting they may have
been practicing already. All this is pure speculation and all the more fun
for it. No doubt some Sherlock Holmes will eventually track down the exact
details w/pinpoint accuracy."
"Recording quality is excellent though not up to studio soundboard standards,
suggesting it was probably recorded on a portable with some switching off
and on between tracks."
All in all a very enjoyable disk w/some fascinating moments. The set list
is so eclectic I'd be remiss not to post it (95 minutes total):

Blues/ShotofLove/Jam/LittleQueenofSpades/ImNotSupposedToCare/NotFadeAway &
Everyday (B.Holly)/WhenDidULeaveHeaven/EverybodyMovin'/IllRememberYou/

Peace - xyx
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