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  We're done playing catch-up as these 3 bad boys get things
"DEEP to date......."

"FRIENDS & OTHER STRANGERS" 1CD (Moontunes) Last Waltz Rough Mix 11/25/76
Dylan's complete set at the Last Waltz, which included a delightful
"Hazel" not issued as part of the official release. This mono soundboard
is a tad below what you'd consider excellent but the naked rawness and
rough-edged feel more than make up for it. Funny they decided to exclude
"Hazel", as Dylan's opening number of "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" segues
right into it nicely, the last note of "Baby" virtually becoming the first
notes of "Hazel." Can't wait to check the editing on the official CD. Also
included is the 'missing' verse from "Forever Young." According to Mr.
Townsend, the official release "suffered" from considerable overdubbing - no
such problem here. Remainder of Dylan's classic (albeit short) performance
inc/I Don't Believe You and "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" reprise (so to
speak). "I Shall be Released" is here also as a group effort and a fine one
at that. The complete sets of Van Morrison, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell
are included, and a HUGE bonus is the unissued "Acadian Driftwood" by the
Band, featuring some very "rough sounding" verses from Richard Manuel.
Another highlight is Clapton's "All Our Past Times." Nice job, safe to
say this is more "true sounding" than the official release.

"SUMMER NIGHTS" 2CD (QR) RFK, Washington, DC  6/25/95 show + (6) from 6/24
  Something tells me Mr. Bob *knew* this would be the last show he'd ever
play w/Jerry, for he and the Band played like there would be no tomorrow.
The whole of the 25th is presented here in excellent quality, with crisp
clarity and separation and vocals right up front. The performance is nothing
short of tremendous from "Drifter's" right on through to Garcia guesting
on "Lot to Laugh" and "12&35." Inbetween, the highlights are many, notably
an awesone acoustic set of MAMA YOU BIN, DESOLATION ROW & ONE TOO MANY
MORNINGS that is sheer bliss. For my money, the DRow could be the best live
version ever and Bob's vocals on all 3 are truly sublime. In addition,
they do a rarely played and raucous "Watching the River Flow" and a
killer "What Good Am I." Other highlights include "Simple Twist" and
"LARS." This show deserves its special recognition as a highlight of '95.
As for the PA/audience tape issue, I'd have to say it's an audience tape
miked very close to the stage but high above the crowd. Bonus trax from
the 24th also are excellent: PledgingMyTime/GirlFromNCountry/DontThink2x/
GodKnows/Joey/Knockin'.  Nice job by QR, a real keeper.

"BOB & JERRY" 3CD  (BAJ 1) 25 Jun 95  RFK show, 16 Nov 1980 Warfield, SF
An attempt to package Jery's 1st and last appearances with Bob in one set.
The RFK show is the same one reviewed above, so all I'll add is that the
quality here is even better, the sound being a tad crisper
and brighter on the high ends w/a bit less of an audience recording feel.
Sounds more like a PA although I'm still not convinced but hey, who cares.
Again, I'd think a boom mike high above the audience and close to the stage.
The other half presents the whole show from the Warfield 11/16/80, Jerry's
first guest appearance w/Bob. It's an average audience recording with the
sound a bit hollow and flat, though listenable.  Being that the PREVIOUS
nights show is available as an excellent soundboard recording (with many
of the same songs) on FAREWELL BLOOMFIELD, I don't think this will see much
time in my player, especially considering that half of THIS show is
available as a soundboard source on "DEEP BLUE SEA" in damned good quality
and includes all of Garcia's guest slot. Still, a nice document to have and
the only place to get the '80 show in its entirety. Once again, too, the RFK
is special.

Peace - xyx
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