Date:    Wed, 3 Apr 1996 13:26:08 +0500
From:    xyx  

   I lied. This one brings us deep-to-date.....THE DEEP is expected
to be on hiatus for awhile as not much is rumored on the horizon. Sure
would be nice to get some of those fall shows, though, in case anyone
who makes those decisions happens to be reading this..... :-)

"AUTOBAHN REVISITED" 1CD (Zimmerman Records) compilation Germany July '95*
   A fine 11 track compilation with some nice selections from 3 shows in
Germany, plus a "ringer" from Prague on 13 March. The "ringer" is
a stunning version of "License to Kill," which is worth the price of
admission. Dylan sings this with such understated elegance and beauty
that it is truly breathtaking. I am not exaggerating. I expect the next
version of Paul Williams "Performing Artist" series on Dylan will have no
less than an entire page on this one performance. It is that good - he
does'nt really sing it as much as he caresses it. And the quality is
outstanding. Recording quality throughout is excellent, actually,
as are the renditions of some rarely played tunes - QueenJane/PledgingMy
Time/GirlFromtheNCountry/Obviously5Believers/MyBackPages. Strong upfront
vocals and consistent clarity belie the fact that these trax are from
different gigs. Remaining trax (and no less impressive) are DriftersEsc/
IWantYou/Silvio/Tangled/Knockin'. A strong 1st time effort from the
Zimmerman label, here's hoping they put together a part 2 w/the other
rarely played treasures from the Autobahn gigs, of which there were many.
Highly recommended release.

Peace - xyx (with mouth still agape after hearing that "License to Kill")
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