Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 13:01:59 +0500
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From: xyx  

   Felt almost like 1930's prohibition here down under, what with the
staggering dearth of non-Sony releases to surface in the past several
months. The rumor mill is rife with grist, however, so I hope this is
the beginning of a long and steady procession of DEEPs....

"WOLFTRAP" 1CD (Moonlight - ML9630)   21 Jul 91,  Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA
    Tracks: 13    Time: 65    Source: Soundboard (Deaf-Aid)
  The complete circulating tape in exceptional quality and considerably
better quality  than the previous Wolf Trap boards from 1993. The clear,
upfront vocals, excellent separation and well-balanced nature of this
recording makes it a real pleasure to listen to (the source tape was
presumably recorded through a headphone-soundboard device which Wolf Trap
offers to people who are hearing impaired). IMO, some exceptional
performances here but also a few which BD hurries through like he's gotta
catch a cab, not to mention the fact that I cannot recall a show w/so many
of BDs infamous "flubbed" lines.
  Still, IMO, it adds to the "charming" nature of a show w/some nice, clear
vocals and good & raunchy guitar playing. Highlights include a smooth
sounding IDontBelieveYou, funky GottaServeSomebody, rockin' WiggleWiggle
 and bluesy LottoLaugh. An exquisite BarbaraAllen leads an acoustic set of
MrTMan, BabyBlue, & ItAintMeBabe - some nice acoustic work on all four but
not nearly as tasteful and precise as the amazing acoustic explorations of
the last several years. My, how he has improved his playing. A "can't sound
anymore like Johnny Cash's band than this" FolsomPrisonBlues wraps things up
nicely. One forgotten highlight in the #7 slot is IRememberYou. Remaining
tracks: NewMorning w/a 2minute guitar/harp intro, Shelter, Watchtower.
  To sum, the sound is great in all aspects - upfront, balanced and
well separated.  Very nice color cover w/tasty graphics, several other fine
color pics on insert and back cover. Very likable disk and highly recommended.

Peace - xyx
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