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From: xyx  
Subject: DEEP BENEATH THE WAVES vol 35 (long)
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"DANCING IN THE DARK"  2CD (Moonlight ML9632/33)  Rehearsals 1987, Exact
  Date/Location Unknown,  + Toronto, April 1980 filler tracks (6)
  Time: 58:00+, 63:00+    Source: Soundboards    Quality: Excellent
A mysterious surprise of a 2-CD set containing a motley crew of tracks
recorded at an unknown rehearsal in '87(?) w/a band that is not the Dead
or the Heartbreakers. Anyone who can fill us in on dates/locations/who
are these guys?  Rainman has just informed me that if these rehearsals
have circulated, they have done so in limited circles, as he has no clue.
The quality is excellent w/great separation, full sound and Dylan's vocals
loud and clear. Unlike the last set of rehearsals ("The Never Ending Tour
Rehearsals," 2CD Moonlight) to surface, the quality here is much better
and the tracks are more fully realized/less fragmented than those. Although
not as "outtakey"(?) sounding as the "Darkness At the Edge of Noon"
rehearsal sessions from '78, these tracks also play more like outs than
rough rehearsals. Of the 20 tracks included, there are only 3 instrument-
als (Dancing w/slight vocals, Leopard Skin Pill Box and Joey). The "Joey"
is very cool, with the band playing out a funky groove before
fading out. Of the 17 remaining tracks, 16 are fully realized "takes,"
with only DeadMan an abbreviated 1:30 before abruptly ending. Lyrical
differences abound, including HeartOfMine, BigGirlNow and a great Shelter
FromStorm. The band infuses all the tracks with a bluesy, rockin' sound -
they are no slouches and you can feel Dylan being driven by them - this is
no normal, sloppy rehearsal. WHO ARE THOSE GUYS????? Keep reading, the best
is yet to come - some rare tracks include 6DaysontheRoad, a great song
called CarryingMyCross(trad), SuzieQ!!, very nice BigGirlNow, unusual
AllIReallyWantToDo, killer LeopardSkin (2), DeadMan, EverybodysMovin,
and the 2 high points of this collection, IMO - a song called EASY (author
noted as Robinson) w/a great chorus/tagline (hey, I'm not a music critic)
that Dylan sinks his teeth into and an amazing TrailoftheBuffalo w/an
ominous accordion in the lead and a scary Bob vocal - listen to the end
line where he sings "...let the desert(sun?) bleach his bones" that ranks
up there with the best BUFFALOES (even the Gleason home tape :-)). 'Tis
not all the pleasures, either - superb HeartofMine, pounding Joey, IllBe
YourBabyTonite, rockin' FolsomPrison and it all ends w/a ragged but
energetic Shelter. As I said, not your normal rehearsal - this one will
garner repeated plays. A fine sounding band, IMO and nice "performances"
all around. Alright John Bauldie, MKrosgaard or Clinton, who are these
guys and when did all this go down?
Six bonus trax from (I believe Toronto 4/80)seem out of place but it's
better than nothing (or more Dead tunes)-ServeSomebody, CovWoman, WakeUp,
PrecAngel, SlowTrain, SolidRock - all in what seems like lesser quality
than the excellent "Solid Rock" 2CD set of the whole show.
Packaging is better than average w/nice color photos throughout. Highly
recommended and we need some answers, experts.

Peace - xyx
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