From: xyx  
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 15:37:25 +0500

  The first DEEP since the authorities put the worm in the 2 Big Apple
establishments finds three worthy additions here beneath the waves.
Sadly, that leaves only 4 on the "up and coming list." More on those
another time........

"RING THEM BELLS" 1CD (Moonlight ML 9635) OH MERCY outtakes  March 1989
  Time: 61:00+   Source: Studio outs   Trax: 16   Quality: Outstanding
 Moonlight continues a nice run of high quality pieces with a fine
collection of the "new" OH MERCY outtakes tape, which I'm told has been
in circulation about a year. To my ears, "RTB" sounds a couple of
generations better than DEEDS of MERCY (DOM), with virtually no hiss and a
less "bass-heavy" sound than "DOM." It also sounds a lot more punchy and
clear, IMO (Rainman also says it is a corrected speed). As good as "DOM" is,
"RTB" is appreciably better. Be forewarned, though, that this collection
does not supercede "DOM," i.e. it is not the same tape. "RTB" does not
include the 3 takes of "Series of Dreams" or the take of
"WhatWasItYouWanted." It does, however, have ADDITIONAL versions of
"ShootingStar,"Political World" and 2 abbreviated versions of
"RingThemBells." It was quite a disappointment when both of these "tapped"
out abruptly about 00:01:30 into each take but such is the nature of
outtakes. I believe the rest of "RTB" (God Knows 1&2, What Good AmI,
MostofTime 1&2, EverythingIsBroken, BornInTime, Dignity, DiseaseOfConceit)
mirror "DOM," albeit in better quality. If I'm wrong about this or anything
else above, please correct me-somebody. All in all, an excellent and very
worthwhile collection of outtakes,  most of which are drastically
different lyrically and musically from their released counterparts.
Essential listening and highly recommended.

"ALL HALLOWS EVE & MORE"  2CD (Midnight Beat MB CD079/80)  Live in NYC
   at Philharmonic Hall 31 Oct 64 /WBAI-FM Radio(Broadside), NYC, May 62
   Times: 63:00+, 53:00+   Sources: Soundboard/FM    Tracks: 18 live '64,
   3 FM + 3 interview segments from '62 radio show  Quality: Excellent
A major release by Midnight Beat that, IMO,  improves upon all of the
previous CD releases of this legendary show. The quintessential Dylan
concert up to that point in time and as important to 1964 as the Manchester
broadcast is to 1965 or "Guitars Kissing" to 1966. The sound is much
smoother, fuller and has more "punch" than previous CDs I've heard of this
show, which were characterized by a flat, tinny sound. This one is
pristine, with Dylan's voice more natural and the the guitar/harmonica
eliciting a much richer tone. Since everyone has this show in one format
or another (RIGHT?), no need to list the tracks. All I'll say about the
show is that it is Dylan at his early best - humorous, charming and witty
in-between songs and strong, confident and defiant during them. He sounds
great, and the 3 duets he does w/Joan Baez are a delight (especially
when his phrasing (deliberately?) screws her up during "MamaYouBin"). This
is a must have no matter how you look at it and a real joy to listen to.
As a bonus, you get the WBAI-FM "Broadside" radio show from '62 in superb
quality, w/3 entertaining interview segments and 3 early gems: Ballad
of Donald White, Death of Emmitt Till and Blowin'InTheWind w/Gil Turner,
Pete Seeger & Sis Cunningham.  The double-jewel packaging is superb, w/
a classy black and gold color scheme and vintage Bob&Joan b&w photos
on the cover, in the booklet and gracing the actual CDs, which look
phenomenal. Best thing is, they sound as ggod as they look. Essential
listening for everyone.

"LAGUNA BEACH" 2CD (MB CD 067/68) Monterey 5/27/95, R&R HOF 9/2/95 +1
   Times: 63+, 61+   Source: Soundboard/TV/Audience  Quality: excellent
 Another presentation of the Monterey soundboard previously reviewed in
THE DEEP under "Guided By The Eternal Light" and "Loud & Strong," the latter
of which also covered the R&R HOF tracks. See these reviews for a detailed
analysis, all we will say here is that the quality is excellent throughout,
although I did'nt give it a full listen. The assumption is that the quality
remains consistent throughout and is on par with the previous releases of
this same material. In other words, if you want this material (& it IS well
worth it) then this is not a bad set to get. If you already have "Loud &
Strong," pass on it. The bonus track after the R&R HOF is from Brixton,
30 Mar 95, "I Shall be Released" w/Costello.
 A highly recommended set if you don't already have it elsewhere on CD.

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