From: xyx  
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 08:30:02 +0500

  Don't worry, no prose today. Just a couple of stragglers - one dead
and another All Hallows under another name. To wit:

"THE UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM" 1CD (Moonlight ML 9636) BDylan & GDead
   various sources July 1987 + 1     Tracks: 10      Time: 56'+
   Sources: Soundboard/Studio    Quality: Very Very good
Coming on the heels of the ultimate snoozefest "Dylan Plays Dead" on
Razor's Edge, needless to say I was not very excited about this one.
After giving it a few spins, though, I was pleasantly surprised. The
nine live tracks here were supposedly the Dead's choices for the live
album - only 3 of the nine selections made it (& w/out a Krosgaard handy I
can't tell you whether the 3 are the same performances from the official
release). All nine selections are very enjoyable and performed well by both
Bob & the Dead, IMO. Seems the Dead took care in selecting only good
performances - hey, there's only one track from the sorry-ass Meadowlands
gig of 12 July!! Sound quality is almost excellent, IMO, just below the
"Man of Peace" JFK Philly show in terms of quality. Tracks and venues
for those interested: FOXBORO 4 July - JohnBrown, SlowTrain, Joey /
EUGENE 19 July - FrankieLee&Judas Priest, RainyDay12&35, QueenJane,
BabyBlue / ANAHEIM 26 July - ChimesofFreedom / JERSEY M'LANDS 12 July -
TheWickedMessenger. An added bonus track is an outtake of Silvio from
"DownInTheGroove," with slight lyrical differences (nothing major) and
what sounds to me like more female harmony vocals replacing Bob & Jerry.
Of course,I neglected to compare it to the studio cut and since its been
awhile since I've played it the above observations may be off, so forgive
me. Anyway, if you like your Dylan w/more than a dash of Dead, this set
will sate your appetite.

"IT'S ALRIGHT" 2CD (no label) Japanese release 10/31/64 NYC Philharmonic
   Time: 100'+ total   Tracks: 20   Source: Soundboard    Quality: Exc
See DEEP 36 for a full review of "All Hallows Eve & More," this being the
same show & same tracks (minus the bonuses). Very possible that the "All
Hallows.." set was cloned from "It's Alright," the sound quality on each
being very similar. In a nutshell: classic '64 show, as important to '64 as
the Manchester b'cast CDs are to '65 or "Guitars Kissing" is to '66. If you
don't have it, get it. This rare Japanese set may prove elusive, however,
if it is within your grasp and you have yet to secure "All Hallows....," by
all means snatch it up. You won't regret it.

Best - xyx

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