From: xyx 
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 15:18:54 +0500

   This is the last of the unofficials to be "officially" released and
show up here "beneath." At this point, only rumors and impendings remain -
"Paradise Regained" - Philly 12/95, 
"Midas Touch" - Ft Lauderdale 9/95,
"Maine Event" - Portland, ME 4/96, 
"Hunted Like A Crocodile"-Den Haag '89
& "Blown Out on the Trail" - Jones Beach '88. 
If anyone spots any of 'em,
drop the list a line. This will be the last DEEP for awhile, what with the
Euro labels shutting down due to holidays or fear - some of you will
be glad to hear that, others not so glad - so let's hope things pick up
come September.

  (Home Records 186165-2)  Tracks: 18     Time: 78'+    Quality: Okay
   to Excellent   Sources: Official Vinyl/Audience/Soundboard/TV
Volume 1 of the "HTF" series was easily one of the best Dylan CDs to be
released in recent years. Volume 2, although it has its moments, is not
on the level of its predecessor. As the title states, the disk contains
18 live trax from 75-95. Some are indeed extraordinary, others much less
so. Two tracks from the "R&C" EP start things off - It AintMeBabe &
PeopleGet Ready (great sound - but where is NeverLetMeGo?). Two exciting
tracks from Nurnberg '78 are next - OneOfUsMustKnow and a smokin' Masters
ofWar that Bob intros w/something like "It gives me great pleasure to sing
this here." Both are VG audience recordings. Precious Angel - Denver '80
is tinny & harsh. Letterman '84 is next less JokerMan - great quality
& fiery performances of SBoy Williamson DontStartMeTalkin' & LicensetoKill.
Munich 6/3/84 - thin, tinny WhyDoIHaveToChoose and, oddly, a better sounding
and strong EveryGrainofSand. A glorious GirlFromNCountry from hifi stereo
video, Sydney 2/24/86 is next. Munich 9/30/87 finds BD totally butchering
the vocals on IDreamedISawStAugustine, wasting some fine keyboard & guitar
work by BTench and MCampbell of TP & HBs. It's Bob's mumblefest. Two board
tracks from (supposedly) Mansfield(?)(Rainman - help w/this?) July '88
follow - nice performances of MrTMan & Love-0 in excellent quality - no
Krosgaard handy but I think they got the venue wrong. The last four tracks
end things on a very high note. The first 3 are sparkling audience trax
w/performances to match - Pancho&Lefty 6/89 Italy, a superb but edited
(by Bob not the tape) reggae drenched ManGaveNames from Hamburg 6/21/89,
oh-so fine Masterpiece w/nice, strong vocal (Coca Colaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) that's
to die for (Hey, Nicole :-) also from Hamburg and a "nothing more needs to
be said about it" RestlessFarewell from the Mr. Frank TV show. Someone wrote
in about a hidden "Silvio" as track 18. I must have missed it - I'll check
it out tonight and get back atcha. Probably from '96, eh? Overall, an
uneven set but one that has some highly desirable cuts. I'll leave it as
a toss up. If it matters to anyone, the packaging is top notch w/beautful
color live and candid shots gracing the front, back & insert & a nice
looking color pic CD.

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