From: xyx  
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 12:33:35 +0500

  After enjoying a rather lengthy voyage from across that lonesone ocean, the new titles
given a "heads up" weeks back finally arrived. And here I thought that they had been blown
out on the trail....

"BLOWN OUT ON THE TRAIL"  2CD (Moontunes- MOON 019/20)   Wantaugh, NY-Jones
    Beach 6/30/88 whole show (A),   Neil Young's Bridge Benefit acoustic performance
    12/4/88 entire performance (B), Syracuse, NY  8/31/88  (5) selected tracks  (C)
    Total Tracks: 28           Times: 73/70        Sources: Soundboard (A&B), Audience (C)
    Quality: Excellent (A), Very Good (B), Very Good (C)
The Jones Beach performance is presented here, in its entirety, for the first time on CD -
"You Figure It Out" neglected "Eileen Aroon" & "Gates of Eden." Dylan's performance is
on the money and the quality is excellent (though no better to my ears than "YFIO"), with
vocals clear and upfront and the music nicely separated and distinct.  Check the DEEP
vol      for the  review of the show. "Eileen Aroon" only adds to the exceptional performance
and the "Gates" is an electric version. This one ranks right up there with the Radio City
show featured on "Stuck Inside of NY."
Released/MemphisBlues/Pontchartrain/HardRain/EileenAroon/Boots/Silvio/Gates/ Rolling
Conspicuous by its absence on CD until now - Dylan's exceptional Bridge Benefit '88
performance w/GE Smith. Somewhat disappointing is the board quality - although very good
and thoroughly listenable, a better source tape would have been welcome. Nevertheless,
the performances here are all on the money, the highlight being the (only time ever?)
"Pretty Boy Floyd." Dylan and GE simply nail the rest also - SF Bay Blues/GodOnOurSide/
GirlFromNC/Gates/and a terrific Forever Young.
Not finished yet, either - some very well chosen tracks from Syracuse complete the set:
RememberYou/great GrainOfSand/DontThink2X & 2 killers:OneTooManyMornings (when
is it not a killer?) and barbara Allen. Nice quality, too.
Full disks, beautiful color artwork, overall good sound & rare performances add up to
a real keeper. Highly recommended. (Note: back cover says "Recordings licensed from
The Razor's Edge." Where the heck are the Edgers themselves lately?).

"DOWN IN THE BASEMENT"  Bob Dylan, Tiny Tim & The Band  1CD (Moonlight ML9642)
      Basement Tapes, W. Saugerties, NY  1967
   Tracks:  10 proper, 6 instrumental interludes    Time: 42:00+    Source: Board or whatever
     that was at Big Pink    Quality: OK
Tiny Tim at Big Pink? What a hoot. Comical renditions by the Tim Man of IGotYouBabe/
MemphisTennessee/SonnyBoy/BeMyBaby that only a dog could appreciate, though in
excellent quality. He's a human dog whistle. The instrumentals are interesting to hear,
 though very short , and you won't be hyperbolizing about any of them down the road.
Dylan's vocal contributions (6)  have all been heard (to my ears) in better quality on the
"Genuine Basement Tapes." Much hiss to sift through here. Of course I could
be wrong and these are new discoveries. I doubt it. Only Basement Tapes
expert Mr.Howell's knows for sure. How about it, John? Anyway, back to
business. This should have been called "Down
in the Loo."  The only redeeming features are the nice looking front and back covers. Pass
on this one, folks, it's a loser.  Raspberries all around on this one :-)

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