From: xyx  
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 15:18:07 +0500

   Had to run before so a few of the titles escaped vol 39....

"ESCAPING ON THE RUN"  Volume 1   2CD    (Moontunes-ML 9638/39)
    Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland  20 June 1996
    Tracks: 15      Time: 110+ entire show       Source:   Audience Quality: Very Good
Well, well.  The first CD to arise and bust out of its clothes from the 1996 tour. Upon
first listen I was a bit disappointed, however, subsequent listens have found the quality
of the recording to be quite acceptable. Not up to the standards of the Blue Ribbon
Audience '95'ers, mind you - A Million Faces, F*** the Playlist, Bob's Full House,
others - but enjoyable nonetheless. The recording is quite clear, vocals crisp and
distinct and the instruments and nuances  are there.  Not as close and upfront sounding
as the ones mentioned above but, oddly enough, still a good recording IMO and the
sound does not detract at all from the performance.  We've all heard many '96 shows,
eh, so no need to wax eloquent about Mr. Bob & Band's performance, at least on this
gig. It's a good one-particularly (IMO) Shake Sugaree, Tonight I'll be Staying, Maggie's,
Seven Days, Masterpiece, Mama & GirlFromTheNCountry.  The rockers are also a treat
as the band blitzes through a fine Silvio & AGetaway. Remaining tracks are Drifters/
Watchtower/RiverFlow/MrTMan/JBrown/12&35. Not bad for a start, recommended but
let's hope for some "blow away" quality shows on CD soon.

"ESCAPING ON THE RUN"  Volume 2   2CD    (Moontunes-ML 9640/41)
    Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland  21 June 1996
    Tracks: 15      Time: 110+ entire show       Source:   Audience Quality: Very Good
 See above volume 1 for quality characteristics, as the sound is quite similar on volume
2.  IMO, a better performance on volume 2 and a more enjoyable set list, what with a
scary LongBlackCoat, slow and biting Pos4thSt and strong, muscular version of
Tom Thumb. Great acoustic set also w/GirlFromNC (they must like that in Holland),
DRow and FriendofDevil.  Bob's in fine voice, as usual, and the Band works the rockers
into a frenzy. Thin Man/ She Belongs To Me & Seven Days also stand out, along with
a beautiful and energetic MyBackPages that really gets the crowd going. Wonderful
performance all around and an enjoyable listen. Remaining trax:Drifters/Watchtower/
Silvio/Getaway/12&35.  Highly recommended.

Tally from the Utrecht stand:  23 different songs played out of 30 total. If you're going
to get only one of the above, I'd recommend volume 2.
(One negative is the lack of bonus trax, being that there is room for at least 4-5 on each
 of the volumes. No excuse for not including them, IMO).
Nice artwork and graphics on both sets w/ glossy color photos of Bob in pink silk (from
these shows? What did he wear,  Utrecht attendees?) adorning front, back and inserts.
A decent start but let's hope for some "in your face" quality in those to come.

I'll give the "Genuine Bootleg Series" a go one of these days. The quality on the
already circulating material on it is definitely an improvement, IMO. Some of the newly
found trax are pretty incredible as far as quality goes.  If you have any doubts about
getting it, get it anyway.

Peace - xyx
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