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Hi Karl,
John Howell's has agreed to let his review below serve as DEEP #41. I've
added a few things which are noted.

John Howells, of the famed Bringing It All Back Home Page Dylan website, has
graciously agreed to let his assessment of "The Genuine Bootleg Series Take
2" serve as DEEP 41. We here at THE DEEP thank John for this contribution.
Please visit his website at	
He also has another excellent website for Graham Parker. That boy has good

"THE GENUINE BOOTLEG SERIES TAKE 2" 3CD (Scorpio) Various sources 1960-1993/ 
Approx 40% unreleased and, of the other 60%, most (if not all) is in superior quality to
what is currently available on CD. Disks are over 70 minutes each and the packaging
rivals any Dylan CD to date. Now, to John Howells assessment of the set..........

CD One
1. The Two Sisters 5/60
From the Karen Wallace "samples" tape, a tape she was trying to use to sell
the original tape to the highest bidder. This tape has been in circulation
for some years now, although not as wide as the "armpit" tape. The quality
of this song is good, as is the rest of the short sample tape.

2. Long-a-Growin 4/11/61 (aka "Young But Daily Growing") 
From the Carnegie Chapter Hall concert 11/4/61 (the date above is wrong).
No real reason for this to be here. It appears on at least one other CD
boot - "Acoustic Troubador". Perhaps it's here to show contrast with the
later version of the same song from the Basement Tapes.

3. Corrina, Corrina 4/24-25/62
As far as I can tell, the same acoustic version that's been available for
many years now. I can't tell any significant difference.

4. That's Allright Mama 4/14/62
An acetate from the Freewheelin' sessions. Long available. 

5. Hero Blues 12/6/62
Another Freewheelin' outtake, in circulation for some time now. 

6. Long Time Gone, Witmark demo
Long available Witmark demo.

7. Lay Down Your Weary Tune 10/20/63
Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63 actually. Long available as part of the projected
live album "Bob Dylan In Concert". From acetate. 

8. Guess I'm Doing Fine, Witmark demo
Another Witmark demo, long available.

9. Mr. Tambourine Man 6/9/64 (w/ Jack Elliott) 
From the Emmett Grogan acetates, this is a recently circulated take from 
the "Another Side" sessions.

10. Mr. Tambourine Man, Newport 7/26/64 
To my knowledge, never previously available. Sounds great! 

11. It's All Over Now Baby Blue 1/13/65 
The usual outtake. Wrong date. Should be 1/15/65, I think. Long available.

13. Lunatic Princess Revisited 6/16/65 
Something new! Too bad it's only a snippet. 

14. I Don't Want to be Your Partner 10/20/65 
This is new. Early take of what was to become "I Wanna Be Your Lover".
Still needed work, but not bad. Incomplete. 

15. Freeze Out 11/20/65
The so-called fast version. The sound seems to be slightly improved here.
Also appears on a few different CDs prior to this. 

16. Does She Need Me 1 & 2 5/19/66
Another new one. One of the highlights of this collection. Dylan and 
Robertson work out this new song. Dylan sounds very much like he would on
the Basement Tapes.

17. Like A Rolling Stone 5/27/66
Is this 5/27 or 5/26? Either way, it's outstanding and another highlight of
the collection. Never previously circulated, this is the legendary 9 minute
"Rolling Stone" with Dylan introducing the band and calling them poets. The
song is dedicated to the Taj Mahal. Dylan sounds very stoned and the ending
goes on a little longer than usual, but it's not really a jam or series of
solos. It's really just the band vamping on the ending until signalled by
Bob to end it. There is a lot of applause at the end, so I guess he won
over the audience after all.

Disc Two

1. I'm Not There 1967
Improved quality from any previous Basement Tapes collection. This is the
best so far. Official release quality. 

2. Silent Weekend 1967
The track listing is confused here and lists the first four songs on this
disc in the wrong order. This is the correct location. Another improved

3. Long-A-Growin 1967
Sounds like an improvement in sound to me. 

4. Banks of the Royal Canal 1967
A MAJOR sound improvement. Vocals are clearer and the instruments are

5. Wild Mountain Time 8/31/69
No reason for this to be here. It's an audience recording, long available.
I never much cared for this version anyhow. 

6. Tomorrow is a Long Time 6/70
New! One of the highlights of the collection. Ever since Clinton Heylin
described this in his book, I've been dying to hear it. This version came
very close to being released on "New Morning". I think it should have been.

7. Spanish is the Loving Tongue 6/70
New!!! This is the same take as on the single, but it's in stereo for the
first time *AND* there is a bass guitar that was cut out of the original
mix. Possibly the bass was overdubbed later. 

8. George Jackson 11/4/71
As far as I can tell, this is the single version. 

9. Goodbye Holly 1/20/73
Didn't this make it to the last Genuine Bootleg Series? I don't hear
anything different. Long available.

10. House of the Rising Sun 11/2/73
New!!! Incomplete take. It seems like a warmup. Slightly hissy. 

11. Nobody 'Cept You 11/2/73
New? I can't really tell. It sounds like the other two takes that we've
already heard. I confess I haven't compared them all yet. 

12. Tangled up in Blue 9/16/74
The BOTT original version. Nothing new here. 
(Original version meaning the track is taken from the original "Blood" test
press and is different to both the official version and the version on the
"Bootleg Series 1-3." Has appeared on vinyl boots before but makes its
first "quality" appearance on CD here. Excellent sound and a great version
- Ed.) 

13. Abandoned Love 7/3/75
The live debut of this song. Good sound quality, but long available.

14. People Get Ready 10/75
This date can't be right. It's supposed to come from the 1976 SIR
rehearsals. Sounds more like the version from the Renaldo & Clara promo EP.

15. The Water is Wide 3/30/76
I don't think this is new. The "Sign Language" session tapes have been in
circulation for some time now.

16. Repossession Blues 2/1/78
Long available. Excellent sound quality, though. 

17. If You See Her Say Hello 1/30/78
Also long available, but the sound here may be an improvement. 

18. Stop Now 2, 5/2/78
New! A slower version of the same song. Sound not that hot. 

19. Coming From The Heart 5/2/78
New! Not so good sound, but nice to hear anyway. 

Disc Three

1. Ain't Gonna Go to Hell 4/20/80
Excellent sound. Available for some time. 

2. Cover Down, Break Through 4/19/80
Excellent sound, and also available for sometime. 

3. Groom Still Waiting at the Altar 11/15/80 
This is a live version with Mike Bloomfield. Excellent sound. Already
available before this.

4. Magic 4/81
This song appeared on the "work tape", long before we found out that it was
part of the "Shot of Love" sessions. This is a complete and virtually
finished take. I don't think this has circulated before, but I could be

5. Heart of Mine 4/81
As far as I can tell, the same version that was originally intended to be
on the album and appearing on the rough mix tape. 

6. Nadine 2/16/83 (PA w/ Levon Helm, etc.) 
Hmmm, a PA tape! Where is the rest of this? I've only heard audience tapes
from this gig, and there was nothing to indicate that the band sounded this
good. This is great stuff. New, as far as I know. 

7. We Three 3/84 (Malibu home recording) 
Is this part of the Plugz tape? I never bothered to hear it, so I don't
know. New, as far as I know.

8. Almost Done 1, 5/23/84
From the rehearsal tape at the Beverly Theatre. Long available. 

9. Almost Done 2, 5/27/84
Now, this sounds like a PA tape. Is there really a Verona PA tape in
circulation? I didn't know of one. New, as far as I know. 

10. Freedon for the Stallion 11/84
Sound is muddy, but this may or may not be yet another take. It sounds
virtually complete and worked out. 

11. Something's Burning Baby 11/84
New!!!!! Longer version with alternate lyrics. I'm sure this has never
circulated before.

12. To Fall in Love with You 8/27-28/86 
Supposedly a newly circulated recording, but I don't know. The Hearts of
Fire sessions have been available for some time. If this is something
different, I'd like to know for sure. 

13. Got Love if You Want it 4/87
Taken from the original promo version of "Down in the Groove". The sound is
as good as it gets.

14. Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long 5/87 
From the Grateful Dead tour rehearsals. Sound is excellent. May be an

15. Everthing's Broken 3/89
Originally called "Broken Days". Same version that circulates as part of
the "Oh Mercy" sessions, as far as I can tell. Possible sound upgrade.

16. Born in Time 3/89
Again, probably the same as appears on the "Oh Mercy" sessions tape. Could
be a sound upgrade.

17. Most of the Time 3/2/90
Now this one I'm still not sure of. It could be a different take than the
one that appears on the promo. Anybody know for sure? 

18. Series of Dreams 9/8/93
Live PA version from Wolf Trap. The live debut, but unfortunately not a
very good version. In fact, almost unlistenable. Still, excellent sound.
May be an improvement over any previously circulating Wolf Trap 9/8/93

All in all, a much better collection than GBS Volume 1. I thought that
collection more or less sucked. This one is different and well worth

John Howells"

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