From: xyx  
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 14:39:55 +0500

Two more that will unclog the backlog down here. Seems like old times,
what with no less than 10 releases in the last month and a half............
and more on the way. Funny how the Hyde Park broadcast  has'nt shown up 
as filler yet, eh? All in good time......

SOMETHING'S HAPPENING HERE  2CD (LUCKY LR 001/2)  Brussels, Belg  22 June 96
Tracks: 15     Times: 58/58    Source: Audience     Quality: Excellent

I regret to inform you that this CD in no way compares to last year's show in
Brussels, captured on the CD "A Million Faces At My Feet."  However, since 
the quality on that CD is perhaps the best audience recording I've ever heard, 
have no fear, this one is just fine. Clear, distinct, upfront vocals and 
punchy instrumentation, all well balanced and separated, add up to a winner 
in the quality department. I ain't complainin' about the set list, either, 
which includes a sublime ShelterFromTheStorm and an always welcome 
IDon'tBelieveYou. Dylan is in fine voice throughout, sounding very forceful
and energized, and the Band kicks it into overdrive on the uptempo numbers.
Standouts include Senor, ThinMan and an unusually placed ItTakesALotToLaugh 
in the #11 slot. A killer blues romp on that one. A nice acoustic set, 
too, w/Tangled/Love-0 and a very nice Don'tThink2x. Rounding out the track 
list: Drifter's/Watchtower/Silvio/Maggie's/Alabama/a delightful 11 minute Times
/& RDW12&35. Would have been nice to include some filler but these days, 
who can complain. Superb looking package w/color pic discs & color photos 
throughout.  Nice first outing from the folks at Lucky Records.

PLEDGING MY TIME  2CD (Crystal Cat CC383-84)  Bloomington, IND  26 Oct 1995 +
       2 Sept 95 HOF Concert + 19 Nov 95 Sinatra Tribute
Tracks: 21  Time: 76+/76+  Sources: Audience/Broadcasts Quality:Excellent

A lot has been writing on the list already about this one, so I'll be brief.
 Another fine performance by Dylan & band once again, with the quality up 
to Crystal Cat's usual high standards. A great setlist that includes the 
following not-oft played tunes: Senor/Masterpiece/PledgingMyTime/GatesOfEden
/BabyBlue/DiseaseofConceit/5Believers/Times. Dylan is in good voice 
throughout, though at times the energy drags a bit. There are usually a 
couple of lines or lyrics I can point to that are spine-tingling during a
show - have'nt discovered any of those here. It's very workmanlike - not a great
performance but a good one.  The R&R HOF tracks,  reviewed ad nauseum, are the
best sound of any I've heard - smoother and less "TV broadcasty" sounding
than on other disks. RestlessFarewell from Sinatra is up to snuff w/other 
releases. All in all a very enjoyable disk with a nice set list, as 
previously stated, and sure to see a lot of time in the player.

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