From: xyx  
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 09:32:55 +0500

(DEEP note: seems I passed over and rolling thundered DEEP 46, so to fill
 the gap we jump one back from 47).
    A real treasure to add to the DEEP this time, a certain all-timer with
a quasi-Elvis connection to boot  :-) .  It's not the Hawaiian style to
argue, but this one will again open up the lame "is it a soundboard
or is'nt it?" debate.  As they said on "Amos & Andy" once, "it don't make
me no matter."  Luau, anyone.............

"PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE"  2CD (QR 11/12)  Waikiki Shell, Waikiki,
     Hawaii*  24 April 1992  (18 trx), plus filler Toronto**18 Aug 92 (1)&
      Iowa City, Iowa#  8 Nov 1990 (7)
    Tracks: 26      Times: 68+/63+     Source: SOUNDBOARD*/Audience**#
       Quality: Devastating*/Excellent#/Very Good**
"...sink into that lonnnnnnne, that loooooooonesome ocean, sink into that
loooooonesome sea."  Some lines are priceless, eh? I'm getting
ahead of myself now. This is the full show from '92 Waikiki presented in
amazing, in your face, take no prisoners quality - from the BOARD. No
bout'a doubt it, folks.  The first one to surface from '92, too! You know
you're in for something special when the announcer's voice leaps out of
the speakers with the "Good evening ladies & gentleman......" intro. Quality
here, IMO, exceeds that of both Marseilles '93 and Monterey '95. A fine
show that grows better with each listen and includes a few truly
transcendent moments. After an initial "warm up" w/an instrumental
Rainy Day Women, BD launches into an impressive MostOfTheTime and then
a rave-up UnionSundown, follows it with a great vocal on a pedal-dripping
JustLikeA Woman (Bucky is superb tonight) and then a rock-house
MemphisBlues w/Bucky coaxing some incredible organ sounds out of his
guitar.  The mix is perfect w/Bob's voice well upfront but not
too dominating and every instrumental nuance ringing clear and true.
If you want to know what they REALLY sounded like in '92, this is it!!!
A rockin' countrified I'llBeYourBabyTonite leads into a 7-song section
that is awe-inspiring > a subdued and elegant SheBelongsToMe w/ a real
country flavor (Bucky shines once again), short but oh-so-sweet Love-0,
LittleMoses ("that's the spiritual part of our show") and a sublime
GoldenVanity highlighted by the aforementioned lines that opened our
review - this one is most assuredly golden. Ditto for the MrTMan that
follows,  quickly-paced and frantic and mighty long at 7 1/2 minutes
with a drawn out guitar-harp-guitar jam finish (a precursor of what
was to come in '93, perhaps). A CatsInTheWell rave up precedes a
cocksure IdiotWind, perhaps not as fine as the Berkeley/SanJose versions
from a few weeks later but sterling nonetheless. I might add that the
guitar playing on these previous 7 songs is a pure delight. Bob butchers
a few lines of Times before righting himself and then charges headlong
 into H61, SweetMarie and Watchtower, all of which rock & roll & then
rock some more. He finishes up with a very nice, assured, sung-with-
conviction  version of Blowin' with some killer harp flourishes, although
the song seems to end prematurely. Move this to the top of the '92 list,
past former stalwarts "Himself," "Warfield" & "Friend of the Devil."
Bonus tracks - a rare 2x2 from Toronto in VG quality and seven well-
selected trax from Iowa '90 - Marine Hymn into Most Likely/Simple
Twist/DRow/a divine OneTooMany Mornings/fast & furious w/that
impending doom sound on JohnBrown/Don't Think 2x  &  a great version
of Knockin' highlighted by Bob's unique phrasing, some killer lead
guitar and always welcome extended harp fills. Nice compliment to an
already stellar collection.  Very attractive looking package patterned
after the Elvis soundtrack of the same name, i.e. same graphics and
similar design. Overall, a more-than-excellent effort from QR after their
wonderful "Summer Night 1995."

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