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Bob Dylan 2000.03.26 in Casper, WY

Subject: Dylan in Casper, WY
From: PLaw1 
Date: 27 Mar 2000 21:25:13 GMT

I saw Dylan in Missoula (great, great show by the way, though not
loud enough for my tastes) and just saw him at the Casper Events
Center, Casper, WY.

The first thing about both shows is how tight and comfortable
Sexton has gotten.  I first saw him at the Filmore in Denver last
year, he was nervous, always looking for direction from Bob. 
Tonight during one song (think it might have been rolling stone)
his guitar strap came undone.  Of course Bob detected this and
imediately gave Charlie "the eye".  Bob was wearing his striped
black pants (he left the cowboy outfit at home).  And Larry was
smiling many times during the performance, as was Bob.  We got to
see the little Bob shuffle up the stage.

Sound was great from the 12th row except for the asshole who kept
yelling during the first few numbers.

I wanted to hear Hallelujah im ready....and i did, great number. 
But the highlight was undoubtedly........GATES OF EDEN.  This
song is mesmerizing. Next was Love Minus Zero No Limit.  These
two songs were worth the price of admission.

During Not Fade Away, they are singing the harmony parts lower,
not as powerful as Missoula.  Also, they have changed the rhythm
of the song....again, better in Missoula.  Rolling Stone was
sweet also, after hearing this song a million times, it was fresh
and had me going.   Last, Rainy Day Women, I never have liked
this song.....but Dylan and the band were incredible last night.

Anyway, just a little review to keep my fellow RMD'ers up to

Now I gotta scam tickets to the Filmore Show in Denver.

See Ya at the next Bob Show.

Pete Law

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