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Bob Dylan 2000.03.02 in Cagliari

From: (andrea orlandi)
Subject: Cagliari
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 00:42:51 +0200

Just got back from lovely Sardegna and memories of an amazing
show (and not only that) still are with me and will remain with
me forever. The set list was not so adventurous, but the
performance was very good

You might think Bob knew it that people there have not had in the
past any chance to see him live, so probably his choice of
greatest hits from the '60 was due to this acknowledgment...who
knows It was the most enthusiastic crowd I have ever witnessed at
a Bob show in recent years. And one of the youngest, at least in
Europe. 9000 people were on the docks in a warm starring night by
the sea

1000/2000 I think on the bleechers with reserved tickets, mostly
vip of the Island The others standing tight on the pavement.

People sang along with Bob (?) Just like a woman, Like a rolling
stone and Blowin in the wind The stage was close by a Nato╩navy
base, and two war ships were on the side of the stage so that you
could see them from the venue, with actually navy people seated
on the upper deck looking a the show and clapping all night.
"Master of war" was indeed very appropriate.

I think Bob was╩very impressed by the crowd, expecially, I guess,
because on the front rows there were╩mostly teen agers or people
in their twenties. Add╩the fact maybe that was the last show of
the tour and he was so happy, so you get a very unusual
thing╩just after the show You have to consider that the stage was
put in the middle of the dock space, and to exit from backstage
he had to go through╩a big╩open space that from the docks goes to
the main road in the city. The very same way all the people had
to walk to exit the venue. So when the first╩hundreds from the
crowd were actually exiting the venue, they decided to stop at
the backstage exit, that was very bright lighted. I stopped by

A Mercedes was just out of the exit, and a Mini Van was behind it
inside the backstage area. Police cars and other vans has just
left, so nobody knew if Bob was still inside. All of sudden you
could see Bob walking to the van and trying to go in.

Then he decided to get out, then again he got in and eventually
maked his final decision to get out and began to walk....outside
the backstage area  and TOWARD the crowd that in two lanes was
expecting him to pass through with the Mercedes. But he did not
go to the Mercedes, where was Garnier back seated, he instead
kept on walking toward the crowd in the spot light. After that I
remember a moltitude of people, arms, heads shakings, trying to
stand in front of him holding everything they got with them where
to make him sign an autograph. Securities at the beginning got
crazy, but after a while things got relaxed, Bob was very calm
and he alone, just his presence signing autographs, make to stop
all the pushing (with some help from his bodyguards, actually)
The real weird thing was that suddenly a small photocamera
materialized on his hands, and with his arms up the head, he
started taking photos of the crowd and the people in front of
him! With a flash!! Then he went to the other group of people who
were standing 10 meters behind him on the other side, and
continued to sign autographs I really never witnessed a thing
like that after a show, with so many people around him and him
taking photographs. After some minutes, maybe ten, was time to
go, so he finally headed toward the MInivan and got in. But on
his way out he appeared on the windows sending kisses with his
hand to the people...!

Was very nice to see him happy and so relaxed to be confindent to
stay in the middle of a crowd of foreign people. I think was a
nice way to say thank you to the Cagliari audience that waited so
long to get to see him.

Grazie mille Mr Dylan

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