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Bob Dylan 2000.09.13 in Dublin, Ireland

Vicar Street, 58-59 Thomas Street
Capacity: 1000
Tickets for this concert seem to have sold out in 55 seconds.

To: Karl Erik Andersen,  Bill Pagel 
Subject: Review Vicar Street
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 17:43:52 +0100

Sitting in Dublin Zoo between two Dublin shows I must say last
night's show was something special. As it was a warm up show, Bob
resorted mainly to Greatest Hits and did not pull out many
nuggets. Most songs had been performed on all of the four 2000

One of the main traps when going to see Bob is an expectation of
certain or rare songs (especially at a club show). I don't want
to fall into it, but I always do.

Last night I did it all the more, as I put together a website
(Not Dark Yet) about a dozen of songs he performed both this and
last year, none of which he played last night. It also had been
500 days since Munich, where my wife and I had last seen him
perform. Anyway, he did play five songs I had never seen before
in 21 concerts since 1981, plus a few new arrangements of songs I
had seen already.

I never had seen the only cover song of the night "Duncan and
Brady", which opened the show in this intimate venue. We were
standing in the very center, two yards away from the small stage,
where the band stood closer together and closer to the audience
as usual. The venue is wider than deep, and it truly was a
"living room atmosphere".

Looking back to the mostly V.I.P balcony I noticed that every
face in the audience was clearly visible from the stage. Sitting
there were famous dudes like The Edge, Bono, Christy Moore, Paul
Brady and Elvis Costello, all enjoying the finest concert (to
date) on Irish soil.

I got to hear my first (and long awaited) "Desolation Row" (six
verses), and my first "Ring Them Bells", with Bob singing the
"chosen few, who will judge the many, when the game is
through"-verse twice. "Country Pie" and "Things Have Changed"
were also added to my list. "Tomorrow Is A Long Time", one of my
favourite "old songs", I had not seen since 1987. The new
arrangement of "Drifter's Escape" was as hot as can be, taking no
prisoners and featuring the only harmonica solo of the night. The
"new" "Can't Wait" and a "new" "Just Like A Woman" (with Bob
playing the most interesting guitar licks halfway through the
lines) were not among the 83 songs performed in June/July. The
last song on Tony's cue sheet (yes I was that close), "'Til I
Fell In Love With You", Bob had not yet performed at all this

I wonder, how many different songs we are going to see in the six
or seven shows we are heading to next. But first we gotta get out
of this Zoo, find an Internet Cafe, and then get to "The Point".

Markus Prieur / /

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