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Bob Dylan 2000.09.27 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Capacity: 11,000

Subject: Rotterdam 27 Sept. 2000
From: Eric Schoneveld 
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:23:18 +0200

Hi Folks

Bob gave a great performance here today. Very nice setlist ! It had
something for the elitists-snobs-who-sit-on-toom-outtakes-and-hate-tangled
and the old 50+ geezers who sat next to me and only cheered for Maggy and
Blowin' :-). Bill has probably posted the setlist by now, but just to be

Here's the setlist:
1. I am the man Thomas - Very nice opener
2. To Ramona - Great song, great version, very delicately done
3. It's allright, Ma - What can i say, great 
4. Tomorrow is a long time - I think only the 2nd time i ever heard this
live, very nicely done with Larry doing some extra vocals
5. Tangled - No comment :), spotlight on Larry for the 1st verse :)
6. Searching for a soldier's grave - never heard it before, very nice
country song

7. Country Pie - Great rocking version, gotta love Larry telecaster on this
8. Trying to get to heaven - new arrangement, I think i prefer the TOOM
version, but this one is good as well
9. Maggie - never liked this one, but it was alright
10. Not Dark Yet - Running out of superlatived here ;-).
11. Drifter's escape - Dunno what Charlie was up to before, but the man now
brought the roof off the building ;-). Great hard rockin' version
12. Leopard skin Pillbot hat 

13. Things have changed - great to hear this one live
14. LARS
15. 4th time around - One of the hilights for me, great vocals by Bob here 
16. Watchtower
17. I shall be released - nice 'band like' version 
18. H61
19. Blowin'

It surprised me the show was sold out. About 10.000 ! A big change compared
to the Utrecht shows though where the crowd even sang along with Desolation
Row. Bob seemed to enjoy himself anyway though. Was a little but too far
back to tell for sure ;-).

ps. Mike, no need to forward this one :).

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Subject: Rotterdam 27/9 From: ferdinand lubberts Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 01:38:11 +0200 he was smiling, he was (almost) laying down on his knees playing guitar, he went three times backstage to do something?? Is that important?? Well, what your eyes can see is what your ears can hear, and this eveningshow I saw=hear a great show. Every time I think it was better then before but it must be it's different then before. It's the performing artist you can hear every day because it's every day a different sound. That's what I like about this legend : just a singer, just a guitar playing artist, just Bob, playing for his fans. And now I'm sitting on my chair behind the PC I can hear his voice :' It's not dark yet, but it's getting there', and yes it's dark now (here) but the the sun will be shining, tomorrow and tomorrow and sunday in Munster, I hope to see you there Bob and bobcats
From: To: "" , "" Subject: Rotterdam September 27 Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:54:46 -0700 Dylan and the band came on at 8.10 pm, Bob wearing his long black jacket, black pants, purple shirt & tie. They started off with "I am the man, Thomas" and the sound was excellent from the outset, with vocals high in the mix. (Sitting next to the sound guy helps, I guess.) A quick "Thank you" to the 7000 people packed into the Ahoy exhibition/sports center, and then "To Ramona". Bob lowered his voice when singing the last word of most lines, giving a laconic twist to this sweet song. It almost sounded as if he was thinking twice about kissing her cracked country lips... The same vocal treatment worked much better with "It's allright, ma" -- very good delivery, the band hit a nice groove in the up-tempo part, and Bob danced a little jig. The high point of the acoustic set was next: "Tomorrow is a long time". Heart-achingly beautiful, soft and tender delivery. "Tangled" got the crowd dancing and had some interesting lighting, and "Searching for a soldiers grave" was solid. On to the electric set: I really enjoy "Country Pie" in this slot; just a breezy electric blast to shift gears. Bob & Larry shared a laugh at the end. "Trying to get to heaven" then changed the pace completely: very, very slow and focused delivery, as if Dylan was wading through treacle towards St Paul shutting the Pearly Gate. "Maggie's Farm" received warm applause and arm waving, with Charlie Sexton and Larry really letting go on the guitars. "Not Dark Yet" followed, and the friendly guy next to me summed it up perfectly when he told his mates: "OK, I can go home now." He did not, but had every reason to leave: it does not get better than this. "Drifter's Escape" was up-tempo and fairly unremarkable, except for the cool harp solo that Bob pulled off while pointing with his right hand at someone in the front row. He then introduced the band ("some of the best players in the whole wide world"), played "Leopard-skin pillbox hat", and they stood in line to soak up the thunderous applause. A solid "Things have changed" followed, with the podium bathed in purple light and Bob spitting out his views of the contemporary world. "Like a rolling stone": very good, loved the emphasis in the intro ("once upon a TIME, you dressed so FINE"), and Charlie showed off his guitar skills and cool hairdo. Great suit too. "Fourth time around" is probably my favorite Dylan song (don't ask!). When they started playing the intro I could hardly believe it, and what a fantastic version it was. Bob on acoustic guitar for this one, as he described the ups and downs and absurdities of life. I applauded till my hands hurt, grabbed my things and left.
Subject: Rotterdam 27/9/2000 short review From: Martijn Leopold Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 07:37:54 GMT Hi, Was it really as good as the reviews in these threads suggest? For me it was a mixed experience. A short walk-through, by a perhaps spoiled (by very good concerts) fan. At first the acoustic session: After the opening there was a very nice withheld Ramona. Nice 'n easy. It's all right Ma had a a surprising build up. Everu couplet built up to a small climax, falling down at the start of the next verse. The final climax was without words, with an extra couplet with a good ending. Funny point: in the verse were even the president has to stand naked, bob ended with "It;s all right ma, i am naked". Tangled up in blue started to get better, the melody line was carried out by Larry very nice. Searching for a soldier's grave - i loved that song Trying to get to heaven - surprising version. The big arena turned into a small pub on this one. The public very quiet, hanging on his lips. A swinging Maggie's Fram. This thime the baseline takes it all. Very chaotic ending. Not dark yet - brings back the magic of Trying to get to heaven. --- The alternation of moods is kind of puzzeling. Its miraculous how the crowd rises on the waves of the different songs. Althuigh there is never an outstanding happiness in the arena. The show is getting at its high point at the end of the first electric sessions --- Drifter's escape is swining like hell. The drummer now also gets into the mood. Leopard skin Pillbot hat & Things have changed the two best performances this evening. Good teamwork in the band. Nice version of Leopard skin. Like a rolling stone is very smooth this time. No highlights in this one 4th time around - One of the best, i must admit --- after this one the band starts a fast decay. It seems there're loosing interest. Larry's vocals don't match dylan's, the rythm is gone and the show gets a bit dull for me --- Blowin end the show. On my notes i wrote an 6- at the beginning (it that a D?) But is was even worse (F-?). Sad to see a show end like this. It turned out to be the last song. And the when the crowd started to BOO i can just withhold to go along. I've seen good shows, i've seen bad shows. It's always disappointing when expectations are not met. Next time around another go for it. It hope it will be in Utrecht then. Apologies for not being enthousiastic, but i promised myself to contribute to this group with a review. Enjoy, Martijn
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