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Bob Dylan 2001.03.18 in Perth

Picture published in The Weekend Australian on Saturday, 17 March 2001

Newsgroups: Subject: perth concert From: Dr George Christos Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 00:56:31 +0800

dylan came on stage dressed in a white suit with a black ribbon bow tie, and white pointy boots.  before i begin let me tell you how much better the acoustics were at the entertainment centre compared to the burswood dome where he played last time he was in perth.  (august 1998).  the other musicians were larry campbell, tony garnier, charlie sexton and david kemper.  they were all fantastic.  the interplay of guitars was an absolute highlight, but bob dylan's performance was something else.  he seemed to have so much more energy and enthusiasm about his songs than last time, not that there was much to complain about that performance.  i was in the 6th row, practically in the middle. must have been the best seat in the house.

let me go through the setlist with a few comments.

1.  roving gambler (acoustic).  good opener to get the crowd into the rhythm this song just rumbled and tumbled along.  the sound of 3 acoustic guitars and larry on a big bass was something.  the fist thing i realised was that bob's voice was loud, i mean it was turned up and dylan wasn't holding back either
2.  mr tambourine man (acoustic). what an absolute treat.  dylan sang it slightly differently, with a lot of enthuses in the start of each new line.  i have listed to his recent concert recording and this was different. it was full of that dylan expressionism.  you know what  i mean.
3. desolation row (acoustic). this was good. sounded much like he did it in 2000, which was pretty special none the same. i was wandering again where desolation row was during the song. a couple of days ago i was listening to that interview in san francisco, where he said it was in a little town in mexico. i think he was joking.
4. stuck inside a mobile (electric). seemed a good place to change to electric and remind us of dylan dual roles from the 60's.  this was nicely done with strong dylan vocals.  dylan's voice was strong and turned up through the whole set.  kinda reminded me of when i first heard TOOM.
5. Just like a woman (electric, larry on steel guitar). the crowd loved it and dylan put in a blinder.  actually dylan put in a blinder with every song he sang tonight, so maybe i'll stop telling you that.  it was the best performance i have seen of dylan. he was full of energy and spirit. at many a time he seemed to toy with the audience, especially when he was played his electric guitar.  he had it high up his chest with the arm held out horizontal. kinda reminded me of his early acoustic days.  before i forget, one of the highlights for me was when dylan would bow to the audience after he finished a song and accepted their appreciation.  also reminded me of how he did it in the 60's. he was very gracious, and i would go as far as to say that he really enjoyed the applause he and his wonderful band received.
6. 'Til i fell in love with you (electric). this is one of those forgotten songs off TOOM, because there are so many good songs on that album. this was a real bluisy number.
7. don't think twice (acoustic). i was real disappointed last time bob was in perth when he didn't play harp, so just before this song started when there was some silence i called out, "play harp bobby" and he did not let me down. he played the harp by holding it against a microphone.  it was nice to hear the sound of dylan's own breath passing through those little brass reeds.  i loved it.
8. visions of johanna (acoustic), what a treat, it was better than that recent take put on  dylan's voice was so strong in this concert.
9 tangled up in blue (acoustic).  the people around me couldn't stop raving about this later. for me it sounded much like other recent versions. perhaps i was getting a little sick of this song, but i did enjoy it none the same.
10. standing in the doorway (electric). this was another gem, probably because they had dylan's voice up so high.  the guitar work by campbell and sexton was a treat in this song and the other electric numbers.
11. wicked messenger (electric). it took me a while to pick this one. it was a real rocker. never been one of my favorites though. bob made it special again by playing harp/
12. rainy day women 12&35 (electric. larry on slide guitar).  the crowd loved this and someone around me lit a joint.  you could really smell it and i think dylan could too. he seemed to lift his nose up a couple of times. dylan introduced the ban here i think.  they took bows and left the stage. we all knew they went for a quick drink and would return.


13. lovesick (electric). the band returned with a superb lovesick.  it had that Grammy 1997 feel to it but with the shimmering guitar stuff. the guitar work by campbell, sexton, garnier and bob was superb.  sexton and campbell are very talented guitarists. this song has grown on me.
14. like a rolling stone (electric). you soon realized that dylan is not a has-been. he did a superb LARS tonight.  once again the guitar work was special., and dylan sang with such venom.
15. if dogs run free (acoustic). very nice jazzy version, that i have heard on tapes. this was better cause the vocals where so clear and strong.
16. all along the watchtower (electric).  you could almost hear jimmy hendrix playing along with this song.  it was an absolute rocker, that rocked the whole stadium.
17. forever young (acoustic). i thought this was going to be our last song cause it was the fifth in the encore.  larry and charlie sexton sang along with dylan. and it came across rather well.  i also noticed some deliberate synchronisation of the guitars in this song.  it was a treat.
18. highway 61 (electric).  this was the best version of h61 i have every heard. this song hasn't meant much to me but tonight with the strong vocals and the rhyming guitars i fell in love with it.  dylan really hit hard on the "one" in 61. very nice indeed.
19.  blowin in the wind (acoustic). what a song, what a way to end the night. larry and charlie joined in again and this was quite effective.

after blowin in the wind, the crowd some 20,000- 25,000  i think (not sure), gave dylan a standing ovation.  the whole house stood up and clapped and cheers bob and his wonderful band.  Dylan and the other band members seemed to be really enjoying this moment. they stood there lapping it all up.  they deserved it.  thank you Mr. Dylan.

george christos

before you ask me, i did tape the show, and i didn't stuff it up like last time.

Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 14:29:35 +1000 From: Tim & Sue Robinson To:, Subject: Perth concert This was the first of seven concerts for us this tour, and our first visit fom Melbourne to Western Australia. What a lovely part of the world it is, we spent a few days touring the south-west, marvelling at the Giant Tingle Trees and wading with the dolphins in warm sunny weather. Our Perth hotel is across the road from the Entertainment Centre, so we fill the (rather nervous and tense) pre-concert hour watching the faithful rolling up for the show - talk about "The Power of One"! The venue is filled close to its 8,500 capacity, with a strange seating set-up of a low wooden fence enclosing the floor seat area.This is narrow enough to allow standing room at the sides, so I drift down from my upper-level seat and take up a spot 7 rows back on the fence with an unobstructed stage view. I find myself among twenty-somethings who respond enthusiastically throughout the show, with much dancing and ecstatic squealing. There is a wonderfully warm vibe about the place right from the outset, with Paul Kelly's set very well received. The tension builds as we wait for The Moment-the familiar "Ladies and gentlemen..." and we're away with the Roving Gambler in the gleaming white suit, the band are all go right from the start, Bob looks fitter than last tour and amazingly accurate with the lyrics. The sound is perfect, every word is clear - that French sound system is worth every centime! The response from the crowd is wonderful, they're right into it from the beginning, a whole series of standing ovations seems to lift the music to greater heights. Highlights: Bob's harp playing, improved out of sight since last tour's tentative efforts. The Wicked Messenger - absolutely searing rendition, I thought Patti's version was good, but this took it to another level. Standing in the Doorway, one of my absolute favourites, starts beautifully and would have been a highlight, but lost it's way lyrically - oh well! maybe next time. Watchtower and Hwy61 - simply smokin' Desolation Row and Visions in the one show! The show ends with 8,000 folk heading off into the night on a real high, everyone smiling. We feel very lucky to have six more shows to look forward to. Sue
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