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Bob Dylan 2001.03.20 in Adelaide

Subject: Adelaide 20/3/01
From: Bill and Mel
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:39:25 +1030

Just returned from the Adelaide concert. This is my first
post so I'm not up to speed on set lists, songs, band
members etc. i'm sure someone more clued up than me will
post a review.

Paul Kelly and the Bull sisters were very mellow. Bob came
out wearing a black suit with a gold stripe down the sleeves
and legs.

Played 4 or 5 songs I didn't recognise at all, just plain
ignorance....sorry. He missed a whole verse of TUIB (later
on as the crowd thinned out...) not on purpose I'm guessing.
does that happen often?

TUIB was highlight. The boys were pumping. Lots of guitar
exchanges during most songs whether acoustic or electric.
(there's no sequence to this post, just random thoughts)

Played a magnificent 'ballad', something about a waitress
asking him to draw her, and him wanting to wander off into
the highlands???? where is this from?

bob's voice was great. swinging between top and bottom of
his range, particularly in Like a Rolling Stone.

He provided a range of songs, thankfully not doing Rainy day
women!! Lots of meaty guitar interactions. I was a bit
hesitant at first, never sure what you're going get with bob
sometimes, but came away very satisfied, and can die a
contented man

From: "georgina hone" To: Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 21:17:24 Bob was magnificent. The suit did not have a stripe but several. His boots were black and white and very dandy, white shirt, black tie. He fluffed his har at one stage which was rather amusing, and had dandruff on his shoulder (right) . All this you can see with bino's. His legs are really skinny and he never fails to be wierd. His voice is great, though still doing the upward inflections at the end of lines, which really does not work and sounds bad taste, I can't understand why he does that. The highlight was the Highlands, not seen on other set lists lately, it was brilliant, you could follow the story his diction was clear and a great surprise. Highway 61 was also a highlight. The band are seasoned pro's and play a tight set. The idea of dancing to Dylan never occurred to me, but once everyone was up for the encore set, it was hard to resist. the band know blues, and some songs you wanted them to keep jamming because it was getting so danceable, but this does not seem to be Dylan's desire and they would wrap it up just as it was going off. I wish they would go play the Byron Bay Blues Fest. Paul Kelly and Vika and Linda Bull were supremo. Wjhat a surprise to have those sisters bring their joy to the stage as well. Paul played a careful selection of songs, I wondered if it was for Dylan, or whether Dylan even listens. The Adelaide crowd were pretty laid back, not a full theatre, but lots of enthusiastic groovers, and everyone loved it.
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