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Bob Dylan 2001.03.25 in Sydney

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From: "R Codd & N Miller"
To: , 
Subject: Tamworth, Newcastle and Sydney thoughts 
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 23:22:36 +1000

Here are just a few thoughts on Bob's recent three day jaunt
around NSW in Australia.

First, how great it is to hop in a car and be able to follow
Bob around for three concerts!

Tamworth... this was the country, fun night. Things started
well with Song to Woody up second - delivered beautifully in
the huge corrugated iron barn that is the Tamworth Regional
Entertainment Centre. As on all three nights the crowd
included all generations - and noticeable more of the
younger crowd than in 1998. Tamworth is the country music
capital of Australia and Bob didn't let the locals down with
good renditions of Country Pie, Lay Lady lay and I'll be
your baby tonight. Then a haunting version of Mama, You've
been on my mind and then the set becomes more or less
standard each night. It was the first night we got to hear
the new jazzy version of If dogs run free - wow! All in all
a great night and Bob even blew a kiss to the crowd at the
end - he'd had a great night.

Newcastle - 24 hours latter we find Bob in a much more
serious mood - this is a truly great night. He pulls out so
many great songs and does them all well - Chimes of Freedom,
It's alright ma, Just like Tom Thumbs Blues - again Bob
shows he knows where he is. Newcastle is in a main wine
growing area of the "I started out on
burgundy" seems apt. Bob's Don't think twice is welcomed
warmly and then we get a great Highlands - we all hold our
breath and he nails it - pretty fast and electric. Apart
from some problems with classical music drifting onto the PA
between songs it is a great, sombre night.

Sydney - this is a real big city show - a place to be seen,
a place to get a little wet, and in the major city park! Bob
starts with a terrible reworking of Mr Tambourine Man - it
just doesn't work and after all the excellent versions from
1999 I've heard it is a disappointment. However things get
better and we get a great Absolutely Sweet Marie and A Hard
Rain which is very good - in the Nara style.

So three very different nights as only Bob can do - lots of
great versions, lots of fun and we can only hope to see him
soon - seems his touring here is on the rise - 1966, 1978,
1986, 1992, 1998 and 2001.

The band is also in great form - the main difference to when
I saw them a year ago in Bakersfield is the growing
dominance and energy of Charlie - can he play!

The three days driving gave our car load a great chance to
play some Bob and discuss things that a car full of Dylan
fans discuss.

And finally it is a worry when all your regular baby sitters
aren't free on the night as they are also off to see Bob.
Thanks everyone - Nick

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