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Bob Dylan 2001.03.25 at the Oscars

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acceptance speech (1.2 MB QuickTime, from Mike)
Video clip (Windows Media) (Dana Hanson) WONDER BOYS "Things Have Changed" Bob Dylan SPEECH Oh, good God, this is amazing. I've got to thank Curtis Hanson for encouraging me to do this song and everybody at Paramount, Sherry Lansing and Jonathan Dolgen.But especially Curtis, who just kept at it. And he said this song was right and just encouraged me to do it so much and I'm so glad I did. Everybody at Columbia Records, my record company, who supports me all through these years, Tommy Mottola, Donny Ienner, Larry Jenkins, Will Botwin, John Igracias, everybody like that up here. I want to say hello to all of my family and friends out there watching. And I want to thank the members of the Academy who, who were bold enough to, to give me this award for this song, which obviously, a song that doesn't pussyfoot around nor turn a blind eye to human nature. And God bless you all with peace, tranquility, and good will. Thanks.
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