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Bob Dylan 2001.07.18 in Bad Reichenhall

Subject: Bad Reichenhall Review (18-07-2001) - long
From: Anna 
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 23:26:03 +0200

Bad Reichenhall 18-07-2001  -  Review

I just got back home from Bad Reichenhall and thought I
should write a few lines about yesterday's concert. Since I
had waited in front of the entrance for four hours I managed
to get in the first row - a bit right from Bob. Before we
were allowed to get in there was a lot of confusion because
of different entrances - nobody knew which one he/she should
choose and every time we asked someone of the security they
said something different than the persons we had asked

The show started a bit later than it was scheduled with
"Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go". Bob was in a very good mood
over the whole show - he "danced" and jammed nearly during
every song. The second song this Night was "To Ramona" -
great!! I personally like this song and especially its
current version very much. "Desolation Row" was next; also
very well played. The weather was not this good - it had
been cloudy all afternoon and it rained several times during
the show - but it was not too much; only a bit (nothing
compared to Schwäbisch Gmünd). Bob used the Harp in
"Maggie's Farm" with real enthusiasm. "Million Miles" and "
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" followed.
During "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" a guy behind me - he
surely was drunk - started whistling and screaming. Since
Baby Blue and after that "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" and
"Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" are rather quiet songs
this was very annoying because he didn't stop it during
those songs. But finally he stopped - or was rather stopped
by other fans. So we could enjoy the following songs without
those annoying and very loud whistles. "Tombstone Blues",
"You're A Big Girl Now" - with Larry on pedal steel - ,
"Drifters Escape" (Bob played the harp on this one again)
and "Rainy Day Women" closed the first part of the concert.
Bob and the band disappeared after a short formation and it
took a bit longer until they appeared again.

While they were playing "Things Have Changed" three security
people came out from under the stage and took a camera from
a man who had taken some photographs. Apparently Bob had
seen him with the camera or even taking photographs and told
the security to take his camera away. I think that's the
reason why they had stayed behind the stage for a longer
time. The show went on with "Like A Rolling Stone", "If Dogs
Run Free", "All Along The Watchtower", a fantastic played
"Knocking On Heaven's Door" - the audience liked it very
much (me too) and "Highway 61 Revisited". While they were
playing this song I thought he would look at the guy ( whose
camera had been taken by the security people ) singing: "If
you see me comin' you better run". I might be wrong but at
least he looked in the direction where this person stood.

Once - I don't know after which song it was - he seemed to
look at me nodding. Just a dream or imagination? I really
don't know but it would be great if this was true. :-)

After "Blowin' In The Wind" - the last song for this show;
unfortunately no second encore - during the last formation
he started to look at somebody and said (don't know the
words exactly; he didn't speak through the microphone):
"Really? You really want that (it)?" As I said I'm not sure
about that but it 's at least what this person told me. She
had held up a piece of paper* - don 't know what was written
on it - and threw it onto the stage after he had said the
words I mentioned before. She also said it was then picked
up by a roadie.

I think it was a great show with Bob singing, dancing and
even laughing a lot (I saw him once laugh with Larry - don't
think Bob ignores him as some people said in the last time;
they looked at each other very often - there was a lot of
communication). I also liked the songs and how they were
played - for me it was a really great concert.

See you next year in Europe, Bob!!!



* Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 19:49:50 +0000 Subject: Bad Reichenhall review From: (Maria Schäfer) To: I've just read Anna's Reichenhall-concert-review: I was standing behind the girl with the piece of paper and could read the text written on it: "Do you have a job for me on your tour?" - That's what made Bob laugh. It was a beautiful concert and I fell in love with Bob when he played on harp. Thank you, Bob, for this beautiful experience. Thank you, Karl Erik for your wonderful work, I visit "expecting rain" daily, to hear Bob's music and to read your informations are as important to me as my daily espresso. Maria Schäfer
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