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Bob Dylan 2001.10.07 in Corvallis

Subject: Re: October 7, 2001 - Corvallis, Oregon - setlist
From: Roger A Golliver 
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 03:16:23 -0700

here are some quick thoughts on the show in the ginsberg
tradition, first thought/breath -- best thought/breath

mississippi would have been great instead of positively 4th
street.  i thought 4th street was the *only* low point of
the show. and the first three songs from LaT in order would
have been so cool. the band was having a great time on the
new songs, the TOoM and LaT songs were the standouts for me,
although the crowd loved 12/35 and LaRS

summer days, should be the permanent replacement for silvio,
as the energy song

dee and dumb wasn't as good as the album, but bob seemed to
have fun singing it

it was fun to see tony try to sneak a peak over bob's
shoulder to see what cord changes were coming. i thought at
one point bob turned around and told tony, don't put your
guitar neck over my head!

charlie was shaking his left hand a lot, like it was tense
or sore, i hope he's not having carpal tunnel problems, he's
too young and talented

lots of smiles from larry

Sugar Baby was so good, that it made up for not getting
mississippi. it was slow, it was sweet, it was powerful,
bob's singing was just amazing. the audience was so still
during the performance, no whistles, no calls, absolute
quiet, it was so reverential that it was like the acoustic
sets on dont look back.

on the audience, it was the best I've seen, no drunks, no
pushing, no shoving, no obnoxious behavior at all, and so
many young ones, it was great to see them there, and they
really seemed familiar with the songs new and old

there are two sets of lines burned into my brain.

"There ain't no limit (long pause) to the amount of trouble
women bring Love is pleasing, love is teasing, love - not an
evil thing."


"Well, my back's been to the wall so long, it seems like
it's stuck. Why don't you break my heart one more time just
for (pause/sneer) good luck? "

i know as a listener i bring a lot of baggage to the
performance, but i think bob really nailed those lines

there were many times when charlie was singing softly to
himself, as bob sang.

the harmony was great on knockin', charlie was doing some
crazy syncopated knock, knockin'

bob stumbled with the lyrics once on desolation row, but
recovered quickly

it was great to see all the old friends, i wish portland was
closer to victoria, i'll be there for the xmas party

nadine, i saw bernadette, on American Movie Classics, sunday
morning, when they turned the lights on the crowd, your face
was as radiant as hers.  it was just as spiritual of en
event for me

someday i hope my college freshmen son figures out "he was
older then, but is younger than that now", it would be great
if he did it before he comes home for thanksgiving break,
but i know that is too much to ask

bob's guitar playing was great. when i first saw him in '78,
the guitar was a prop.  later his solo's were like a
harmonica, instead of blow/suck, it was pluck up/pluck down.
 tonight he was playing great, i was surprised how many
leads he took, especially given how great charlie and larry
are. by the way, bob's electric guitar was a "bob dylan"
signature model, with his name inlaid on the neck.  how long
has he had this? i don't remember it at the roseland last

larry's finger picking on don't think twice was so pretty

i arrived early and was able to stand second from stage,
left of center. the instruments we could here directly or
via the monitors, but bob's voice came from the speakers
hanging from the ceiling, like a voice from above ...

bob's voice broke on moonlight a few times, but it was still
special, who could resist meeting him in the moonlight ...

the arrangement of cold iron's bound was pretty complicated
with tempo/style changes.  at the beginning tony looked at
david with a *very* weird face, like someone had screwed up
big time, but the rest seemed to go smoothly.

coming back from the break, charlie exhaled the huge breath
of smoke, it was so unexpected, we all had a big laugh

it was really a concert and a show, the pacing and song
selection really showed off the band, slow, fast, country,
blues, rock-a-billy, ...

i'm so glad bob's healthy, he seemed to have more energy
than the younger band members

even thought i know it is coming, the last line of love sick
still gives me the chills (i know that baggage again)

p.s. someone please offer me a tape of this show, my dat's
been acting up, and with the bombing starting today, i was
afraid security would be tight. it wasn't, but i didn't even
try, and i'm so so sorry.  i hope someone was more brave

Newsgroups: Subject: Re: October 7, 2001 - Corvallis, Oregon - setlist From: Chris Date: 8 Oct 2001 05:48:18 -0700 A few thoughts on the Corvails show: nice version of "Moonlight" - had thought of it as filler on L&T up until now, will go back to it because of the live version. "Don't Think Twice" and "My Back Pages" seemed to standout as well. "Tweedle..." a bit more menacing than the studio version. "Sugar Baby" probably the highlight of the show - a bit more embelleshment than the studio, but basically the same. Awful 1-2 second echo from where I was sitting - have seen Bob in all sorts of venues, and those basketball arenas are always the worst. Finally, Bob, I love you, but please, PLEASE stop playing lead!
Newsgroups: Subject: Re: October 7, 2001 - Corvallis, Oregon - setlist From: Bruce Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 08:32:09 -0700 Just a quick comment on last night's show. Don't Think Twice was a highlight....Bob sang it as though it were the first time he played it. Masters of War was chilling, given the day's events and the finale, Blowing in the Wind was especially appropriate and received an enthusiastic audience response. As an earlier writer pointed out, the crowd was reverential. General kudos to Oregon audiences for most shows I have attended up here. Would be most interested in a boot.
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 10:32:12 -0700 From: roderick smith To: Subject: corvalis review Hi Karl Thought you might include this? Roderick Smith Corvalis I just wanted to mention one song from the "incendiary" performace last night in Corvalis. Positively Fourth Street. What an incredible train wreck of a performance that was. He butchered every line, dropping the words on the floor in sync with Kemper's pounding rythmns while sneering at the lapses and with grim faced determination plowing forth, words now flying in backwords and barely welded on, sparks in the nick of time. Rocking and twisting he seems possesed by the odd arrangements that are being hammered out from that labyrinth mind of his. He is a sculpture at "hard work." Deep in the abstract of some primitive American dream. A sorcerer in his studio, oblivious to seven thousand star gazers Surrounded by his apprentices. This guild is in full fury to build it, come what may. Line by line it emmerges. Red and blue, dented metal in odd angled array. Twisted beyond recognition with nicks of chrome and smoke billowing out. Still he hammers on. Laid out before us now an absolute disaster of a junk yard piece if ever you saw one. Smoldering and in flames the studio a mess. A deafening roar. In total failure. A masterpiece
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