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Bob Dylan 2001.10.12 in San Jose

From: "j c"
Subject: san jose review by james coffey
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 09:40:37 +0000

God Bless Bob Dylan. He pours his heart out onstage and
gives us everything he has. Friday night in san jose was no

I've just returned home to san luis obispoand wanted to
take a few moments to recap the day.

First let me say that after falling from a ladder ten feet
onto concrete back in the first week of august and nearly
killing myself i was looking forward to this night.( and
sunday in Santa barbara) I was planning on seeing bob in
Lancaster on Aug. 25 but had to postpone that. i was busy
healing, and still am butturning the corner and well enough
to see our favorite performer.It was a beautiful typical
October day in california the summer fog has left, and the
air is warm and dry witha santa ana breeze blowing from the
mountains.The drive up from San luis through the Salinas
Valleywas picture postcard perfect. a clear blue sky with
scattered high clouds. right into the heart of silicon
valley technologyhome for the world.

I arrived about two hours before showtime and found a park
across from the compaq center, there i pulled into a small
but almost vacant park lot where i streched, ate something
and relaxed. about one hour before showtime i made my way
around the corner to one of the main parking lots and then
took a walk around the center. not much going on usual fare
i guess. I mulled around out front for a few minutes taking
in the vibe, and then headed inside.

Its a nice arena it was my first time there. Bob and the
band walked on at about 8:07 and they played for a good 2
Hrs. and 15 minutes. Im not going to go song by song, the
set list was fantastic. Bob deserves every award that
they can give. he was phenomenal tonight. he blew me away.
i was stunned and i still am. some special moments "times
are a changin" i dont know how to descibe it he blew the
harp with what seemed like his last breath. and "just like a
woman" no doubt the best performance any person can give -
anywhere - anytime anyhow. harp and guitar heart and

They were all special, the crowd was too, polite and
appreciative, and loving. well thats about it for now im
tired and im going to bed. i just want to say that, we need
Bob Dylan now more than ever, and im so glad that he's
around. and in closing I'd like to say that we are all New

See you in beautiful santa barbara on sunday. And God bless
y'all with peace and tranquility and goodwill.


Envelope-to: Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 07:51:06 -0700 From: Jeff Soldau Subject: Dylan in San Jose (and Sacramento) X-Sender: Hello- Just wanted to drop a note about the show last night in San Jose (I also attended the Weds. show in Sacramento). I thought it last night was exceptional. The arena folks had the top-most sections curtained off, so the overall performance space was nicely reduced and less "arena-like". There were a few empty seats at the opposite end of the hall from the stage. I'd say it was 85-90% full. The band hit the stage shortly after the announced showtime, and were pretty much on from the very get go. Waiting For The Light... was tighter than the performance in Sacramento (there were a few off notes hit during the show in Sacramento, none in San Jose). We got an extended harp break during Times..., Desolation Row was nicely done. In fact all the songs repeated from Sacramento seemed more focused in San Jose. Sacramento found the group searching for a common starting point with the vocals, while in San Jose the song just "fell together". Tweedle Dee.... man what can I say? This is definitely a rocker with lots of fine picking from Charlie and attentive singing from Bob. Excellent. Summer Days was just OK, Standing in The Doorway was nicely played. The Masters/Mama/Hard Rain acoustic section worked the varying intensities of the songs quite well, going from a direct Masters, through lightheartedness of Mama, and then an extremely intense and well-sung Hard Rain (with the crowd singing along softly during the chorus). I wouldn't have expected these three numbers to work so well for me. Absolutely Sweet Marie was a very nice surprise. Sugar Baby will probably always be magical, but I felt a bit more magic during the Sacramento rendition. :) Cold Irons Bound wasn't quite as intense as it's been in the past, but Bob's vocals were clearer. Leopard Skin was just as it always is. Honest With Me kicks butt and did a bit more-so last night than in Sacramento. Last night the main set was 1 hour 35 mins. The encore was typical and clocked in at 30 mins. Bob seems to have had 5 or so additional minutes of inspiration during the show. Perhaps it was those two extended harp breaks. Looking forward to #3 in San Francisco tonight.
Newsgroups: Subject: Re: October 12, 2001 - San Jose, California - setlist From: Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 19:59:37 GMT Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2314.1300 Just a couple of random and perhaps inaccurate observations. Bob was wearing an ivory or cream-colored suit with a long coat. Charlie and Larry seemed to have on matching olive suits with black piping, and Tony was wearing something similar. Nearly the whole show was strong, and the harmonica at the end of "Just Like a Woman" was some of the best I've heard. The other highlight for me was "Hard Rain," especially the last verse, where the music and singing grew more and more intense, leading up to an explosive chorus. After it was over, there was a lot of applause, and Dylan bowed. On the less successful side, I'm pretty sure Bob mixed up the lyrics to "Tweedle Dee" more than once, and "Cold Irons Bound" didn't have quite the mixture of mania and precision that I remember from a year or so ago. That also seemed to be lacking at the Oregon performance last week. I think the arrangement may be somewhat different, or maybe I just miss the synchronized lighting. Also, in the first few shows of this tour, on "Masters of War" they seemed to be really emphasizing a Mannish Boy/Hard-Workin' Man type beat-- da-dah da-DUM, da-dah da-DUM. But it seems like they were downplaying that aspect last night (though it may just have been the mix where I was sitting). Finally, I think Bob said something more than usual after introducing David Kemper, but I couldn't catch even a single word of it. Pointless "security" measure: As you entered the arena, they stuck a small green paper dot on whatever bags you were carrying in -- the sort of paper dot that anyone can buy at the market.
Newsgroups: Subject: Re: October 12, 2001 - San Jose, California - setlist From: John Howells Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 05:11:49 GMT I must be the only one who thought this show was awful. The sound at the arena was the worst I have ever heard at any show. From where I was sitting, I could barely hear Bob sing and heard, above all, his guitar above all other instruments and horribly out of tune. Plus Bob played absolute crap throughout some great songs and ruined them entirely. Never again any show at the San Jose Arena (or Compaq Center, or whatever the hell they're calling it) and very likely never again Bob Dylan in concert for me. I can't wait for everybody to flame me for this, but I thought Bob's performance this night was very substandard. I finally got to hear a live version of "Standing In the Doorway" and it was ruined by Bob's constant noodling on a VERY LOUD guitar. The music lacked definition, very little bottom from where I was sitting (the expensive seats, I should add) and whenever Larry or Charlie were allowed to play anything I couldn't hear them, just a shrill noise. I came away from this concert very depressed. I am hoping that the sound was more balanced elsewhere in the stadium, judging from some of the comments here, and I would very much like to hear a tape to see if the problem I was experiencing was just my shitty position in the hall. You'd think they'd do a decent soundcheck before putting on a show at a major venue like this. I know I am not tone deaf, but judging from the reaction of those around me, I believe I was surrounded by a large number of people with tin ears. Sorry to vent, but I wasted $100 on what has to be the absolute worst concert experience I've ever had. Grumble. -- John Howells
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 07:42:51 +0200 From: Sven Lewandowski To:, Subject: San Jose review Dylan at San Jose, Oct 12, 2001 I will never get the correct pronounciation of San Jose ! I don't seem to be able to speak a sentence in English and than switching to a Spanish prononounciation. Therefore I'm quite glad that you don't hear me speak but only have the read what I write. The day in between the shows at Sacramento and San Jose I spend in San Francisco and on the day of the show I visited Alcatraz island (among other places) and it made me think of the "penitentery" and the "six white horses" -. and "Sweet Marie" is one of those songs I waited a long time to hear again. But first of all I want to thank Billy - the nicest security guy I ever met. He led me to the lockers inside the arean before people were let in, so that I could leave my camera and all my other tourist equipment there (!). And when I lined up at the entrance I met Jeff whom I already met in Scotland last year. So everything was prepared for a great show. And Dylan didn't disappoint us at all. It was rather one of the best shows of the six shows in California. But before the show began and even before the people were let in I had the chance to listen to the sound check (through closed doors only), where they did "Floater" and "Stone Walls And Steel Bars" (the latter in a version that sounded quite new to me). Thanks again to Billy ! The show once again began with "Wait For The Light To Shine" - a song that everybody is able to sing along with after the first verse- In the second slot Dylan chose "The Times They Are A-Changin'" and it's definitely not one of my favourite choices. But the performance was really good and in contrast to last year's performances Dylan was able to remember the lyrics correctly. The song also featured Dylan on his harmonica and his solo made the performance a really special one. Once again he did not only use the harmonica to please the audience by blowing a few notes but instead did a quite long and well done solo. The fact that Dylan once again chose "Desolation Row" and "Searching For A Soldier's Grave" was a little bit of a disapointment. But on both songs Dylan's phrasing was very good. Forget about "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum" like it was recorded for the album. The live version is much better !!! When I listened to album version for the first time my impression was that Dylan should forget about the Nobel Prize for Literature- And my second tought was that it's a poor song to open an album. But performed live one stage the song is really great ! For sure they don't have bongos on the stage, but David Kemper creates a terrific sound on his normal drums. "Just Like A Women" once again featured the harmonica and again Dylan chose to play a whole verse on it. The songs was sung in a very concentrated and fine way. Dylan's phrasing also proofed to be very good. It's a pity that this can't be said for "Summer Days" too. Like at Sacramento Dylan's voice was rather weak on the song and it didn't came out like it should. But anyways the sound was good and a lot of people liked the song and danced to it. While the songs performed so far weren't much of a surprise, I didn't expect to hear "Standing In The Doorway" again. I thought that TOOM songs would become quite rare in these days (and I was right after all - but I didn't know it at that time). "Standing In The Doorway" sounded a little different than last year, but I can't yet tell in what way. It was - like almost all songs - sung with commitment and concentration and in a quite smooth and tender voice. The second acoustic set began with "Masters Of War" - a predictable choice we have to get used to. The performance was good, but I didn't really care. I Know that "Mama You Been On My Mind" is a song a lot of people don't like to hear anymore. But that's not true for me ! Maybe it's like with "Boots Of Spanish Leather": I might like these two songs (as I mentioned before) just because Dylan performed them at my first show that was really good (actually it was my third Dylan show). So I just loved the performance like I always love it - at least when Dylan has his voice "under control" like at tonight's show. A less expected or rather unexpected choice was "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall". We got a nice performance with Larry on bouzouki and I was (like in Braunschweig in July 2001) glad that there were no background vocals provided by Charlie and Larry like last year. So it was a very good performance and a nice choice (nobody knew that we would hear the song at three consequitive shows-). The second electric set opend with one of my favorite songs and also one I had to wait for four years to hear it again - no it was not a song performed at my first good show- - but it was "Absoultely Sweet Marie". This song will always remind me of my first trip to a series of Dylan shows abroad (U.K. 1997). For sure "Absolutely Sweet Marie" didn't sound like in those days. In 1997 it was a hard-rocking opening song, but now it got longer and the music sounds more sophisticated. At least there are more solos - provided by Charlie. "Sugar Baby" was to follow and the performance was even better than two days before. "Cold Irons Bound" was a quite predictible choice because Dylan still switches between his harmonica driven start-and-stop songs for the song before the last. Like the other songs it was the performance was good but the song is nothing special to me anymore. "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" closed the set and the band was introduced at the end of the song - while they played. The encores were pretty much the usual ones but all performances were really good. I especially liked "Honest With Me" which seems once again the best performance of the new songs. So all in all we got a quite perfect show that was much better than the Sacramento show. Cheers Sven comments are welcome, please email to:
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