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Bob Dylan 2001.10.21 in Denver

Subject: Re: October 21, 2001 - Denver, Colorado - setlist
From: Debra Lind
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 21:57:39 -0600 (MDT)

Just got back from the Denver show, and a long drive, never
have attempted a review so bear with me here.

When the band came out they seemed all business. I'd never
heard Waiting for the Light To Shine before and thought it
was a good opener along the likes of Humming Bird. A good
warm up. I cant say the crowd wasn't into it. From where I
was (up front) the crowd was mesmerised. The first acoustic
set was incredible, maybe nothing new here but very well
done. And I got to see that new black guitar people have
been talking about. It being all black with  the over and
under white pick guards, combined with the white western
vintage suit with black shirt and white tie Bob had on, hey,
that was class! Also they are travelling with that white and
black checkered floor. I'ts some kind of heavy plastic that
they can just roll out.

So they head into Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, ah, what a
thrill to hear a new song for the first time, similar to the
album but with an incredible intensity, everyone on stage in
their heads and eyes sightlessly on the stage floor going
for the flawless performance and pulling it off very well.
David back there just playing his heart out stoically as
usual. Making it look easy.

If Not For You and Tonight I'll be Saying Here With You done
like the Telluride shows (which I had playing all the way
down and back in the car) Then Highwater, great ominous tone
to it. I'm not sure if this was the song they used the
special lighting on, but there was one song where the lights
were all off but some on the floor of the back stage shining
up in beams through smoke that lit them from behind in
sillouette, very spooky and great effect.

Mama You've Been on My Mind, a favorite of mind, and a
reminder to breath after Highwater.

When Tangled started I was suprised to see that Charlie had
disapeared like a puff of smoke, then I saw him at the far
left of the stage kneeling down messing with his line to the
amp.He walked back without having any luck with it. His
guitar was out. He was nervously mouthing the lyricks to
himself while hitting his strings with the palm of his hand
periodically to see if it was working yet. Finally well into
the second verse or so it came back on again.

Masters Of War was the usual crowd pleaser and cheers went
up during the stand over your grave part. Then the song I'd
been waiting for, Summer Days. The crowd, at least up front
went wild. The place was JUMPING!  The whole floor was
bouncing up and down. Great rocking version, about brought
the house down!

To go from that to Sugar Baby were everything went totallly
silent and still was quite a contrast. From where I was you
could have heard a pin drop. And to see the expression on
Dylans face as he sang it. Kind of sad and angry and bitter
all at once. Must be sombody behind that song, or he's a
better actor than I thought.

During the harp solo on Wicked Messenger the mike didn't
appear to be working so it was barely audible. So kind of
funny that it was immediatly followed by Everything Is

Somewhere along here a young girl standing second row center
passed out cold and was carried out through the crowd. Since
I hadn't seen any drinking goin on outside in line and not
much going on inside up front either I could only assume she
O.D.ed on Bob. I suppose it could happen.

Country Pie had everyone rockin, I Shall Be Released was
wonderfull as was Honest With Me. I always get a bit
depressed when I hear Blowin' start as I know it's almost

Well hope this wasn't too long, but hope it gives you all an
idea since you couldn't all be there. I'm going to bed .

Newsgroups: Subject: Gossip Trashy Review of Denver Show on 10-21, no intelligent content From: PLaw1 Date: 24 Oct 2001 04:13:26 GMT If your looking for an intelligent review, stop now, or forever hold your peace. First the music. Sugar Baby was just passionate. Up front, another reader commented that you could hear a pin drop, where I was, that was the case. It was the ONLY song that bob appeared to WANT to sing. I think Bob enjoyed singing Everythings was tremendous. The rest of the new songs were of course great, and fresh......made the show. I have read prior posts about about Bob's TEETH PICKING......I thought, naw, not Dylan.....not the Bob that played Tangled in Renaldo and Clara.......well, there I was, right up front, and what do you know....there he was, disinterested in delivering the next song, running his tongue around the inside of his mouth, distorting his lips, and then.....yep....picking the teeth and flicked whatever he found onto the new checkerboard floor. Is this man seasoned or what. In the past, I have seen Bob give Charlie glares, not tonight, everyone seemed to be having a good time.....then what do you know, Charlie and Larry start goofing during Honest With Me, with charlie dropping the rhythm guitar and playing the lead slide parts (taking them away from Larry, Larry then is laughling), then I watch Charlie put his hand behind his back and flip off someone (could have been the drummer), Bob starts backing up and Charlie quickly puts his hand back on the guitar. It looked like he did not want to be caught by Daddy. Kind of fun to watch these guys be like little kids, all of them really seem to be oblivious to the audience - especially Dylan - this may be why the shows are getting tired. The band is getting bored (except the new song). I think Tony does not like this so much as I did not see him smile much. I know this is a crack band, but it's time, even if we get those shows in the early 90's, to get a new band. My three cents. Pete L.
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