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Bob Dylan 2001.11.13 in Syracuse

Subject: Re: November 13, 2001 - Syracuse, New York - setlist
From: Celia R Seaton
Reply-To: Celia Rose
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 21:40:54 -0500

stunning show. songs like 'its alright ma' and 'if dogs run free' performed
with wit & grace & sting. gentle care and serious timbre of boots of spanish
leather//the cranky swoon of 'bring that baaahhhhgh-tle over here' in 'baby
tonight', 'summer days' and 'honest with me' done with riotous majesty.,
wild krazy kat eyes googling during rainydaywomen .highwater even more
rocktip waved and sardonic apocalypse-laced than the album , imminent ~here
comes a tiger, have a jellybean~; sugarbaby is a prayer in purple cloak-air
and voice last night was a cosmic instrument the minstrel was ON! & knew it,
many bows and nodding acknowledgement to a crowd loud tireless and
exuberantly fierce in their appreciation - love the standing-on-chairs
ovation the end of every song seems to command - the sights and sounds
coming from the stage were too beautiful to receive otherwise.  delivery of
fire-energy whitehot & pure grand. gliding black cowboy hat and the air
remained stately in the smoke of his getaway.

Newsgroups: Subject: Re: November 13, 2001 - Syracuse, New York - setlist From: Ed Wierenga Date: 15 Nov 2001 01:28:24 GMT In article <>, BoboBuddah wrote: >I thought the show was really dull and below average. I wrote a review that >will be up on Boblinks. I love 2001 Bob too. I just didn't feel that Bob was >feeling it for much of the night. Maybe I'm crazy but I don't think so. > > Seth I haven't heard any of the fall shows, so I can't say if it was below average. But my impression was that it took a little while for Bob to warm up. Nevertheless, every time he stepped to the microphone, he seemed to be energized, putting his energy into his singing. I thought that when they got around to Summer Days, Bob was fully engaged, and so was the band. Bob sang Summer Days as though it was important to him, and then he followed it with a slowed-down Sugar Baby that was a heart-wrenching ballad. Away from the mike, Bob seemed a little bored, and he had trouble several times picking up the right harmonica. But he certainly was into the second half of the concert. And he seemed to approve of Charlie's playing, with Charlie often standing really close to him, Charlie supporting Bob's solos, and Bob encouraging Charlie to cut loose once in a while. Ed
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