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Bob Dylan 2001.11.20 in Uncasville

From: O'B (
Subject: Useless, quick notes on Uncasville 
Date: 2001-11-20 22:00:01 PST 

Great setlist, which seemed to confuse much of the crowd. 
Not as many younger people as I'm used to seeing lately,
maybe due to the casino, maybe not.  A fairly unresponsive
crowd, except to the most obvious stuff (Tambourine Man,
Rolling Stone, Don't Think Twice, Blowin'). Pretty much
everything else seemed to generate only minor enthusiasm
overall.  This wasn't a rude crowd--not a lot of annoying
conversation--they just seemed, I'll say it again,
unresponsive.  And it ain't just the guy on stage:  you
can't have a truly great show with a shitty crowd.  The best
nights are a give and take.  The energy from the stage meets
the energy from the people and it bounces back and just
keeps building.  This wasn't the case.  No fault of Bob's. 
Great singing, real committed singing.

I was surprised by how powerful Mississippi was--not
emotionally powerful, musically powerful.  It was loud and
forceful.  Having not heard it live before, I expected it to
be gentler.  I'm not complaining--it worked well.  I Threw
It All Away was quite different from any way I've heard it
performed before.  These descriptions are pretty much
useless, I realize, but I'm too tired for anything more, so
I'll spare you more of them.  It was a show that most
everyone here would have appreciated, even the "every set
list is the same" guy.  Too bad there weren't more of "us"

Casinos are weird, weird places.


From: NickE6 ( Subject: Re: Useless, quick notes on Uncasville Newsgroups: Date: 2001-11-21 04:00:54 PST Bob picked an amazing setlist and the exact wrong venue for it. I saw two 20-something guys sitting dead center in the front row stand up and leave to buy more beer right in the middle of Visions. I know for the fact that Bob saw this because he looked right at the first guy and shook his head. I live in Connecticut and I could not have been more disappointed with my home-state crowd. They sat on their asses even through the entirety of LARS. My two young daughters got up to the rail for the encore and Bob looked and smiled at them quite a bit, so I hope that helped, but for the most part, the crowd was a bunch of drunken geezers who seemed like they couldn't wait to get back to feeding quarters into the slot machines.
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